Christmas 2016 Loot Post Pt. 02

This opening of all the things took place two days after Christmas, or as I named it, second Christmas, when the second package from the Rabbit showed up and the giant box of amazing from the Birb showed up. They both came at such a good time too, because it’d been right after I found out Carrie Fisher had died and I’d been crying and sad. These two boxes made for much needed happy and cheer, which they definitely achieved in that ;3; ❤

The Birb’s box of amazing.

The Chibs about to open her prezzie from the Birb and giving the thumbs up.

Some of the chocos in the box, which are always love since none of these are available here. My favs are the hazelnut white choco treasure chests, but those white choco corn flake clusters are a good close second.

There was this awesome carousel tin in there, which I remember the Birb showing months ago but actually forgot about. It’s so cool, and it’s a music box as well which makes it even cooler. It’s a def keep for every year type thing, because love.

Opened it up and all the treats!

Plus homemade cookies, which we both adored like mad ❤

The Chibs opened her gifty and was so happy for it. She’s especially happy about the fact that it says Rockman instead of Megaman, since Rockman is his original name. What I didn’t picture was a cert the Birb gave her on top of this Nendo for a game of her choice, which she ultimately ended up choosing Super Mario 6 Golden Coins for Gameboy (which she’s since beat) and Banjo Tooie for N64 (which she’s currently playing as I type xD). Like I said, this year was the year of All. The. Games for her and she was very happy for it too.

First up for me was the Birb’s card, which is so pretty.

Then I was all… yay and okay?

Until I opened my gift, where I then promptly screamed so loud I’m pretty sure the Birb could hear me all the way in Germany because holy shit ;____;

I mean an Unoa body has been on my list forever, but it was kind of getting to that point where I’d pretty much decided I should give up on ever actually attaining one because it always seems like whenever I do have money, there’s aren’t any pre-orders going on, or the second hand market is asking far more than they should, so even though a full Unoa has been on my wishlist for over what, 10 years now? Maybe? I just never thought I’d actually get one. Opening this up is like… god damn Birb. You cray ❤

So Sentry finally has a proper body and I need to make her actual clothing now so she’s no longer nekkid -haha. Seriously, I’m so grateful, so thank you so so much because seriously

Next up is the 2nd box from the Rabbit, which was shipped at the same time as the first box, but for some reason got held up when the other one didn’t since USPS :/

More wonderful goodies, oh my glob.

These really pretty ornaments were in the box, which = so much love.

So pretty, and they went up on the tree even though it’d been a few days after Christmas since I hadn’t planned on taking the tree down until the first of the year.

Mister watching us to see if there were more treats for her.

There wasn’t, but I gave her more of her treats right after I snapped this pic anyway because Bean ❤

So first gifty I opened was this Cruella Tsum Tsum, which is love! As of these pics, I now had Ursula and Cruella, two of my three fav Disney villains. I didn’t get a pic of it except on Instagram, but later on the Rabbit sent me Maleficent so I now have all three of my favs in Tsum Tsum form, which I adore.

Then there was this necklace that had been on my Etsy wishlist. It’s amazing in person and I’ve been wearing it a lot since.

The info inset card.

I now want to go into their shop and get a ton more things, the pendant is so good quality and hefty without being over weighted. I seriously love it Rabbit ❤

I was soooo excited about this, because omg! A pony! She’s wonderful, and so cute. Plus all the accessories. I swear, it’s not even on card as they were when I was younger but my excitement of them hasn’t lessened even a little after all these years. Opening her up was just as exciting as it had been back in the day when I was getting them from the stores. I’m such a kid, but I can’t help it. Ponies have always been some of my top toy loves and prolly always will be until the day I die ^^

Lastly, were all the gifties for the Boys. I love that the from tags were all my boys’ Sig-Os (or uh, eventual Sig Os maybe xD), I totally didn’t do anything this cool with my tags to the Rabbit’s boys (I’m so lame, I’m sorry u_u;).

The tags, which are now in one of my gift art folders ❤

First up are Jun’s gift (the leopard print hoodie) from Zeph, and Nexus’s gift (the other jacket) from Hyx. I love them.

Lan’s gift from Sashi.

Which were the geta he was pictured with in the first ADAW pic of the year. I’ve wanted a pair of Poison Bleu geta for him forever, so this was so cool to open up. They are so well made and perfectly him.

So small and yet on pointe with deets.

Lastly is Roin’s gift from Arch. I’d lost a lot of light by this time (it’s gotten so dark so early) so these were all taken by lamp light.

This was another wishlist item for Roin, so it was awesome to open it up and find.

Small choker is small, and I adore that big red jewel because I think it’ll go nicely with his hair color. Now I just need to snap pics of him in it because <33

So yes! I absolutely adored everything and the second Christmas was just as wonderful as the first. Thank you so so much Rabbit and Birb for brightening my day with all this. Seriously, you helped make this past holiday something wonderful after nearly an entire year of major suck and I’m eternally grateful.

Thus ends the holiday loot posts. I got another box of goodies a week or so into this month from another friend, but I stupidly forgot to get any good pics of the stuff before I tore into it. But it was awesome, like a small Alice in Wonderland passport notebook, some candies and some decor things (one of which will end up in some doll pics at some point because it’s perfectly sized for them). And because it’s already come and passed, here’s the state of the tree on the 31st as I packed it away to welcome in the new year…

Now maybe I’ll find a way to get through the other folders so I can post the prior year before this year comes. Maybe.

^_^ /


One thought on “Christmas 2016 Loot Post Pt. 02

  1. I’m still displeased that USPS couldn’t manage to get both boxes there on time despite the fact that I mailed them from the same post office on the same day at the same time. But I’m glad that you like everything and that it all could make for some happy ^__^


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