ScFi Block : December

I’ve been getting Sci-Fi Block off and on when I can swing it, and have really enjoyed pretty much every single one. January’s box is enroute, so I figured I should prolly show December’s box before it gets here.



The contents card. So in December’s block was a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea shirt, a Starship Troopers Fleet pin, Star Wars tie, Death Star pencil holder, T2 shot glasses and a Star Trek Borg Rubik’s cube.



So while I’m not a huge fan of 20,000 Leagues, I love the shirt design a lot. Mainly because Kraken. I am a fan of squiddles and squiddle like beings.



I prolly won’t get any use out of the tie, because I don’t wear anything that would warrant them, but a frikkin Death Star and Alderaan tie? It’s win. I love the design of it too.


Next up, the T2 shot glasses.


Lol, Skynet and a Terminator box art, pretty swank.


So I don’t drink, or rather, I should amend, I don’t drink all that often (as in, one sip of something prolly once every 8 -12 months or so) some use, and they are T2, so yeah, points for nerd.


I think of the box, this is my absolute favorite thing. Not only is it a Rubik’s Cube, it’s a Borg Cube which just makes my Star Trek loving nerd heart sing.



They weren’t kidding though when they said the Solution is Futile. I really don’t think there’s much hope of solving it, but eh, who cares. It’s a Borg Cube, it doesn’t need to be solved.


Next up, the Starship Troopers Fleet Pin. I really like that it’s basically a replica of the in movie pins, since I rather liked Starship Troopers. Not a movie I can watch all the time due to the Brain Bug, but for parodies of Military Propaganda films, it makes me laugh and I always like having prop type replicas of things I find amusing. It’s currently up on the board with the rest of my enamel pins.



The exclusive for this box was the Death Star pencil/pen cup. It’s ceramic and really awesome and is currently being used as a catch all for my sewing table.


Pretty roomy too.

So yes, there wasn’t one thing in this box that disappointed me and even though I have no use for the tie, I still love it. I liked the first box I got (and have yet to detail here since it’s still in my folder of to-sort pics) but there was a lot in that one that I couldn’t or wouldn’t use. This one on the other hand was complete win and I’m really happy I was able to get it.



Apparently for January’s box, Sci-fi Block is changing to Sci-fan Block, which with the franchises listed on the card, was a major reason I managed to pull 30 out of my ass in order to get it. I don’t so much care for D&D anything, since it’s not my game, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what the Doctor Who, LoTR and HP things are. Hoping it won’t disappoint. I guess I’ll see in a week’s time, since as said, it’s already on the way ^_^


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