Kawaii Box – November


Ever since the Chibs and I moved back to Seattle, we haven’t had our sub to Kawaii Box. This is mainly because, if you recall, our last sub had been screwed up years prior in their system (which is when we found out it had been a pretty common problem, them messing peeps subs up randomly) and since then, I didn’t trust that they wouldn’t mess it again and skip us, so I’d only been getting the 3 month at a time deals when I could. Of course, during the move, sporting 60 at a time for the 3 month sub when we barely saved enough to make it back wasn’t going to happen, so we’d been without it since. But I think sometime in October maybe, they sent me this coupon offer to get 5 off a renewal and I thought… hey, let me give this a try again because discount. 60 wasn’t doable before, but 14 was, so I hopped on and bam! our Kawaii Box sub was renewed.

Or at least, it will be until they mess my account up again and I have to cancel it a second time. I’m hoping though that this time it will go smoothly, especially after re-logging in and finding out they’d done a small overhaul of the site. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the overhaul means no more mess ups.

We’ll see I suppose.

But for now, the first box came (November’s) and since I’m slowly working through my backlog of pics to sort and post (these pics were first in the Christmas Loot folder I’m currently sorting through), I figure I should do the box opening before December’s box arrives, which is what this post is all about.

So there was a bit of dramus just getting the box delivered, which I’ve ranted about in my Eljay. I’m leaving the rant off here simply because it’s long and bitchy and unless you want to read the long bitch fest, it can stay in the lock and this journal can be for the box opening itself. Semi-dramu free =3

Contents : Kawaii Christmas stickers, DIY Korean cupcake set, happy whistle keychain, harajuku hair accessories, cute milk 2 color pen, peep our animal stickies, bananya keychain plush, fruit shaped sharpener, pastel eraser pen, meiji min candy, pudding flan DIY kit.

Our box was a bit smushed, but luckily it didn’t really hurt the contents, just crushed the DIY candy kit box a little and tore up the tissue paper is all.

Kracie Popin Flan kit. This is the first time I get to make one of these so I was pretty excited about getting it since aside from the gummy kit in one box way back, I always seemed to miss these kits.

This Bananya plush thing is frikkin cute. The name makes it cuter.

Apparently there were several types you could get, I’m pretty happy with grey kitty though, he’s super cute.

The corgi sticky notes were so cute that I promptly went down to Daiso (well, not promptly, it was a week or so after -lol) and bought some for the Rabbit’s Christmas box xD

The “kawaii Christmas stickers” that uh… are kinda creepy? But still, stickers, so good.

Choco babies, which I obviously couldn’t eat so they went to the Chibs.

Lol, this is one of the things I don’t understand. I don’t care for smiley faced things and I’m not fond of purple, so this was a meh.

The ah… fruit sharpener. I actually don’t know what kind of fruit it is, but I don’t use reg pencils anyway so it’s not going to be used.

The milk pen and the pastel eraser. I think the pen is cute and I always need them, so it’ll definitely go to use. The pastel eraser is cute and while I normally use gum erasers for my art things, I’m sure I can find a use for it.

The “harajuku” hair thingies. Which would be cute (because rainbows and polka dots!) if it weren’t for the smiley faces. That sort of ruined them for me and the Chibs, since she doesn’t do smiley faces either.

The Korean DIY cupcake set, which is a cute mini food related type toy. Kind of useless and really only meant for display I suppose.

It came with a small air dry clay pack and tweezers. Cute if you like this sort of thing, which I both do and don’t. I dunno, I think it’s too plastic looking for my tastes, so it’s another useless thing to me, but the idea of it is cute anyway.

So out of the box, the things we aren’t keeping are -> The cupcake DIY set, the happy whistle, the hair thingies, and the sharpener. Despite this, I found the entire box to be a pretty good welcome back box and despite the dramus with the postal carrier, and the things we haven’t kept, we enjoyed it and am definitely happy to have the sub back. Looking forward to the next box for sure, anyway.

Plus! I got to finally make one of the Popin Cookin kits, of which I’ve detailed below ->

The journey begins..

Okay, so the directions for this are pretty involved and I can only read a very small amount of the writing. And by read, I mean I can recognize the syllables, but can’t really translate it save the few and far between.

But luckily, a quick search yielded some translated directions and bam! it was time to start.

So you open the box and you pull out this package, At first I thought it was just fancy cute outer packaging, but it turned out to be a part of the final thing. Good thing I read the translated instructions otherwise I would have just ripped this baby open and screwed the final look xD

Package back.

And the top of the back, which is supposed to be used as the “cutting board” for the wafer. Lol.

The contents all laid out. And this is when I became grateful to the people who have translated the directions. I was already lost at this point -haha.

First, I had to cut the sections off the plastic well like so. The largest bit will be used for the pudding (or flan), the smallest is the measuring cup, and the mid size one is the mold for the tangerine slices and cherry.

I realized quickly I had to move this project to the floor because it had the potential to be messy and the couch wasn’t the best place for it. So here we are, on the floor, with a bowl of water because that’s what the instructions told me to do. (-get a bowl of water, not be on the floor. I doubt they knew or cared where anyone would be when making this thing).

First up, the flan.

Once I got the water in there, the directions were very specific in making sure you stirred it ah… 60 times? or was it 80?  – the point is, it was all “make sure you stir it exactly such and such times or the pudding won’t set”

I think I stirred it 100 times, just to be sure xD Then set it aside because it also said it can take up to 10 mins to set. While waiting, I began the rest…

Next up was the “frosting”, which had to be mixed in the package and was a serious pain to actually do so.

It started with sticking one of these in water in…

And then using the little spoon provided to stir it in while “making sure you get the corners”. It was a pain in the butt, in truth, but I made sure. Also, because the pic was too blurred, the directions said once mixed, you had to fold it down along the dotted guideline folds four times and set aside. I did that too.

Next up was the tangerines. I think this one said to stir a specific amount of times too.

Which I was all about doing…

Except it started setting super fast so I had to stop before the specified amount of stirs and get it to the molds before it became a brick. It was actually difficult to do this, because it had already partially bricked on me. Did anyone else have this issue or was mine just special?

Then, this blurry picture, is the cherry.

It too had a specified amount of stirs to make, except it didn’t start bricking like the tangerines did, and since I was already stirring it in the cherry mold instead of transferring, it was a bit easier to handle.

Okay so here’s where the outer inner packaging came into play. Which again, I’m glad I actually found the translations otherwise I’d have just torn this thing and tossed it before realizing I needed it. The largest part is the “dish” and the smaller the “cutting board”. Cute.

The next step was to pull the flan from the mold since after doing every other step, enough time had passed for it to set. I thought it was just going to slide all pretty like out of the mold and I was… ah, very wrong. This thing did not want to leave its little cozy plastic nest, so I had to take the spoon and divot around the edges. Even then it was all, lol, nope, but after a bit of shaking I worked it free. It promptly collapsed in the middle of the “dish” and became this. A sad, flat flan thing with a cute star dimple. Success.

The next step was to do the topping, which in regular flan, is done first, but in this pudding candy flan, is last. Why? So your flan can have that cute star dimple, that’s why.

You are supposed to mix it in the same well the flan was in, which due to my flan being stubborn and not wanting to leave said well, got chunks of flan in the topping too. Not like it mattered, once mixed, you are supposed to start arranging and the first step is to pour the topping over the flan, immediately destroying the visual of the star (and making doing the topping last instead of first seem pointless), but yes. And by pour, I mean gloop, because the topping is semi jellied and it didn’t pour for me. It glooped.

So here we have my final flan thing. The kit also came with those little round candy bits, and while I read over the ingredients 20 times and couldn’t find anywhere on the package where it claimed any of it to be chocolate (mostly it was all nannal flavor, jelly and soybeans), just to be safe I left the brown dots off because usually brown things in candy = chocolate. The frosting I had mixed earlier, and folded down the four times, required the corner to be cut so it became a sort of pastry bag to make the toppings, and then you just de-molded the tangerines and cherry and arranged accordingly.

How the box claims it’ll look compared to how mine came out. Not bad really, considering it was my first DIY kit for something so extensive, right? Right.

As for the taste, well it was okay. I actually really liked the nannal flavored “flan”, and the tangerine jellies were also good. But everything else was kind of bleck. To no surprise, the wafer was stale, the candy dots were mostly crunch with no flavor and both the cherry and frosting just tasted like soap. If I ever make these sorts of things again I’ll prolly taste them all separately before putting them all together, just to be sure, because while I quite enjoyed the pudding, the rest stuck with me longer (as bad tastes tend to) and ruined it’s goodness. Overall though, I had fun with it, and I’d definitely like to do more so here’s hoping more will be sent in future boxes.



6 thoughts on “Kawaii Box – November

    1. Thanks you, I have a lot of fun detailing them so I’m happy they are liked. I think it just gets to me that now a days, practically the only detailed anything box opening wise is on youtube. I’m not find of the platform and usually go for box openings to see the pretty pictures of the product, not all the pointless gabbing and faces of the one receiving it, so I figure I’m stick to this myself and give at least some peeps, another option for it.

      Even if it ends up translating to a million pics per post just to show case the things xD

      Oh man though, that DIY kit. IT took me two days to work up even opening the box because it was so daunting. For as fun as the idea is, the actual doing is far more involved than regular cooking. Despite saying I’m looking forward to trying more, I really hope they keep them few and far between because damn. Was it a process ^^;


      1. The great thing about the photos, versus the YouTube stuff, is that you can gaze at the photos; it makes for a more intense appreciation of the items, you know?

        I’m starting to think of getting an Easy Bake oven. Because clearly I’ve completely gone off the deep end 😉 (also, my baking skills are on par with having an Easy Bake oven *laughs*)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. See, that’s why I enjoy the format. I actually really like looking at the pictures, going over details, etc. With platforms like Youtube, it’s just a lot of talking and a zoom through with little to no lasting deets. With journal/picture format, while you can still talk a lot by adding text, it’s easy to skip over it and just gaze at pics if you want, or take the time to read, or do both. I simply enjoy it the best ^^

        And pffft, you’ve no more gone over the edge than I have. I’ve wanted that Lalaloopsy Easy Bake Oven ever since I found out it existed. I’ll manage it one day too, because there’s just something awesome about baking from little pre-packaged kits in a little cute oven thing. I never got one as a child, yet it’s always been a want. It’s definitely going to happen one day -I’ll adore if you get one yourself because lol, we can have fun with them together (and haha, I can bake and I still want one. Nothing wrong with it at all xD)


  1. The corgi stickers are win and I’m so happy that you included a set with my Christmas box ^__^

    That’s a very involved dessert candy project. The end result is cute, but too bad it didn’t all taste good together.


    1. Yeah, as soon as I opened the box and found them I was all -omg! You need these. I’m really happy Daiso happened to have them too, otherwise I’d have just given you mine -lol.

      Yeah it was, I swear, for as much time as that thing took me, having only a part of it edible was a bit of a let down. Learns me to actually taste it all separately next time though, that way my efforts won’t be wasted ^^;


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