Christmas 2016 Loot Post Pt. 01

So finally, I’m making the Christmas loot post. It took me a while to sort through pics this time, mainly because the Chib’s UC flair acted up again and she got really sick for a while, then I started going on what was looking to be a Cluster stretch, so I’ve been sick a lot too. But, while it’s taken me longer to sort through all the folders, at least I’m managing to make the post before the end of the month, which is something considering that I still have a Loot Post pictures from last, last year to sort through in there ^^;

Anywho, so there are a lot of pictures, which means I plan to split this post up into two posts. It’s kind of fitting anyway, considering that’s how the gifts arrived. First post was done Christmas day, which was nice and peaceful and homely.

Here we go ->

Well, here we go with some Bean a few days prior, sunbathing like the cute bebes she is ❤

So really, here’s the full tree… or most of the tree anyway since for some reason I thought it was okay to cut off the top portion *not sure why*

Some required stretching of the Chibs, who actually felt okay on Christmas day with very mild UC problems.

And Mister, who didn’t care at all about what we were doing -lol.

Watching the televee…

Which for Christmas day, was Adventure Time because I’d been marathoning it for weeks and didn’t feel like stopping for the holiday xD

First up was stockings, which included stocking things from the Rabbit.


The Chib’s.

And the Bean’s. Coffie got stuff too, but we’d given him his treats a few days prior (Apple Bark and a Timothy Hay Grass Ball) because he’s a rabbit and really doesn’t give a fuck about the holidays, just the treats. Not to say Mister cares much either, but you know, it’s easier to include her into it than him. She’s a little more proactive when things go down.

Case in point, when her stocking came off the wall, it got her attention and we suddenly had a Bean interested in the holiday happenings -haha.

Very interested.

She got a lot of treats.

She wasn’t sure what to do with it all at first…

But the instant the packaging came off, she was all about it. Eating one of her Greenies.

I never get over how she holds her treats in her hands. It’s so frikkin adorable.


She also got these freeze dried white fish chunks, which she adores.

Searching for the crumbs X3

Now onto mine. First up, stocking bits from the Rabbit, which was so awesome because I was almost completely out of art supplies by Christmas due to the 12 Days sets (which omg, I still haven’t finished. It’s on my to-do though, I haven’t given them up despite them being super late now, I’ve just been sick). Also those coconut ball things, def some of my favs.

Little tiny fortune fish!

So, I can’t read it beyond some base letters here. Can anyone tell me what it says?

And in my stocking, all the things from the Chibs, next to all my things from the Rabbit =O

Meanwhile, the Chibs was loving her stuff, and meticulously setting it up for her pics.

Me taking a pic of her taking pics xD

Her stocking stuffs.

One last look of the tree filled with the things.

With the stockings opened up and done, the prezzies were next and we started with prezzies from the Rabbit.

My first prezzie from the Rabbit was this adorable Octo print.

And the Chibs got an SU book…

Along with cash to pick up the second SU book =O

I adore the wrapping paper the Rabbit used this year o_o<3

Mister was just waiting for us to get to her stuff xD

Which we did before I opened anything else, and here she is, munching on both the chicken sticks she got from us and the Smart Cookies she got from the Rabbit.

So my next gifty was this bookset, which has been on my list forever so I was super happy to get it!

It’s so awesome ❤

And I got the Chibs The Answer, so here’s her two books next to one another.

And next for the Chibs was another from the Rabbit next to her gifts from Butterfly.

Which turned out to be Megaman Funko Pops! She was super happy for them.

My next opened gift from the Rabbit was a sketchbook, which was also awesome since I needed another one badly.

Then I was onto Butterfly’s gifts to me.

First was this Sumi-E set, which is really cool because I used to have a small version of this a long time ago and always wanted to have a large size version. Now I do, so whoo.

Meanwhile, the Chibs was opening one of hers from me (and I totally forgot what was in that box until she opened it -haha).

Which was this Beanie Babies hat she’d wanted when we had gone to Toys-r-Us a while back.

It looks so cute on her ^^

My next gift from Butterfly was this glitter puff.

It’s so pink and floofy, and when you puff it all this very fine glitter is left in the wake of it on your skin. I love it.

The Chib’s next gifts from the Rabbit were two XBox360 games she had on her Backloggery – Skyrm and Dark Souls 2. She’s been watching Let’s Plays with Skyrm so I know she’s looking forward to playing them.

Next up, this Undertale Spider Bake shirt I got her.

And Fahrenheit 451, which is one of her fav movies that we had yet to get on DVD.

And a Papyrus Little Buddy figure.

He’s so cool in person, and eventually I want to get her the rest of them when I can.

And then she got three 3DS games from me (Super Mario Bros 2, Luigi’s Mansion and Majora’s Mask 3D). This Christmas was def a All. The. Games. holiday for the Chibs.

My next gift from the Rabbit was this, which is so amazing.

6 short stories about our boys and girls, and I totally teared up when I started reading because it’s so amazing ;3;<3

I must have read it through at least 6 times on Christmas Day, not even counting how many times I’ve re-read it since. I adore every story or short so much, I can’t even.

Mister started getting super bored by this time, because we were so caught up in our gifts -lol.

So I gave her more of her Chicken Strips and she was happy again ^^

Very happy.

She finished off two more xD

My next gift was from the Chibs, and the shape immediately made me laugh. She’d strategically hidden it in the back so I wouldn’t get tipped off by the box shape, but once we pulled it out, we had a good laugh about it.

I love her tags, they are always so cute.

I squee’d. Even though the shape already tipped me off, I was still delighted to find this underneath the wrapping since I’ve wanted this set for a long time now.

Package deets.

All the parts laid out. It’s even cuter in person.

Not only does it come with 3 flavor packets, it also comes with a small recipe booklet, which is cool.

Next up for the Chibs was two Amiibos I got her, Luigi and Megaman. Originally I had gotten Luigi and had no plans to get another, but then I spotted Megaman at Toys-r-Us when we were there and had to swipe it as well. She seems really happy for them.

And the last gift for me from Selene, which again I’ll say how much I enjoy her tags ^^

Eeee, she got me one of the Sylvanian Family sets I’ve wanted, which was the whale playset that will eventually go with the Pirate Ship I’ve yet to get.

It came with stickers to put on the whale.

I went a little crazy -lol.

And the Chib’s last gift from me, which was the plug-n-play Sega Genesis console. We both want the mini Nintendo but it’s sold out everywhere (and I refuse to pay the 200 dollar scalper price tag on Ebay or Amazon for it) so I took a chance with this one instead. She was super happy for it though, because it comes with so many games installed that she’s wanted to play – like Mortal Combat and Shinobi. Bonus for when we found out that it’s actually a working cartridge console, since now we can get original Genesis games and actually play them in it, which I didn’t know was a feature.

Alright, that’s all for post #1, post number two coming up in a few ^_^


2 thoughts on “Christmas 2016 Loot Post Pt. 01

  1. Yay for all the Christmas times! I’m so happy that you guys liked everything ^__^ (Especially the stories of our characters, which pulled all of my attention for almost a month while I was working on it. So worth it though,)

    Also yes to that wrapping paper. I really liked it as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I absolutely adored it all, especially as said, the stories. I still keep re-reading them, I can’t get enough (but I always love reading all your side stories, I can never get enough of them either <3)


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