Angel Hunt + Streifen: Morning pt 01

These events took place just a short while after Jun broke his seal in Modern Day. Things hadn’t quite settled for the pink and white haired teen but he and Zephyr were moving forward, allowed to live their lives mostly free of the Family and together full time for the first time since they met. Or they were, until some old acquaintances from Zephyr’s past decided to pay both he and Jun an inevitable call…



Morning : Part 01

The coffee shop is old. From the sagging couches to the scratched tables to the three large bookshelves towering with dog-eared paperbacks, everything about the place says it’s been around for a long time. Despite the rough look, the place is packed in the last morning rush before work day begins, the three baristas working behind the cashiers moving in a frantic rush to keep up. Orders are called out by a bored looking girl with long, straight brown hair and thick glasses that scream pretentiousness so loudly that she doesn’t need the pale smirk she gives each customer as they pick up their drinks.

From his place on one of the aged sofas, illusion-screened eyes are immediately drawn to the door as it slides open, crisp autumn air swirling into the shop as a pair of teenagers step over the threshold. The surrounding noise is too thick to hear what they say to one another, slipping through the crowd to stand at the end of the cashier line. Over the rim of the battered cup he holds in one hand, his gaze slips easily over the shorter of the two, taking in the dual-colored hair, the matching pink eyes, and the frown scrawled on his mouth. Not a morning person, that one.

But it’s the blonde who holds his real interest, pulling him in with the dazzling smile he flashes at his unhappy companion. He’s both familiar and not, taller and stronger now than the last time they’d stood in the same room. Zephyr. A splinter of pain slips knife-sharp into his chest, hollow and cold, and his hand presses against it before he can catch himself and pull it away. Sentimentality won’t help anyone now.

He watches the two for another minute, the other customers mostly ignored as they pass through the shop, the clock ticking down to the time that they all have to be parked at their desks like good little worker drones. Zephyr pulls a cell from his pocket and takes the call, gently squeezing his companion’s shoulder before threading his way to the front door and out onto the sidewalk. Moving quickly, the newspaper on his lap is discarded as he swiftly rises, saucer and teacup held in one hand. Stepping around a couple eagerly arguing about picking up their children from school, he makes his way to the section of counter designated for the return of dirty dishes, sliding them across the marked and scarred wood just as the pretentious worker begins a rant about free trade coffee with a customer. All it takes is the lightest of touches, a small, telepathic nudge to make her throw up her hands to make her point at just the right moment, sending the cup flying and splattering him with the remnants of the dark liquid.

Eyes wide behind thick lenses, the girl stares for a moment before stammering out an apology and rushing toward the back, promising him a cup on the house. Turning, he finds a wad of napkins held out in his direction by Zephyr’s companion, his magically-screened gaze catching pink and he rolls his eyes in annoyance at the worker, which earns him a small, amused nod of agreement. Blotting at the coffee spatters, he stands in place as the line shifts forward a step and the other teen finally reaches the cashier. The order for his own latte is quickly made, but as the order is given for Zephyr’s drink, he chimes in word for word, perfectly in sync. “Large coffee, three shots of cream, heavy handed.” Some things never change.

The pink and white haired teenager turns to look at him as the words trail off, dawn-tinted eyes wide and questioning. Blue-black bangs fall into his line of vision as he gives his best reassuring smile and drops enough of the mask on his magic to make his magical signature clear without alerting the blonde out on the sidewalk. The look on the pale features of the one before him doesn’t change at all after the reveal, which isn’t what he expected, but there’s no time to really give it much consideration as the blushing girl returns and offers the free apology coffee. Taking the cup, he shrugs, illusion-masked gaze holding pink for as long as possible before turning away. “Lucky guess?” He offers quietly, leaving the pink and white haired teen standing at the counter, his objective complete and notice given. With very little effort, he melts into the crowd…

Jun: the pink and white haired teen stands silently still despite the surrounding noise, taken aback by the stranger and able to do little more than stare as the taller figure simply melts into the coffee shop crowd.

Okay, so he knows he’s half awake and a little out of it, but seriously, what… what was that all about? Not only did he know exactly what he was ordering for Zeph, that guy…didn’t smell human, in fact, he smells almost like the other teen himsel-

Before the thought can finish in his head, the barista’s voice pulls his attentions back to the counter behind. Turning around and slightly embarrassed, he apologizes quickly for unintentionally holding up the line. The girl’s otherwise bored expression suddenly lights up and speaking faster and in a sweeter voice than she’s had all morning, she does her best to assure him that he’s done no such thing as she passes his order over –earning herself more than a couple of practically venomous looks from those she’s just dismissed.

With a slight nod of thanks, the tall Angel scoops the two cups up and turns, early dawn hued eyes scanning the bustling crowd for the stranger. He’s so caught up in his search that he doesn’t even register the blonde’s reappearance until a familiar hand is slipping around his waist from behind and another is reaching out for the coffee he holds…


The pancake house is old. In a near repeat of three days prior, magically-screened eyes watch from a far corner table as the two teenagers enter the all but decaying restaurant amidst the late night crowd of moviegoers and bar hoppers. He thought the notice he’d given had been passed on and while he’s waited for signs that Zephyr understood, he’s seen nothing that indicates the blonde is even aware of the situation. Messenger is the only role he wanted to play and even that is skating thin on the bounds of what’s tolerable, but time is running out.

Ignoring the plate of pancakes resting on the worn tabletop before him, the Selestarri drinks his coffee and waits, stealing glimpses of the pair around the heads of the other diners. He holds out his cup when the overworked waitress stops by to refresh it just as another girl in an identical uniform unloads a tray of food for Zephyr and his companion. After only a few bites, the tall blonde frowns and pulls his phone from the pocket of his sweatshirt, shaking his head to something the other teen says before rising from his seat and making his way toward the front of the restaurant.

He’s on his feet instantly, coffee cup still in hand, weaving through the tables even as the door closes behind Zephyr. This time, the pink and white haired teenager’s head snaps around almost immediately, his slender frame tensed in a way that anyone trained for battle would easily recognize. It slows his approach, and he relaxes to show that he’s not a threat. “May I?” A sweep of his hand indicates the vacant chair and he settles in one fluid movement before permission can be given. There isn’t enough time for proper etiquette if he’s going to have this conversation before Zephyr returns.

Reaching for the holder containing the sugar packets, he selects two without dropping his gaze and tears off the tops, pouring the contents into his coffee. The look he’s being given is a mix of confusion and wariness, but the other teen—a quick drop into surface thoughts gives him a name, Jun, and notification, interestingly enough, that he’s not human, but something else entirely—elects to say nothing. “You didn’t tell him,” his voice is pitched just loud enough to be heard over the general noise of the restaurant. Deeper confusion tints Jun’s gaze, so he attempts to clarify, more aware by the second just how little time they have before he has to go. “That you saw me in the coffee shop.” He shrugs and lifts his cup to take a sip of the hot liquid. “Maybe I misjudged and you have members of my faction making appearances on a regular basis?” Given the blonde’s reputation he somewhat doubts that very much.

The waitress is making her way over again, but he sends her turning right around with a curt shake of his head, and the motion cuts off whatever Jun was going to say in response as well. “You need to warn Zephyr and since my last attempt wasn’t clear enough, let me give you a message to relay.” With the failure of the subtle approach, it seems like directness will be his only other option. It was not his plan at all, but no matter what he does, he’s breaking his oaths to someone. “Tell him the blackbirds always keep their promises.”

The phrase doesn’t seem to mean anything to the pink and white haired teen, but then again it shouldn’t, and now that he’s given it, he needs to go. Long legs straighten as he slides from the chair, maintaining the hold on the mug still half full of coffee. Glancing at Jun one last time, his expression softens and he offers a genuine smile. “He chose well in you, so take care of him. He’s going to need you.” In the next heartbeat he’s moving quickly between the tables again and then out of sight behind the waitress station as the front door opens and once again the tall blonde steps through…

Jun: Pink eyes remain transfixed on the space that the strange Selestarri had just occupied, brows slightly furrowed in confusion. The first time this guy showed up, he didn’t think much on it… in fact he’d been so out of it that he’d almost forgotten him entirely the moment Zeph’s hands had encircled his waist. At the time he’d just dismissed it and while he’s unfamiliar with the guy’s scent, he could tell he was one of Zeph’s race anyway and didn’t think beyond that.

But this… what the hell, there’s no way that a second meeting was by chance –especially after the brief one sided convo he just had. Though he doesn’t get why the guy keeps coming to him, if he’s one of Zeph’s, then why doesn’t he just talk to him directly, especially since the guy was acting on both occasions, as if he knows Zeph in some way?

Before he can ponder the matter any further, the pink and white haired teenager’s attentions are pulled back to his boyfriend’s presence and slipping his gaze hesitantly away he turns to find the blonde weaving effortlessly back through filled tables towards him. If he didn’t know better, he’d think the two Selestarri had gotten together at some point to pull something over on him because the other guy’s disappearance and the blonde’s reappearance seems perfectly choreographed in some warped way.

As the Dark draws nearer he finds his pink gaze drawn back, missing his boyfriend’s flashed slightly apologetic smile for his recent absence –a smile that would normally kick his heart rate up a few notches if he weren’t so distracted by the encounters with the strange Selestarri and the message he’s asked him to relay. Noticing the shorter teen isn’t even looking at him, midnight eyes follow the line of his gaze and slip back again before he simply calls out his Angel’s name. the only reply he gets is a quiet ‘huh’ that’s almost lost against the surrounding noise of the other patrons, causing him to quirk a brow and flash a questioning look. Not one to be ignored, the blonde sighs and sits back in his chair, lost in contemplative thought for just a second before a mischievous smirk forms on his face. Slipping his foot free of a sneaker, he slides a long leg out beneath the table and touches socked toes playfully to the pink and white haired teenager’s leg.

For a moment there’s no reaction until he pushes at the cuff of form fitting bondage pants and scores skin, before moving his leg further up. Working exactly as he’d intended it, the action rips the shorter teen’s attentions immediately back to him and snapping his head away from the space the strange Selestarri had made his exit from, early dawn hued orbs meet blue as the slightest of embarrassed flushes begins to tint his pale face.

“Shi- Zeph… sorry” Jun stammers, “Didn’t you see him?” The path of his boyfriend’s foot comes to an abrupt halt and he’s flashed a guarded, yet questioning look. “That guy… he’s one of yours I think, smells similar but different. Not like you, not like your brother either but kinda, I dunno, the same…” he doesn’t know how to explain the difference in scent between them, but then again, he’s still having issues with scents in general. Ever since breaking the seal, it’s as if he’s had to relearn things he never had to think about before the trial and aside from the fact that he still hasn’t come to terms with the fact that he’s not human, he’s had a hard time simply adjusting to everything that not being human entails.

“I saw him at the coffee shop the other day and totally spaced it, but he was right here a moment ago,” his pink gaze slips away from his boyfriend’s again and back to the place he’d been so distracted with before, reaching out for the coffee cup at his front and pulling it to his lips without even thinking about the actions it takes. “He said to tell you something about blackbirds and keeping promises,” he snorts slightly into his cup, mumbling, “Whatever that means…”

Zephyr: The amusement and teasing affection drain from the blonde between one heartbeat and the next when his boyfriend’s words reach him from around the coffee cup. With it falls the rest of the world—the noisy restaurant with its chattering patrons, bored and irritated workers, and clanking plates to drops first to muted background annoyance and then off his radar all together. There is nothing but an echo of what Jun has relayed, but he must have heard incorrectly, because what he said… Hard pain clenches at the Dark’s chest like a tightening vise, clamping down with each passing second. His heart is pounding, the only sound in the sudden silence. Those words only one other person in the world would know, but… that person couldn’t have been here. Jun must have misunderstood; he must have heard it all wrong or something because there’s no other explanation. …Right? After all these years there’s no reason, not after that last time they were together, not after he’d turned his back on everything they had… Old pain that he’d thought long dead and buried surges hard and swift and there’s no chance at all to keep it from showing clearly on his face.

Blackbirds always keep their promises.


With his gaze settled on the chipped and scratched tabletop, staring but not seeing, it’s from the end of a very long tunnel that he hears Jun call his name. The sound is so far away that it registers only enough to momentarily tug his glassy eyes upward to meet concerned pink before skidding away. “I’m sorry,” he hears himself tell the other teen, distracted. The chair scrapes as he pushes back, foot somehow finding its abandoned sneaker and shoving inside. “I have to go… I’ll see you at home…” He needs to find the Bright, needs to know why he would bother to warn him after all this time.

The blackbirds are coming home to roost and old oaths sworn are always honored.

Rising from the chair, Zeph shakily turns to leave, but ironclad fingers latch onto his wrist, breaking his stride and pulling him backward. Concern and worry flash though deep pink pools, but Jun’s expression is calm and his grip unwavering despite the Dark’s halfhearted attempts to break it. For a long moment the two simply stand in the aisle of the restaurant as the rest of the customers go on with their meals, each one waiting on the other, until the blonde whispers, “I think… you just had coffee with the person who used to be my best friend…”

Jun: For a moment, only an instant, his grip falters at the mention of his boyfriend’s former best friend –the hurt in the other teenager’s voice so prevalent that it takes him completely aback. It’s all the tall Dark needs to shake him free, that instant, and before his fingers can reclaim his wrist, Zephyr is dashing off –weaving so swiftly through occupied tables and slipping so quickly out the door that it’s as if the Heavens themselves are crashing down at his heels.

With a call of the Dark’s name that goes unanswered, the pink and white haired Angel starts after him only to have his steps cut short when the waitress moves across his path to remind him that their uneaten meal and half drunken coffee hasn’t been paid for. With a quick habitual apology ushered under his breath, he almost rips the card the Selestarri had given him free of his back pocket and shoves it into her hands before continuing past. By the time he makes it outside however, Zephyr is already gone and there’s little he can do but stand bewildered as early dawn hued eyes scan the darkened streets that stretch out in every direction futilely for the one he loves.

What in the hell is wrong with him? Why didn’t he recognize that guy’s face? He should have, he really should have. Zeph told him all about him once, showed him pictures even… way back in the beginning of their relationship, back before he broke the seal, before he knew who and what he really is. He’d spilled his guts about his ex because he’d been feeling pretty damn insecure at the time and in turn, his boyfriend shared his own pain about his exes to ease his mind. Even back when he was oblivious to the true nature of his world he knew it was a touchy subject with the Dark, the hurt Zeph had suffered so plain on his face and in his voice that a blind-deaf man could have seen and heard it. They never spoke about it again in fact, it’d seemed to be that painful for him –so why in the hell didn’t it register with him the two times the guy was right up in his face?

With an irritated sigh that he directs at himself, tapered fingers slide up into pure snowy locks and he scratches absently at the back of his head. A moment later, he slips his free hand into his pocket and pulls a small metallic pink cell phone out, flipping it open and tapping the button that will speed dial the blonde. Unfortunately, he’s immediately forwarded to voicemail and it pulls a deep frown to his lips as he waits for the automated message to complete. “Hey… Zeph,” he starts once it beeps, “Uhm… sorry that I didn’t…” his voice drops. “Remember about…your … you know, that guy” ignorance even this time is no excuse for not recognizing him or understanding that passing anything on, even a message he doesn’t understand would do the one he loves some kind of harm. He doesn’t blame Zeph for ditching him after it, he might have done the same if it’d been him. “Anyway, I’m sorry for that and… don’t stay out alone too long okay? Cause… I get it, that you need to think or whatever, but I can help. I can make it better… I promise.” pulling his hand away from spiked hair, he taps the button and ends the connection before stuffing his phone back into his pocket and turning around.

“God, even as an Angel you’re just… so fucking stupid” Jun grumbles quietly to himself as he steps back into the restaurant to collect the card he’d left behind…


Zephyr: The streets are crowded despite the late hour, a wide shuffle of people visiting this district’s theatres, restaurants, and bars. Their voices fill the air as they call to each other and laugh at one joke or another, occasionally fighting to be heard as the trolleys rumble from point to point between transit stops. What had been only a promise of rain earlier has come to fruition, heavy drops slowly plopping on both the colorful domes of the umbrellas that instantly mushroom along the sidewalks and the concrete and metal alike. To the blonde walking distractedly away from the pancake house, the surroundings have fallen completely into the background, none of the noise or activity interrupting his determination to track his former best friend. For that, the only sense he needs to utilize is magic. The dropping of restraints spreads the energy out like a web, slipping easily around people and buildings to target someone he hasn’t been in any type of close contact with in years.

He knows what the warning was for, the fulfillment of a promise sworn by those he once loved. A promise he hasn’t thought about too much, but one that he always figured would play out at some point or another. The blackbirds… The message was perfectly chosen, the phrase only carrying meaning for the two of them and the others they loved. Whenever they’d get into trouble as children, this is what they’d tell one another, a promise to have revenge on their teachers and elders for punishing them, even if they were in the right. They were the blackbirds of the Sentinel Tower and oaths sworn were always honored, no matter what it entailed. What he doesn’t understand is why Innic felt the need to deliver this message in the first place. Why go through the steps of seeking him out? And even then, why take the extra effort of relaying his warning only to Jun? It doesn’t make any sense.

There hasn’t been one single word from the person who had known him longer than anyone else since that last night on the tower at the Eyrie. He had been truly ostracized when he left the Bright faction and the backlash of betrayal by those who had been most important to him had been crippling. It haunted him, stalked him awake or asleep, and drowned him in a misery so black he almost gave up completely. Even once he crawled out of that hole in Hong Kong he’d been broken, always flitting from one place to another, one bed to another, the remnants of pain keeping him from trusting something so fragile to any other person for a very long time. It wasn’t until he met Jun that the damage had truly begun to heal. The other teen has mended the fear he could never quite ease on his own and shown him how deep and complete love can be when it’s freely given and returned.

The web of energy sparks as it locates Innic’s magic, ripping the Dark’s attention back to his task. The spell Innic is currently using is small and immediately overpowered and terminated when the forces collide, but it’s more than enough to lead Zeph directly to him. His former best friend may not want to see him, but he’s not going to give the Bright a choice.

The rain is falling harder, washing the streets in rainbow streaks of smeared light. Puddles splash when he begins to run, ducking through alleys as he gains on Innic, the other Selestarri’s mastery of tactics little help when his innate magic flares brighter than a beacon. Between one alley and the next he catches a glimpse of a dark shape up ahead and the teleport opens without thought, shifting the blonde instantly. From the shadows he snags Innic’s coat as the Bright darts past, pulling hard to spins the slightly shorter teen around, back colliding with a brick wall a heartbeat later. He takes the first punch thrown, the weight put behind it smashing into his cheek, but dodges the follow-up to his sternum, turning just in time to deflect the strike and avoid being winded. One hand still gripping the front of the coat, Zeph catches Innic’s jaw with his other, the pain that blossoms instantly down knuckles and into his wrist easily ignored as the scuffle begins in truth. They go back and forth for several minutes, each giving ground and then regaining it, hits thrown, missed, and successful in a flurry so quick that there’s no real thought given, just action and reaction. Finally, the Dark is able to pin the other against the wall, forearm pressed across narrow shoulders and his free hand wrapped around Innic’s slender throat.

Labored breath spills into the chill, rain-laden air, blood trickling from small cuts, scrapes, and split lips before the Bright drops his arms to his sides. Beneath a dim streetlight nearly overwhelmed by shadow, orange eyes meet midnight through strands of drenched blue-black and blonde alike. Up close, Zeph notices for the first time that his former best friend is older than the image he carries in his memories, any last vestiges of childhood worn away in the intervening years, and what was always a slightly removed demeanor gone almost completely cold. He’s not sure what happened to the one he used to hug tight at night, the one who helped patch up cuts and bruises from training, the one he whispered all his fears to when everything in his life started to fall apart. There are only hints of that person reflected in the deep pools, just as he supposes Innic doesn’t see the person he used to be, either.

“Back off, Zeph,” the words are edged in a frost that coats the Dark’s heart with lead, thicker and thicker with each syllable. “I think I made it obvious that I don’t want to see you.”

He’d never been very good at discerning when Innic was lying, the other teen much too good at deception and mind games in general, even amongst friends, but this time there’s no doubt the words are false and it lights the blonde’s temper. “Then what the fuck are you here for?” If all Innic truly wanted to do was send a warning, there are a million ways that don’t involve sneaking around or even being in the same city. It wasn’t necessary and yet the extra effort was made and he wants to know why.

The hard, bitter glare is his only answer, and the silence digs the hurt deeper, like he’s being hollowed out from the inside. He thought this was done, that he’d dealt with the pain from their fallout all those years ago. It had almost killed him, but somehow he’d managed to climb out and move forward. He has a person he loves more than anything, someone he’d give his life for, and who loves him in return and now all this shit is back and it’s not fair. It’s not. He doesn’t want to rip it all to the surface again, exposed to more hurt, only this time dragging the Angel through it in his wake. “After all this time, why?”

Twisting sharply to the left, Innic shakes himself free of Zeph’s grip, straightening his blood-flecked coat before turning toward the far end of the alley. “It doesn’t matter.”

The blonde stares at the other Selestarri’s retreating frame. “You’re going to just walk back into my life and then turn your back on me again!?” The air snaps with sudden cold, rain turning to sleet in a heartbeat as anger streams off Zeph, the shreds of his restraint barely managing to keep him from chasing after the Bright. Everything inside hurts so much and he just can’t do this, he can’t.

Orange eyes catch the glow of the dim light at the end of the alley when Innic glances over his shoulder. “I swore oaths to them… but I swore them to you long before. I had to protect you…”

The words trail off and Zephyr is alone in the alley, the puddles around him glossed with ice and frost edging the blood that still seeps from the gash on his temple. The magic he’d held back just a moment before slams into the pavement beneath his feet, the energy tearing cracks across the narrow space and spider webbing up the brick walls on either side. One of the windows in the building on the right shatters, glass mixing with the sudden cloud of dust and sleet, but it all seems far away.

He wants to go home and he wants Jun. He wants the Angel close because that nearness is the only thing that can possibly make him think everything will be okay. But the loft is dark and empty when the teleport dissipates, leaving him to drip water on the hardwood floor alone. Zeph manages to drag himself halfway to the shower before slumping against the wall and sinking slowly downward. A metallic glow lights his face when he summons his phone, missing the new voicemail notification completely as he clicks numbly into the speed dial. The call immediately connects and the pink and white-haired teen’s anxious voice echoes into the darkness. Heartsick and injured, smelling like blood and magic and rain, midnight blue eyes slip closed beneath the weight. “Jun, I need you… please come home…”


Jun: sitting on one of many cracked and aged booths, two empty glasses are set before him on worn linoleum and a half empty glass is held in his hand. Despite the hard thumping bass that shakes everything and everyone in the large warehouse club, despite the lights and the music, and despite the sea of clubhouse goers undulating to the constant pulsing beat, the pink and white haired Angel’s mind is far away from where he sits, full lips pursed downward to reflect an unhappy frown.

He’s been waiting ever since Zephyr ran off for a call, one that has yet to come. One that as the minutes continue to tick on, he doubts is going to come at all. He thought that after a little while spent alone, his boyfriend would… Jun sighs, sliding the glass he holds up to his mouth in order to take another sip. Would what? Call back so he can help like he promised? How can he help with anything when the person he loves has never let him in on the full measure of the problem?

Shaking his head, he pushes the glass he holds onto the table and sits back in the booth, dropping his head onto the cracked plastic behind him. He only has a second to wallow in self pity a little longer before his phone vibrates at his side, causing him to practically bolt upright as he works to pull it free of skin tight pants. Only one more ring resonates before he’s managed to flip it open, greeting the one he knows is on the other line. After brief pause, Zephyr’s words reach him, his quiet voice wracked with a pain that he can hear even over the background music that works tirelessly to drown him completely out.

“I’m coming,” he answers with no hesitation before snapping the phone closed and in a heart beat, he jumps up and out of the booth, weaving effortlessly through the packed crowd and racing out the wide double doors.

The cold sting of the downpour soaks him instantly through the moment he makes it outside, but he has no time to think about the chill as it sets in, too concerned and too focused in on getting home to the one he loves. He tries futilely to hail a cab, but the darkened streets are already filled with people running to escape the rain and with every car filled, not one that passes is willing to stop for another. Gritting his teeth when his third attempt passes him by, the tall Angel swears under his breath before simply turning and sprinting down the street that he knows will lead him home.

Shivering and soaked thoroughly to the bone, thin clothing clings taught to his toned frame and as he reaches the loft, long fingers rise up to push at pink bangs and wipe the water away from his rain blurred vision. Water streams in rivulets as he steps past the threshold and into the quiet loft, slightly breathless from his run as he scans the darkness for the blonde. There sitting slumped against the wall and halfway to the shower in the hallway he finds his boyfriend, his own clothing damp and his phone left open on the floor at his side. Brows furrow as he draws nearer, and he stops only when he’s reached his side before sinking effortlessly down into a fluid squat at his front. Reaching out, the Angel wraps shaking fingers around his boyfriend’s toned shoulder, his touch drawing midnight eyes upwards to his. The Dark is bruised and cut all over and he smells of dispelled magic, his state bringing a hard frown to full lips and a renewal of concern to his gaze.

“Hey” Jun whispers after a moment of silence passes between them, “sorry it took me so long…” Offering the taller teenager a weak smile, he attempts to sound lighthearted despite his feeling anything but. “Couldn’t get a cab…you know, because of the rain.” Slipping shivering fingers away from his shoulder and over, he brushes at disheveled strands of white gold, pushing damp hair away from deep blue eyes in the gentlest, most loving of ways. “I guess that will teach you… to ditch someone who doesn’t remember how to fly…”


…to continue.


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    1. Yesss, I have all of these parts back up in Angel Hunt, now I’m just working to get them on here as well. It’s so much love revisiting the early years, and def makes me look forward to when we tackle the reset, because it’ll be fun watching them go through their beginnings all over again ^_^

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      1. Yessss, reset is necessary and it will be awesome to have things put the way they should be. Also Jun and Zeph in the early days of their relationship – who doesn’t love that?!? lol


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