Ipsy Glam Bag – December

Since September, Ipsy has been one of my ongoing monthly subs mainly because it’s makeup, cheap (10 a month, with shipping and no tax), and it comes with a bag. I’ve really been enjoying it and unless they go completely south in the products they send me, or I get in so tight a bind I can’t even swing 10, it’s on my stay list as far as these things go.

I still have to sort and back-post all the bags I’ve received since September, but since I’m currently working through my Christmas loot pics, which these were in, and my January bag will be here next week, I figure I should post December’s bag. So yes, my December Glam bag.


The cool thing about December’s bag was that it ended up being both hot pink and shaggy. When they previewed the bag (every month they preview the bag for about a week before you get to see what you are getting in it) it looked red and plain to me, which had disappointed me a little because after both October and November’s cute print bags (which I’ll show in back posts eventually), I’d been hoping for a cute Christmas/winter themed print and thought the plain red bag reveal was boring. But after getting the actual bag, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was pink, and fuzzy, which instantly made up for the lack of cute print.

Another cute feature on December’s bag is the strap, since it’s meant to double as a small clutch. I don’t use clutches, but I like the strap, makes it useful on top of adorable.



They also do themes every month apparently, and December’s Theme was “Carpe p.m”. With most Sub boxes (or makeup sub bags) the inclusion cards usually list what’s in the month’s box as well but Ipsy so far hasn’t done this. On the back of the inclusion cards is usually some blurb about tagging your Glam Bag on IG with the theme’s motto or some such. I’m pretty sure it’s because everyone’s bags are different since they are sort of tailored to the beauty survey you take when you sign up. It’s not as if they can make different cards for every single bag.


So this was my December bag contents: a Hanalei lip treatment, makeup brush, Aurora eye liner, Ofra eyeshadow/highlighter and some Tarte oil thing.


At first I thought this lip treatment was like the lip scrub I got in the one bag a few months prior, which I wasn’t fond of, but after opening it up it turns out to be a sort of chapstick gel. I like it, but it’s drawback is that it’s in a tube so I have to use my fingers to apply it, which I don’t so much like. It’s been nice to try (I keep it in my coat pocket for when I’m outside), but I wouldn’t buy it due to the finger application deal.


Apparently with this eyeliner, you could receive either the black or a dark brown. Mine was dark brown, which is nice actually since I got a different brand black liner in one of the previous month’s bags and don’t really need two because I don’t wear eyeliner all that much these days.


It has a very fine tip, which is great. I tried it already and like how it glides on. It’s not overly wet as some of them tend to be, and stayed on without running all day. Bonus for it not smearing when I forgot I had it on, as I often tend to do and rubbed my eyeball (which is why I don’t wear it much these days. That and laziness -lol).


It’s supposed to be a contour brush. I’m not sure I know the difference between makeup brushed though honestly, since I tend to use them all as the same thing, but I don’t have too many of them in general so it’s nice getting another. I can always use more of these.


The Tarte oil that I literally had no idea what I was supposed to do with, because I don’t use any oils on my face, just lotion.


It helped to read the directions -lol. Apparently it’s basically for hydration and smooth skin and all that jazz.


So I’ve used it off and on since I got it and I’m not very fond of it. It has helped some of the dryer skin areas on my face, which during these winter months is what I need most because my skin, especially around my nose and center of my brows dries a lot and flakes like mad, but the issue I have with this oil is the smell.

It has a smell.

Most of these makeup things do and some I can tolerate better than others, but this. I don’t know what it is, some kind of nut extract or? Whatever it is, it puts me off when I apply it, especially since it sticks around for a good hour before it either fades through the absorption, or because I’ve gotten used to it. But either way, it’s been off and on because of that smell. Some days I can handle the thought of it, other days (especially when my head pain levels are on high), I just can’t. I wish the smell wasn’t as strong as it is, because as I said, it’s actually been pretty good for the dry skin areas when I do apply it.Unfortunately, I wouldn’t use it again or buy it because of that smell.


The last thing in my December Bag is this Ofra champagne eyeshadow/highlighter. It’s a palette well, in need of a palette which I don’t have (I have my eyeballs on the SugarPill one though), but can still be used without it. I really like the color, it’s almost nude but still has tint, and it’s sparkly, which is always a plus.


So yes! I really liked my December bag and aside from the mentioned above, I have no complaints. Aside from a few things here or there, Ispy’s usually done right with these and considering the price of it, it’s a damn good bargain. The sample sizes are great, especially since it’s usually all I want in this stuff anyway and I’m getting to try a bunch of things I wouldn’t bother buying otherwise. Plus there’s the bags. So far almost all of them have been cute and worth the price all on their own ❤


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