Profiles : Jenova

Jenova, my Demon baby bastard, is next on the profiles list because well… it’s Jenova. He was first on the creation list, so he’s first in the profiles for reasons.

Reasons that are Jenova.




Name : Jenova (Jeh – noh – vah)
Age/Birthdate : n/a
Height : 6’4”
Weight : 195
Eyes : Flawless crimson
Hair : Pure white
Wings: Oversized pitch black with an iridescent shine.
Other features : He has very long, glass-like claws (hands only) and pronounced canines.
Race : Demon (Ancient. A rumored ‘First’)

Personality : Arrogant, cocky, extremely stubborn, sure of himself, confident beyond belief (he does not second guess himself or his choices and very rarely regrets a decision made). Chaotic and unpredictable at times. He comes across as very cold and unfeeling, doesn’t speak unless he has to and won’t bother wasting his time on the majority of the population. He finds little worth in much of anyone and usually has an agenda of his own when he does choose to speak to those around him. He doesn’t care about anything or anyone save one person (Fuan) and won’t think twice about killing whatever either annoys him or is in his way at that particular time. He will do anything he deems necessary to protect the one he actually does care about, including and not limited to destroying everything around him if he feels it to be a threat (friends, foes, he won’t distinguish as he has no attachment to anything but what he loves). He will however attempt to appease them up until a point and do things diplomatically, as well as care by proxy, but again, the moment this method begins to fail, he will simply resort to his own solutions (and his solutions are usually very black and white and irreversible). He’s charismatic, has a twisted sense of humor and when he gets very bored will drink to pass the time (it doesn’t truly effect him, but he enjoys the game).

Physiology and Bio : Jenova originated from a formless state. During Earth’s creation, his entire race was essentially the run off of life (where there is light, there is also dark, life countered by death and so on and so forth). This counter-side to creation and order, a.k.a chaos, eventually took on a consciousness of its own. Soon after that it fractured into separate entities to become Jenova and his entire race. They did not have bodies, solidity, or names and existed only as a formless state of mind. Each one was unique despite their collected origins, had individuality, a sense of self and spent their existence within the core of the Earth simply ‘being’.

Jenova’s body was created as a vessel to contain his chaotic self. Hesue formed it to be almost completely self-sufficient and while he does have what could be considered many normal functions, there are also many things that go well beyond them installed within his genetic makeup to ensure his true self remains inside. He does not need to eat, and usually does so only for show or when the mood hits him (though once he does eat, all functions to recycle don’t differentiate from that of the norm). He does need liquids, but can go for a longer period of time without them if the need arises.

His body is impervious to cold and he regenerates automatically (he actually has to lend thought to keeping wounds around when he wants them). He can lose limbs and while he can’t actually grow them back, as long as he recovers the limb it will reattach within a matter of hours. If his hair is cut, it will instantly grow back to its previous length. Surface cuts and scratches also heal near instantly, unless again, he chooses to keep them around longer (and for this he has to keep at least a fraction of thought on it in order to do so, otherwise they will close). Pulled feathers will re-grow within minutes to hours, depending on the damage. He can go for a very long time with little to no sleep, though the more rest he gets, the easier it is for his body to recuperate from damage. He is not indestructible however, despite the fact that he has very few visible weaknesses and he can be mortally wounded given the right circumstances and the know-how.

The abilities he possesses in form are near mirrors of his creator’s in many areas: uncharted magic usage, telepathy, plane hopping, barriers and wards (on himself, around other people, places or things). He has huge-scale destructive capabilities; he can ‘supernova’ –allowing his ‘magic’ to spill out and destroy everyone and everything around him for a few miles radius. Over the years he has also worked back some of his original formless control and can spread his consciousness out to enter another’s mind when needed to shut them down or strengthen his own wards by distributing himself across them.

Despite the large amount of abilities installed within his body and the magic he has at his disposal, he has an extreme distaste for it and will only use these things when he has no other choice. He prefers the physical over the metaphysical and for the most part will never actually extend his full capabilities because of it. Because Hesue created his body, their abilities tend to negate each other since his physiology is from the same source and because of this, where no other would be able to bypass his barriers and wards or undo his magic, Hesue can simply walk through. On the flip side of this, Hesue’s Other and Jenova are nearly as incompatible to one another in the same way Hesue and his Other are to each other.

The sword he carries is close in size to a Nodachi (though it’s often referred to as an elongated katana), and is about 68” overall length -hilt and blade combined. It’s bound to his body, has a black lacquered hilt that’s capped in silver scrollwork and the guard is an off shaped diamond with similar scrollwork spanning the bottom of the hilt as well as the top of the blade itself. The entire sword is made from the same mercury like substance that constitutes Hesue’s solid form and when not in use, resides within his blood stream in a broken down, liquid metal state. He has to will the sword out and it literally bleeds through the palm of his hand (whichever one he chooses to call it from as his grip is ambidextrous). This is usually done so fast that it gives the illusion of a summoned weapon, but he can slow this down so the formation of it can be seen. It’s a painful process each and every time. The sword cannot be handled by anyone other than the one it’s bound to and has a failsafe programmed into it to keep it from ever being used against him; it will basically overheat in anyone else’s possession and the longer they hold it, the higher degree of burns they will receive. Once it returns to his grip, it will immediately begin to cool back down. Jenova’s blood recycles through it so should he be cut by it, the blood simply seeps back into the metal (similar to a sponge) and returns to his body through his grip.


One thought on “Profiles : Jenova

  1. Whenever I picture Jenova in my head, it’s always with a smirk on his face, so I very much enjoy the fact that it’s present in the pic you drew as well. It’s essentially what I believe would be the last thing one would see before he tore their insides out and they became very, very dead XD


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