2017 Doll and Collection Plans

I’ve been a bit remiss these last couple of years in making posts about my intended plans for the year, mainly I think because we’ve been in such a constant state of flux that I felt it a bit pointless. This year though I actually mean to follow through with these plans, and figure for the sake of solidarity I should make a list this time of my collection and dorru wants so that I can revisit it at the end of the year and see what and if I managed to fill it all out.

So yes. The plans.



Doll parts and bits I hope to square away this year are ~

Extra bits and bobs I want to square away are ~

~I want to *finally* get some actual elastic string pullers, prolly from Souldoll or the like. I’ve been in this hobby for over 14 years and have yet to get a real string puller. It’s kind of pathetic and my def to get lists this year include getting one of each size – Large and small

~Another on the need list is stands. I have no real stands and need a lot of them, so I plan to get at least enough stands for my larger dolls (prolly need about uh… 15+? then?)

~Along that line, are elastics. I never have enough of these in stock, so I want to start getting a good amount of backups, because my dolls are in perpetual need of restringing, considering most of their ages.

General plans

To finish all the basics on my dolls that need finishing. It’s a long list and I’m not listing any dolls who are officially “complete”, only the ones that need stuff but that’s what this post is for so…

in order, here we go ->


  • redo nails to be a manicure
  • at least 2 – 3 Moi Moite inspired outfits and shoes.


  • redo his AU uniform jacket (and Zeph’s, Lan’s and Sashi’s) and ties
  • make his AU satchel
  • make his AU overcoat
  • make more of his AU clothing
  • he needs new goggles since his original Another Space ones died *fixed 2.01


  • tackle his braided wig, using the full root method via tutorials (or, if it fails, find someone to commission for at least one of his braided hair styles and then actually commission it)
  • do both his Year20 and Y35 wigs
  • make all his to date Rebirth clothing
  • make  a few of his Y20 and Y35 outfits
  • find a pair of pink combat boots (would love to find some in both his Soom SG size and his Delf size actually)
  • Get him better white lashes
  • make his 9 ring broadsword (make it dual sized to work for both his Chiwoo form and his Chalco form)


  • replace Dollstown13y body with Y18 body
  • Replace all his leathers since they’ve disintegrated over the years
  • make his nodatchi


  • Redo his scars (update them)
  • finally redo his faceup, give him lashes
  • make him at least 3 or 4 couture pieces
  • make his twin swords


  • finish fixing broken lower leg
  • make him new leathers since all of his disintegrated over the years
  • make his glaive


  • take off scarring and redo faceup
  • make him clothing for his AU self


  • New wig (want 40’s and 50’s hair styles)
  • make her 40’s and 50’s pin up wear finally


  • Reblush the scars closest to his neck
  • make him more yukata, more hakama and houri
  • make him more AU casual wear
  • make or get him a suit (for AU2)
  • redo his necklace (sub out chain since it’s chipping at his scars, for beads or? Then redo Sashi’s to match)
  • get him more cigarettes since I’ve lost his only one D:
  • make his tonfa


  • Finally finish his horns
  • finally finish his sword (and then make a holster)
  • finally finish his damn cloak
  • add more adornments to his hair, more braids, etc


  • finish his horns, then paint them
  • add to his wig (more braids)
  • more clothing, more shoes


  • reblush her hands
  • do her brand scar
  • blush her boobages
  • give her lashes
  • maybe commission a better fiber wig?
  • finally finish her coat
  • make her more siren wear


  • finish her faceup (give her lashes)
  • paint her horns
  • make her a new wig (mohair fiber maybe?)
  • make her patchwork fur cloak
  • paint/blush her hooves
  • do her tattoos
  • make her more clothing/jewelry
  • make her a weapon?


  • do her tattoos
  • more clothing, etc


  • make her a better wig
  • fix her ice wings
  • get her some Bambicroni dragonfly wings (in clear, mint and blue)
  • make her jewelry and clothing

Sassy Pants’ Shadow

  • new faceup to match Sassy’s
  • blush his hooves to match Sassy’s
  • make a wig (in black) to match Sassy’s
  • dark clothing to match Sassy’s
  • new eyes (need 14mm black with grey or silver pupiless)


  • need new eyes (14mm black with gray or silver pupiless)
  • make new wig (in black)
  • make new clothing (in blacks/grays)


  • blush/paint his horns
  • blush his hooves
  • make him new clothing
  • he needs a new light blue pupiless eye (14mm)

Rune’s pet

  • paint him
  • crystal eyes or?


  • make her a better wig
  • bevel her eyewells to fit the larger eyes
  • make her some actual clothing now that she has her proper bod (Birbbbb > ___ < <3)
  • do all of her tattooing


  • fix eye openings to be even
  • give him a faceup
  • make him a wig
  • do his tattooing once he gets his body (and then obviously, make him clothing)


  • fix the blushing on his ears
  • make his armor and more clothing
  • either make or commission his correct eyes
  • make his sword


  • fix his claws
  • finish his coat finally
  • make him more slave wear

There are a few more things here and there that I want to do for my crews, but these are the major things I hope to accomplish by the end of the year. Also, obviously on the list is paying off Glitch (2 payments left as of this entry) and painting Spark once he comes in. Plus clothing for Glitch once I get her paid off, etc. Also also, I need to finally figure out whether or not I’m going to keep Samara. I’ve been waffling on that girl for too many years now and I need to decide (and if I do end up keeping her, I need to get her complete once and for all as well), so she’s on my list this year too. Figure out what to do about Samara.

Also3rd on the doll front for the year are props and backdrops. I want to finally get these done and the five topmost are as follows ->

  • Trevor’s Box (from the inside)
  • A study for Lan (aka, one of the rooms in Sashi’s house)
  • A kitchen area for Lan,  one that can be doubled and switched out between Sashi’s home in Y20 — Y35, and in AU2
  • Jun’s dorm room
  • Fuan’s sitting room

Other miscellaneous doll plans ->

  • get all to date RP books in print
  • actually complete this year’s ADAW project without having to cheat the end pics
  • do more outside shoots
  • get back in the habit of doing doll photography in general
  • Get Angel Hunt back up and fully operational again


General collection plans for 2017

On the prop front these are the bits I want to get into my collection this year (finally)

Harry Potter

This is one I doubt I’ll make into the collection due to the price, but it’s a dream to eventually own so I’m sticking it up here just in case I somehow manage to work it into the budget (which, lol, is no, but a girl can dream) –The Final Challenge Chess set

The Hobbit and LoTr

Misc props ->

  • This Labyrinth book, which I’ve wanted for 4+ years now. My plan is to actually get a hold of it sometime this year so I can get the damn thing off my wishlist once and for all.
  • Boss key and Small key

On the MLP, Novistars, Etc front I have very specific sets I’m going to try to stick with completing this year and they are as follows ->



  • Complete the Sundae Best set (needed are -> Coco Berry , Swirly Whirly , Crunch Berry , Banana Surprise )
  • Complete the Perfume Puff set (needed are -> Dainty DahliaLavender Lace , Red Roses) -finding these girls with okay hair conditions are the hardest, but I’m putting them on my list anyway because they are some of my fav sets and always have been
  • Complete the Rainbow Curl set (last one needed is -> Stripes )
  • Complete the Sweetberry set (needed are -> Cranberry Muffins , Strawberry Surprise , Cherry Treats )
  • Complete the Tropical Ponies set (last one needed is -> Sea Breeze)
  • Complete the Merry go Round Ponies set (needed are -> Diamond Dreams , Sunny Bunch)
  • I’d like to add in that I finally want to start getting the mail order Sparkle Ponies this year, but that’s a little ambitious, so I’ll say I’d at least like to attain one of the 6 mail orders to get it started. Okay well having attained one (Sky Rocket), I’m now going to say I want the other five. So I still need Sun Spot, Star Dancer, Napper, Star Hopper and Twinkler to complete this list.


Star Trek

  • Dinky Toys Enterprise (complete with the shuttle, because this is the same one I had as a kid and really would love to own it again)
  • Enterprise pizza cutter (been wanting to get this damn thing for years, I need to finally do that this year)

Funko Pop (major) wants

Misc things

  • More and all of the Num Noms sets (I’ll have to come back and edit this later since I don’t have my notes handy that says what I already have and don’t)
  • Actually finish painting all of my Sugar Town dolls, AND attain the base for the Gingerbread Mansion (either this one, or this one as a base), then decorate accordingly.
  • Get both the Hopps and Wilde dolls, plus Hopps’ carrot recorder set
  • I want to follow in the Birb’s footsteps and get a Nendo!me, with faces and all that junk so I can do adventures of Nendo!Nezu, I just don’t know where and how to go about it because there are so many different kindssss
  • I also really want a Darth Vader Nendoroid, and I’m hoping to score one at some point this year.
  • Dear lord, anything from The Mysterious Package Company is on my list. It’d be awesome to just get this type of thing in the mail, but lol, yeah, it’s a bit much to ask peeps to buy such an expensive experience so my plan is to get one for myself at some point during the year. Mostly I want The Weeping Book, since after reading through them all it seems to be the closest to my interests, bonus for it being the cheapest too. But I also want to eventually get the Curiosities and Conundrums sets, because those seem fun (well, not the omnibus since that one doesn’t come with the goodies).


So yes, these are my intended plans for this year. As far as the dolls and collections are concerned, it’s a bit ambitious and considering money is always a factor in my life (mainly, the lack there of), I doubt I’ll manage it all, but it’ll be interesting to see just how much of this I can square away at the end of the year, and whether or not I’ve been able to stick to my plans of not deviating from it on the toy department since I tend to have an issue with that once something shiny comes my way ^_^ ;.


5 thoughts on “2017 Doll and Collection Plans

  1. OMG Nendo!Nezu to be a thing! And as said in mail, yes to dioramas from you, I bet you’d make some breathtaking ones ❤

    Can't wait to see what this year will bring you ❤

    …also I bookmarked this entry for giftie ideas throughout the year /ahem


    1. I really like the idea of a Nendo!me, but I still don’t know where to begin with it. Are there even any just… blank bases with hair types or do I have to butcher pre-existing ones and make a me?

      Ah yes, the dioramas. I have plans, grand plans. I just need enough monies to put the grand plans into action is all ^^;


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