100 Ocs Challenge

So a long while back (last year basically) I decided to tackle the 100 Original Characters drawing headshots challenge. I made it up to a certain number, but then life did that thing that it likes to do and set me back a little in every way. Well as it is with every other art or writing or craft project, it hasn’t been abandoned. More so it’s just going to be a matter of it prolly taking me a million years to complete, since as per my m.o. I have a hundred ideas and projects going on at once, and a fair amount of ADHD when it comes to where my attentions are focused at any given time.

Last night while I was sorting through art folders and story folders in my never ending attempt to re-organize for the upcoming story resets (and long over due Angel Hunt reboots) I decided to start tackling the coloring of the headshots I did finish and made it through a few before I got distracted by RuPaul’s Drag Race (8th season because I do love me some Kim Chi and Bob the Drag Queen like you wouldn’t believe). I’ll prolly make a master list of this art project up in the title bar soon since I find it easier to get through things when I have it all in one accessible place (which I usually don’t because I always write notes in notebooks everywhere… only to end up losing said notebooks at various points in time) -I’ll prolly make it an art project of sorts type of masterlist, since on that venue is the 30 Day OTP sets I still want to do, and about a hundred million other art related challenges I’ve yet to-but plan to, complete.

Anywho so yes, first two drawn (last year), and colored via PS with a mouse, since I’m still out of Copics. This would go so much faster if I had Copics, compy coloring, even in its simplest form, takes me forever u_u

EDIT TO ADD -the next three  because I got them done. The Characters Masterlist has been added and updated as well =3



001. Character – Usagi Megami from my old “A Tale of Two Princesses” Sailormoon Fan Comic.


002. Character – Kakyuu Megami from my old “A Tale of Two Princesses” Sailormoon Fan Comic.


003. Character – Sailor Darktide from my old “A Tale of Two Princesses” Sailormoon Fan Comic.


004. Character – Sailor Ginabra from my old “A Tale of Two Princesses” Sailormoon Fan Comic.


005. Character – Sailor Io from my old “Sailor Wars” Sailormoon Fanfic.





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