Profiles : Hesue

I’m still working on the write ups for the other story lines I have going, but since I also need to get Angel Hunt up to date in general, I’m working on the profile pages as well. I actually wrote these profile write ups years ago, but since I made the decision to do a reset in modern day, I’ve had to update them a little to account for present day changes (which are all noted in the Let’s Talk Story: Angel Hunt entry). I’ll be posting them as I finish the art and edits and all that, which with the way things go these days, could be whenever and who knows how long, but eh. At least I’m doing it right?

So yes, Hesue first, since he is one of the Gods of the story and responsible for a good 50% of the happenings that go on in Angel Hunt (with his Other being responsible for the other 50%).




(Hesue’s preferred form)

Name : Hesue (Hee – sue –ay)
Age/Birthdate : n/a (Ageless – Timeless) – when in child form, he takes on the resemblance of a 12 year old boy, when in adult form, he looks to be about mid 20’s. Both are illusion only.
Height : In child form : 4’11” . In adult form : 6’2”
Weight : both child and adult – n/a
Eyes : Solid cobalt with an iridescent shine.
Hair : Black shaggy, usually held up in two ponytails while in child form. In adult form it’s often very long and kept in a single braided plait that cascades down his back.
Race : Unknown


(Hesue’s adult form)

Personality : Hesue’s only real concern is having fun. He is selfish, unbelievably cruel and extremely carefree. The only other thing in existence that he truly holds emotion for is his Other, who he both loves and hates at the same time. He feels a measure of attachment for his daughter and his Other’s daughter, but it’s easily forgotten whenever the mood hits him.

He’s fickle, forgetful, (he can forget things for years, tens of years, even thousands at a time) and unless you can keep his interest, he has no issues with killing/maiming/mutilating/all of the above you until you “break”. He thinks of all life beyond his own, his Other and their daughters as “toys” and treats them as such when he wants to “play”. He tends to pick favorites among his toys and he will remain interested in them for as long as they can hold his attention but will not hesitate is breaking them the moment they become boring to him.

His current favorite, (and by current I mean, he’s had this favorite for a super long ass time) is Jenova due to the fact that Jenova is very obstinate and refuses to bend to his will. Because of this, Jenova has been able to hold Hesue’s attention far longer than any other toy of his in the past has.

Physiology and Bio : Hesue is one half of a whole being. He is a separate entity on both a physiological sense as well as a mental one, but he needs his other half in order to survive. Despite this fact, he and his Other are completely incompatible with one another on a molecular level. Their true origin is unknown, and how many others of their same race are out there roaming somewhere is also an unknown. The only constant of their origins is that they come in pairs and are genderless with no true physical form. They are for the most part, solely a ‘consciousness’ until they choose to solidify. They refer to one another as their “Other”.

Hesue’s solid form consists mainly of a mercury-like substance and he can change the mass of this substance to suit whatever form he decides to take on (or to put it simply, he can shapeshift). The forms he can take have very little restraints in terms of mass and size and when solid, while he can lose body parts, limbs, and even his head, it will not harm him due to the fact that the solidity is all illusion to begin with.

There is very little that can actually damage him and he possesses an infinite manner of abilities -including, but not limited to: shapeshifting, mind hopping, mind control, uncharted magic use, telepathy and they can create (soulless) life when united with his Other. He is often labeled as a “God” by both his creations and those he chooses to present himself to, regardless of the form he shows.

Hesue and his Other spend most of their time playing games that mainly consist of wagers each strive to win by any means necessary. Neither of them are adverse to cheating in order to win and do it all the time, despite the adamancy of “fair play” that is often written into their agreed upon rules during game-play setup. Hesue and his Other do not exist in linear lines and do not see, think or are subjugated to the flow of time. They basically spend their lives wandering from galaxy to galaxy, looking for habitable planets on which they can play their games.



2 thoughts on “Profiles : Hesue

  1. Adult!Hesue looks dignified and I can almost be fooled into thinking he’s a wise and stately god, and then I see Kid!Hesue and I remember that this is what he’s truly like XD

    Can’t wait to see the debut of Hesue’s Other ^__^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, he does… and then yeah, you look at his preferred form and are reminded very quickly about his true nature. He sure does know how to play the game though… or does until he gets bored anyway ^^;


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