Angel Hunt + Streifen: Morning pt 05

Angel Hunt and Streifen in Modern Day


Morning 05 – Final

Jun: he listens in attentive silence as the Bright gives him an explanation of what happened the night his boyfriend and the other three Selestarri split up. On one hand he’s happy to have a better understanding of the full story because it makes sense of everything that’s happened this night –from Innic’s multiple attempts at passing along a warning, to the heartbreak it caused the blonde when they’d been delivered, to the two Bright ambushing him at his home with intents of using him as bait to draw Zephyr out and to every terrible word that both Bright and Dark spit at one another during a fight where nearly all who were involved had full intentions of taking the other’s life.

On the other hand he feels suddenly as if by gaining the information Zephyr’s only touched in on in the past, he’s stepped into something he has absolutely no right being in at all. He thought he understood it before, that the entire situation, albeit crappy, was pretty black and white when it came down to it, but now he’s not so sure anymore. The incident has reminded him that there’s been others who held Zephyr’s heart long before he came along. Innic was one of them – the two of them spent a childhood together, loved one another while they continued to grow older and have a history together that he has no hope of ever competing with. It would have been easier if the Bright hated Zephyr along with the other two, it would have been easier if his memories got wiped like theirs did, but he doesn’t and they didn’t and now he isn’t quite sure of what he should do.

Innic came back to help the blonde when he didn’t have to, he’s continued helping him even after the fight was over because he’s been unable to do it himself. He’s pretty sure the Selestarri still loves Zephyr, if his actions have been any indication, and seeing how much even the mention of his presence had hurt the Dark, he’s also sure that in some way Zephyr might love him in return. So where does that leave him? Even though Zeph has cared enough about him not to sleep around like the rest of his race does since their relationship began, and has honored his feelings about monogamy until now, this is different isn’t it? It’s different because of who the other person is. It’s different because it’s the Bright. He loves Zeph with all his heart and would do anything to see him happy but… if these two patch it up and decide to restart where they’d originally left off, how will he be able to find a place between them? Where will he be able to stand?

“I’m sorry…” Jun starts quietly as his thoughts continue to circle about and as pink eyes pull away from orange and back to the sleeping figure laying behind, a dull ache springs up deep inside of his chest that he isn’t able to shake. “That it went down like that between you guys. But… It’s different now isn’t it?” with a small sigh, he looks back. “You came back when you could have let them ambush us. You could have been on their side, beating my ass down back there but you weren’t. By helping me I think you saved him from, you know, killing them so… doesn’t that make up for what you did in the past… just a little?” As messy as everything turned out to be, he’s pretty sure it would have been a veritable bloodbath had those two been able to take the both of them completely by surprise or done him any real harm. It was a feeling he got the moment Zephyr stepped into the warehouse with that odd look of coldness swimming in his eyes and while he would have understood it completely if he’d taken them down, he’s glad it didn’t happen and a couple of memory wipes was the worse they got for the wear. The emotional backlash of what’s happened is already going to suck ass for the taller teen, but he’s pretty sure that had Zeph been cornered into killing his exes instead of settling on wiping his existence from their minds, it would have been a million times worse.

“Look, you should know Zeph… he isn’t the type of guy who just stops caring about someone because of a disagreement, you know?” he may be relatively new in Zephyr’s life but he’s seen and felt enough to know this much. His boyfriend is normally carefree and aloof, but the difference he’s seen from the beginning of their relationship until to now has been monumental where he’s been concerned. Zeph makes him feel loved… truly loved in a way Haniel or his other ex could never do. It’s intense, deep and profound and as much as it hurts him to admit it because it brings every insecurity he has when it comes to the blonde right back up to the surface, he knows the other teenager must have felt the same about the one sitting across from him now. You can’t just turn stuff like that off, no matter who you are and if he thought for a moment that it were even possible, he would have never allowed himself to fall in love with the Dark in the first place. “So don’t you think it’s time you finally got over yourself and came back into his life for real …?”

Innic: Orange eyes shift to the still form on the bed as Jun’s words trail off, his gaze sliding over each inch of the other Selestarri’s bandaged frame. Once every line and curve had been committed to memory, every slight shift of midnight read easily without the aid of telepathy, every habit and nuance so well known the he almost knew what Zeph would do before the blonde did. They were best friends and they were in love and life was amazing. The questions the other teen asks, the proposal behind them, grips at the Bright’s chest just as tight as the deep-seeded pain. Just the thought of having him back in any form, any capacity, makes his heart ache. He misses Zephyr more than he has any right to, the hole at his core that had ripped open when it had finally hit that his best friend was never coming back to the Eyrie is still unmended, left hollow and cold and filled with the ash of old memories.

“I’m not sure that anything can rebuild the bridge I burned that night,” Innic whispers. “What I destroyed between us…” He shakes his head. It wasn’t a mere firing of the wood, but arson set out of fear and insecurity. He had failed their love and their friendship in a spectacular conflagration of foolishness and he still can’t forgive himself. It’s not as easy as simply throwing a switch inside and allowing everything to be all right again. The old wounds are stubborn and their talons barbed, clinging despite the passage of time. “No one ever really falls out of love with Zeph.” The confession is almost inaudible, but it clenches at his heart just the same. This was why he hadn’t wanted to see his former best friend and why he’d gone to Jun to give the warning instead. He wasn’t going to get involved because it just hurts too much.

Dropping his eyes from the other end of the bed back down to the first aid kit resting on the mattress, he misses the pained expression that passes over Jun’s face and the way his hands knot in the heavy quilt. “But…” the Bright continues after a moment, forcing down the pain that’s no one else but his to bear. “It’s clear to me that he’s moved on.” Somehow, despite everything that happened between them all and whatever occurred for him during the intervening years, Zeph has found a way to love again and it’s not fair for him to intrude on the life here that they’ve been trying to build.

“I’m glad I was right about you, Jun.” It’s easy to see how much the pink and white haired teen loves Zephyr. It’s in the tiny changes in his expressions whenever dawn-tinted eyes meet midnight, the way he touches the blonde so carefully, the anger that had blazed so bright at the warehouse, and the quickness with which he leapt to protect and defend. That love is saturated throughout Jun, rooted just as deeply as he’d believed when he’d stepped up next to the other teenager in the coffee shop. He’s happy to know that the Dark has found someone so well suited to him to love. “It may not seem like it, but he needs someone to take care of him. Someone who will love him on that same deep level he gives his heart on.” And that someone is definitely Jun. There’s no doubt in his mind that Zeph would have killed Aly and Mijah tonight and in return it would have destroyed him. It was Jun’s presence and the love they share that reined him in and gave him the support he needed to wield his telepathy and not his sword. “I know you’re that someone, so please take good care of him…”

Jun: despite himself, he finds that he’s both happy and sad to hear that the Bright is too caught up in his own head to find a place back in the blonde’s life, that he feels he’s burned his bridge so thoroughly that he feels there’s no hope of repair. While his happiness over it is minor and selfish, he can’t help it just the same. He would do almost anything for Zephyr, even if that meant stepping aside to let an old love back in if it turned out to be what the Dark wants, but in doing so it would have broken his heart. It would have destroyed him and he’s not sure that after everything that’s happened with Haniel and the seal he’d be able to take that kind of emotional blow and still find a way to live. Zephyr’s been his rock since it began, his glue since it went down and he’s fallen so deeply in love with him since the start of their relationship that if he were ever to lose him, it’ll break him so thoroughly that he’ll shatter into a million pieces for good.

The pink and white haired teenager nods in the slightest, his pink gaze sliding away from Zephyr and back to Innic again. “For the rest of my life…” he answers quietly and despite the pain that continues to wrack his lean frame, the exhaustion that threatens to overcome him and the weariness he feels, he manages to offer the Bright a small smile. “And then forever beyond.” If he has to fight his way back from the depths of Hell to make his boyfriend happy, he’ll do it in a heartbeat. Without hesitation and without even a thought lent. Taking care of the blonde is a no brainer as far as he’s concerned, and he plans on doing it until the very end of time.

With a sigh, he slides his eyes away from Innic’s before carefully sitting up. With only the barest traces of a wince as the movement causes his wounds to scream, he shifts himself fluidly back to Zephyr’s side. Settling against the heavy wooden frame one more time, long fingers slip beneath a head of white gold to lift the tall Selestarri’s neck. With the utmost care he repositions his head back in his lap before he resumes his earlier task of stroking through short strands of spiky hair, his own head falling a little heavily against the headboard as the tiredness of the ordeal begins to finally catch up. “So what…” he starts and without moving his head, he slips his early dawn hued gaze over to the standing Bright once again, a sort of sluggishness beginning to show in his tone. “What’s going to happen now… with those two?”

Innic: Lit in the rose, orange, and gold of the waking sun, the Bright watches Jun move slowly to the top of the bed, only a shadow of pain flickering over his face while he returns to Zephyr’s side. Carefully easing his hands beneath the sleeping Selestarri’s head Jun gently slips beneath to cushion, settling back against the headboard and resuming his duties as caretaker. Slender fingers thread into strands of pale blonde, combing over the crown and down to the temple before reversing the path. It’s only after assuring that his charge continues to rest that the other teenager lifts his gaze.

The question regarding Aly and Mijah is quiet, laced with the exhaustion that shifts through deep pink pools and just slightly tinted with a thin layer of worry. He supposes he’d be concerned about a return visit as well, especially considering the toll this night has extracted, but for the first time since they began this conversation, Innic can relay some kind of good news. “They’ve been healed and are already on their way to the Eyrie.” A quick phone call before they left the warehouse had arranged for the pair to be transported home. “They won’t remember anything about tonight, why they came to this city, what they planned to do here, none of it.” Innic slides his gaze to the sleeping Dark. “They won’t remember Zeph at all, not as children or teenagers or the people he once loved. Maybe a memory here and there about him leaving the Eyrie at such a young age, or a few of the other rumors that still circle, but that will be all.” Removing one’s very existence from another’s mind, and in this case two others, is damaging to the soul. Nothing is left of the relationship that existed, happy, sad, or otherwise, no matter how deep the bond once was. A stranger is created and even if the Dark were to agree to return the memories, there’s always a disconnect, like experiencing the events and emotions through a thick pane of glass.

“They’ll remember me, but not why we had a falling out, and if asked I’ll tell them we simply grew apart.” For the most part it’s true. Their relationship had not survived Zeph’s leaving, he was too devastated at what he’d done and Aly and Mijah were too filled with anger to see out of the small tunnel they’d built around themselves. At various times they’d come to him in an attempt to ignite their own hatred and ideas of revenge within him, but he’d put them off each time. It’s not that he doesn’t share a code of honor and the belief in upholding promises and oaths, but they’d never understood exactly where his loyalty had been placed. Long before the two of them had arrived at the Eastern Tower, he and Zeph were best friends. “They’d made it clear years ago that anyone asking after their relationship with Zephyr would get them a fight, so most people don’t dare. If they try again now, the response will be blank stares and adamant denial.” A flicker of a sad smile moves over the Bright’s mouth. “He’s very thorough when he erases, and not even a thread will be left for either Aly or Mijah to grasp at.”

Pulling his attention back to Jun, orange eyes lift just in time to see their pink counterparts close heavily and a moment later the other teenager’s hand stills its movements in white-gold hair and his breathing evens out. Innic takes the first aid kit from the foot of the bed, moving carefully as he crosses the hardwood floor not to wake the sleeping pair. The heavy box is returned to its place on a shelf and the closet door swung shut on silent hinges before the Bright turns toward the hallway leading to the loft’s great room. It’s time for him to return to the Eyrie as well…

Soft, slightly foggy words reach out to his mind from the bed behind. [Will I see you again?]

Innic’s steps slow to a halt at the threshold, the words tearing at something deep and almost shattering what defenses he has left. The cool façade he’d built up over the years is showing signs of spider web cracks, the storm of emotion brought with the old memories too much to take all at once in the presence of Zephyr and Jun. Orange eyes slip closed for a moment and he takes a deep breath. It won’t do either of them any good if he can’t hold onto to it just a little longer. [I don’t know, Zeph.] The cold pain in his chest squeezes with an iron grip, one hand lifting to press against it as he turns halfway around to meet the dark midnight gaze of his former best friend. [You have someone to love who loves you in return, you don’t need me.] Even if the blonde forgave him, even if he could work out everything in his own heart, just knowing he could hurt them both again… the bridge is badly damaged, the ruins maybe un-salvageable.

[I don’t have a best friend… and I miss him.]

He’d told Jun that he still loves Zeph and it’s true, despite all that he’s done to destroy everything between them, seeing the Dark again has only reconfirmed where his heart still lies. [I know, but right now… I just can’t right now.] It’s not a promise of any kind, really, but as much as he’s considered abandoning the burned out bridge between them, now that he has the chance to do it, he finds he cannot. Reclaiming the past was never his intention here and the blonde has very obviously moved on to find a person he loves deeply. He needs to find a way to move on as well, and he needs the time to do it.

Even across the room, Innic can see the pain in dark blue eyes and the sadness is almost tangible, hanging bittersweet in the air between them. He knows full well that he’s hurting the other Selestarri all over again and the knowledge presses at the cracks, eroding the calm he maintains on a knife’s point. But as he turns, he catches just the slightest nod from the one on the bed.

[The blackbirds…] Zeph’s words grow softer as the Bright steps into the hallway and toward the door that will take him from the apartment. [I made promises, too, back then… and I will keep them.]

Behind him, in the bedroom of the loft he’s intent on exiting, Innic can’t see the misery that crosses the face of his former best friend or watch as he curls tightly around the Angel who sleeps at his side…


The world is soon bathed in a foggy sort of white, it’s intrusive and unforgiving as it pulls him from the depths -forcing him towards the surface whether he likes it or not. He attempts to roll over and has full intentions of burying his face in the nearest pillow in order to escape it, only to have a sharp streak of pain stop him as it rips through every minute part of his slender frame.

A quiet groan slips past full lips as he stills, taking a moment as the pain subsides before he settles on a careful rise of his arm, tapered fingers slipping up to push at long disheveled strands. The instant he touches his hair however, he realizes that he’s no longer upright, that he’s not propped up against the headboard as he had been before he’d apparently passed out and that the familiar weight of his boyfriend is no longer either in his lap or anywhere near his side.

Early dawn hued eyes snap wide open and he bolts instantly upright, the swift movement ripping his shoulder to shoulder spanning wound right open beneath white gauze that encircles his bare chest. He can’t help the whimper that escapes him as tapered fingers rise back up, having just enough time to touch at the bandages that wrap him before he’s hit with the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafting in. He looks up just as the Dark steps past the threshold of their large room with two cups of steaming hot liquid in hand, his lithe frame still bandaged and his fluid steps careful in their own subtle way. He’s about to stand up when a sharp look flashed from midnight eyes keeps him in place, pulling a hard frown to his mouth.

“Hey…” Jun starts, grogginess swimming in his quiet tone and the look of concern on his pale features plain as the tall Selestarri draws nearer to where he is. “You shouldn’t be out of bed; I’m supposed to be taking care of you.”

Zephyr: Sliding the steaming mugs onto the bedside table, he can’t help but smile down at his boyfriend. Jun is so cute when he’s worried, and the concern and the desire to care for him mean more than he can say. Waking to find the Angel at his side despite the injury he’d taken is the only spot of warmth he can feel right now, and honestly he’s clinging to it kind of hard. He needs Jun’s light and his love to ground him against the icy numbness that’s threatening to take over at any moment. He needs their life together to be as it usually is because it feels like everything else is about to collapse. He needs their morning routine, he needs the coffee in bed, and he needs to do the things for the person he loves just as he always does.

And if he’s being honest, once he’d climbed out of the complete dark of unconsciousness, he wasn’t very interested in allowing sleep to take over. Once he closes his eyes there are too many memories waiting there to twist into nightmares, ready to attack when his defenses are down. The past will come to call again and again, laced with hurt, anger, and betrayal until he finds a way to quiet Aly and Mijah’s memories to the point where they aren’t as intrusive. So even if he’s exhausted, physically and emotionally, and even if the wounds he’d taken are screaming in pain and cause spots of bright white to taint his vision when he moves, it’s still what he prefers at the moment.

Slender fingers reach up to brush at strands of white-gold, gently pushing an unruly lock behind his ear, drawing back slightly when Zeph can’t hide the pain that lights a path through his head from the crack he’d taken to the back of it. “Sorry,” he apologizes; lifting his own hand to wrap around the one Jun is quickly withdrawing. “It’s not that bad, really.” Doubt flashes over the Angel’s pale features, a look that clearly says he’s buying exactly none of that. “I’ll sit still and let you do all the caretaking you want, I promise.” The Dark’s free hand slips beneath his boyfriend’s jaw to tilt his face upward and they share a slow kiss that neither teenager rushes to break.

Lingering close after the need for air forces them apart, he smiles once again at the person he loves. “First I have to make sure you’re taken care of, though.” Trailing his hand down along Jun’s neck, Zeph touches carefully at the bandages wrapping from shoulder to shoulder. “It looks like Innic did a good job, but I think it’s probably time to rewrap…”

Jun: despite the close proximity of the other teen and the subtle shivers that race across his skin from his touch, the pink and white haired Angel frowns. For a few short moments he contemplates arguing the point with the tall Selestarri. Spanning wound and shredded knees aside, Zeph’s the one who’s hurting the most and he knows it. So he should be the one bringing in the coffee, he should be the one tending to the blonde’s cuts and bruises, and he should be the one offering the needed support.

But he’s not, instead he’s sitting here as if he’s helpless while the one he loves attempts to hide the pain that shows so plainly in his deep midnight gaze by going through what would be their somewhat normal routine. He knows Zeph’s strong, but he’s not so strong that this whole shit storm of events didn’t affect him and he wishes he could do something other than sit stupidly in place to make it all okay.

“It’s not really necessary,” Jun tries, his quiet words pulling blue eyes away from stained bandages and up to meet his. “I’ll just heal it…” he smiles, “You know, when I’m not feeling like total ass.” He probably should have healed it before Zephyr ever woke up so this wouldn’t have been an issue at all but in truth he’s been avoiding it because the process of making himself whole is almost as painful as the wound itself. Haniel taught him an ability he never should have been able to learn considering his age and rank, and while it’s come in handy quite a few times both before and after the trial, he still hasn’t quite gotten the hang of in it a way that doesn’t cause him a monumental amount of pain. The wound smarts, and while he doesn’t plan on carrying it around for more than a few days because every movement seems to cause it to reopen, he’s still too worn out from the fight to manage it at this particular point in time.

“Besides,” he starts again, sliding his fingers up to carefully place them over the other teenager’s own. “It’s really only surface, so there’s no point to waste more bandages on something that barely hurts me at all.” It’s a lie and they both know it, but he’s doing his best to play off his pain anyway. Though despite his attempt to appear nonchalant, the look that ripples across the Selestarri’s features is nothing short of desperation and in that moment, he realizes that the Dark’s insistence to care for him isn’t a simple try at being stronger, it’s a full out need for normality that could shatter the entire world should he deny. He realizes that Zephyr needs to take care of him right now, that the simple act of it makes everything that’s wrong at this moment, somehow right and he’d be failing his boyfriend in every single way if he were to continue telling him no.

“Okay, okay …” Pulling his hand away from Zephyr’s, Jun carefully shifts his weight back onto his palms and sighs a resigned small sigh. “But only if you promise that you will sit still and let me do my thing afterwards alright? I’m not gonna let you fix me up while you keep on looking like you got smacked with entire brick wall.” He smirks and in turn he’s offered an amused chuckle that warms his heart in every kind of way. Sliding slowly forward, tapered fingers reach for the tucked end of the gauze and as he touches, the Angel can’t help flinching slightly in response. The pause is only momentary however before the Dark begins the task of carefully unwinding red dotted strips of white.

“I guess I kind of deserved it didn’t I?” his voice drops and his tone turns serious, causing the blonde’s movements to come to a slow halt. “This I mean.” He continues when he’s flashed a questioning look, nodding his head towards his wound. “Ever since I broke the seal I haven’t wanted to look at or touch my weapon because I dunno, I suppose I was hoping I could just keep pretending I was still human even though everything constantly reminds me that I’m not. I’m sorry for that Zeph…” He’s more than sorry, since the night before, he’s felt nothing but severe regret. “Cause if I’d started practicing or something sooner, maybe… maybe I could have done something more to help you last night.”

Zephyr: It’s been a few years now that he and Jun have been together and he feels like he knows the Angel well. He knows how he takes his coffee, the temperature he likes for the water in the shower, how he prefers his area in the closet to be arranged, and which cell phone pics are okay for background wallpapers and which are not. He knows which arcade his boyfriend likes best, his favorite Korean restaurant, his preferred club, and his favorite hair product. He knows his shoe size, panty size, and hoodie size. He knows when he’s thinking something over, he scratches the back of his head, when he refuses to meet someone’s gaze, it usually means he has to say something he doesn’t like, and when he curls in close and doesn’t talk, he’s hurt. All these things he’s learned over the last few years, but one of the first things he learned way back when they first met is the one the Dark always finds the most upsetting: Jun always takes the blame.

Dropping the soiled bandages to the rumpled quilt, Zeph lightly trails his hands down the long length of his boyfriend’s torso to settle just above the curve of slim hips. “Please… don’t apologize.” He’s the only one at fault here and the only one who should take any of the blame. If he had dealt with Aly, Mijah, and Innic years ago when things had first gone down, none of this would have happened. Instead he’d been too hurt that first year after leaving the Eyrie and holed up in Hong Kong teetering between giving up completely and trying to find a way to live without the people who had made up his entire world. The betrayal had torn so deep that there were times he wasn’t sure he was going to make it and once he finally decided to move forward with his life he still avoided revisiting those he had loved. It was easier to convince himself that they’d all gone on even when he knew that Aly and Mijah had sworn to bring his death. For many Bright Selestarri, their honor hinges on their word, and in that way, those two would never be swayed from the promise they’d made that last night. He knew this, and still he left things alone, pushing if off and pushing it off until they returned and his stalling had brought about all the events of the past twenty-four hours. So if there is any apologizing to be done over what’s happened, it should be from him and him alone.

Ribs, side, and head screaming, the blonde sinks slowly into a squat so that his face is level with Jun’s, pained midnight eyes meeting worried pink. “It’s the ghosts of my past that came back and I gave you no warning.” It had been the people he once loved who kidnapped the Angel, used him as bait, and then tried to kill them both. Long fingers lift to gently trace the reddened skin just below the shoulder-spanning wound. “This is my fault,” Zeph whispers, “I’m the one who’s sorry, so please don’t…”

Jun has been through so much ever since he broke the seal his people had placed on him. Learning his life was a lie and that it was only one lie amongst so many after he’d been reset over and over had truly hurt the other teen. He’d sat here on this bed with him as his boyfriend tried to come to grips with Saiyuri, the trial, and his status as a living lure. The damage he’d seen then in the pink eyes he loves so much and the miserable heartbreak so plain with each breath made Zeph promise that he’d never be the cause of any further pain for Jun. Today he’s broken that promise and he hates that he’s the cause of more issues for the one he loves.

“You drew your sword and protected me,” the Dark continues after a moment. “I know that wasn’t easy.” Accepting that he wasn’t human was maybe the hardest thing Jun has had to deal with since breaking the seal. The other teen’s sword and wings have been kept away because they remind him too much of a race he really doesn’t want to have any association with. After all he’s watched Jun struggle with when it comes to the Angels, Zeph can understand and so he’d never pressed that decision, waiting instead for his boyfriend to handle it in his own way. “Thank you.”

Easing slowly back, Zephyr manages to straighten to his full height without too much of the pain showing on his face. Retrieving the first aid kit from the closet, he makes it back to the bed before the wound on his side reopens and begins slowly seeping into the thick bandages beneath his t-shirt. Ignoring it, the blonde eases down beside Jun and opens the box, staring down for a moment at the way the contents have been neatly reorganized and placed alphabetically. Innic. The other Selestarri always was very methodical when it came to things like this…

The touch of fingers at his shoulder pulls Zeph back and he gives a smile to the one he loves. “I’m not sure what Innic told you, but are you… okay with what happened?” The smile fades a little. Because if he’s really fucked up and really managed to hurt Jun, then he needs to do more than just bandage his wounds. “I mean, I’m sure you’re not because having three people from your boyfriend’s past just show up is not something anyone would like, but are you?”

Jun: the other teenager’s question throws him a little off guard and for a few moments, he doesn’t know quite how to reply. Is he okay with everything that’s happened? Of course he isn’t okay with it. Some people that his boyfriend used to love dearly came back into his life out of the blue yesterday with promises of death. They ambushed him in their loft and used him as bait to lure the Dark out, tried to actually follow through with the killing they’d apparently sworn to years before and then forced Zephyr to wipe the slate clean between them with mind sweeps that he knows will cause some serious emotional backlash to the one he loves for what will probably be the rest of their natural lives.

He tried to help but really couldn’t do anything at all. He was useless at the beginning of it, he was useless during the fight that took place and now he’s useless still. What’s worse is that he found out that Innic, the one who was once the blonde’s best friend and his first childhood love, is in love with him to this day and truth be told, he’s not very confident that if Zephyr had been given a chance in return to reclaim whatever it is they originally had, he’d have chosen to stay with him…

So is he okay with it? No, no he isn’t, but he’s not okay with it for different reasons than Zephyr probably thinks and he’s not sure he’s able to convey them in the right way.

“Hey…” Jun starts quietly, slipping his fingers up towards long strands of white gold hair and just before he would touch, he stops himself, hesitating for a second before brushing them lightly, careful not to touch either head or skin. “Remember the night when I left the mansion for good? When Haniel basically… handed both our asses to us after I told her I wasn’t in love with her anymore and I wanted to be with you? Well, you took a beating from one of my exes, so really… it’s kind of only fair that I took one by two of yours, you know?” With a small amused laugh that ends almost as quickly as it started when the movement causes his wound to cry out, he allows his hand to fall away from long strands. Sliding his arms back, he settles onto his palms before pulling his eyes away from Zephyr’s and allowing them to drift out into the emptiness of the room.

“Zeph…” the pink and white haired Angel continues, his soft tone serious. “We both have pasts and sometimes… they catch up.” He sighs, slipping his eyes away from the room and back over to meet midnight. “I love you, like… more than I’ve loved anyone ever in my entire life and I’m not gonna just… you know, not be okay because your past came back. It’s all a part of you and I’ll take whatever’s thrown, no matter what. You’re kind of stuck with me now, I hope you get that.” He smiles. “For better or for worse…you’re stuck.”

Zephyr: “I’m stuck?” The blonde returns his boyfriend’s smile. “I think maybe it’s the other way around.” Neither his past nor his present is any kind of clean slate, complication-free parts of his life. The baggage train contains a disaffected and sometimes factious brother, a proprietary bitch who thinks she’s his mother, a prophecy, a whole race of somewhat clinically insane people, an ex-best friend, and now two amnesiac former lovers. Honestly, there are days where he’s not sure why Jun would ever want to even get on this ride, let alone purchase a roundtrip ticket.

Selecting a jar of thick, lightly tinted paste, Zeph unscrews the lid and dips his fingers inside. Moving slowly, he begins to spread the salve over the broken skin crossing the Angel’s chest with as much care as possible. “When I left the Eyrie, I was broken.” Cold, empty pain knots down deep inside, but he remains focused on dressing his boyfriend’s injury. He wants to give Jun an explanation; he owes him that much after the last twenty-four hours. “I went to Hong Kong, rented a room in a filthy, backwater boarding house, and just… stopped living.” Without the love and support of the people he’d given his heart to, getting through every day became so difficult that he began to give up. He’d been so hurt by their rejection that most days didn’t present any reason to continue. “I almost died twice that year. For a long time I couldn’t figure out how to keep going or why to even bother with the effort.” The Dark’s voice dips even lower. “I loved them so much, but it wasn’t enough in the end.”

Finishing with the medication, Zephyr wipes his fingers and reaches for one of the thick rolls of bandages. Tugging the end free, he begins to gently wind it around Jun’s chest and shoulders. “After that, I don’t know, I was too scared to trust anyone with my heart and it was easier not to get involved.” He couldn’t get hurt if he didn’t stay in one bed too long and if he didn’t bother learning names half the time. No connections meant no heartbreak and no misery. Glancing up from his task, deep blue eyes meet dawn-tinted pink. “You already know this part of the story, right? All that stuff was just meaningless, a way to pass the time, I guess.”

The last of the roll makes its final trip around the curve of the Angel’s toned chest, and Zeph tucks the edge securely beneath. With a quiet sigh, the blonde’s hands slip to their familiar place at his boyfriend’s waist and he slowly leans forward so that his head rests against a narrow shoulder. Midnight eyes slide closed against the pain that flares in his head, but it passes after a moment. “I was so lost then, Jun. What’s worse is I didn’t even really know it. I thought it was just how my life was supposed to be.”

The sharp pain from fresh wounds hurts, but the ache inside is worse, old memories colliding as they’re roughly dragged back to the surface. He needs to feel the solidness of the other teen against him, a grounding point when the misery wants to drown him completely. As if he can sense Zeph’s need, long arms slip gently around battered ribs and over scores of minor cuts and scrapes as Jun hugs him close. “You were the one who found me,” the Dark continues, his tone lightening. “All those other people that I’d been around with and I was just walking along until I met you and you shattered my stride completely.” One day was all it had taken. One day for all those other years to fall away. “You showed me that I could trust you with my heart.” He’s not really sure if he’s ever told the Angel how big a deal that is to him and how much it means to be offered a love that is so different than any before.

Without realizing it, Zeph leans a little further into the support of his boyfriend, suddenly very tired. “They could come back a thousand times, but you found me, and now…” With his face pressed against Jun’s shoulder, the tall Selestarri doesn’t see the Angel as he eases back the tail of his blood-spotted t-shirt to reveal the bandage underneath, soiled from the reopened wound at his side. “You’re the only one I’ll allow to have me…”

Jun: tapered fingers slip beneath the hem of the taller teenager’s shirt and slowly tug it upwards as midnight eyes close and quiet words are spoken against his skin. Beneath the spotted fabric lies bright crimson stained gauze and the sight of it pulls a hard frown to the Angel’s lips. He knew he smelled blood, he could smell it before he even saw the spotting on his boyfriend’s tee but he didn’t realize it was this bad. Innic had patched Zeph up the night before but it looks like all the movement he’s made since might have ripped something open again.

This is not good. So not good.

“Shit, Zeph…” Jun starts but before he can say more, the blonde slumps completely against him. Without wasting a second, he turns the Dark over, slipping his hand beneath his neck and carefully lowering him onto the bedding below. Sliding his fingers away, he turns towards the open first aid kit and pulls a small pair of scissors free before turning back to the Selestarri once more.

“Why didn’t you stay in bed…” he frowns, glazed blue eyes staring up at him through half opened lids as he begins the task of cutting the fabric away. Once the shirt is parted, he slips the cold metal between bandage and skin and begins carefully cutting it free as well. “…so I could take care of you first?” Peeling the bandage back from the sutured wound, Jun sets the scissors down before he sits slightly back to take a good look at the full damage that lies beneath.

To his relief the stitches are still in place, even with the blood seeping up in between them and even though he’d feared the worse, nothing new seems to have ripped or broken open. Sliding his hand out the Angel brushes long strands of white gold away from his boyfriend’s face before he returns to the medical kit and pulls some new gauze pads free, setting them fully over the red stained wound. “Might hurt a little…” he mumbles before pressing against the seepage, careful despite the pressure not to push too hard. The action causes little more than a sharp yet sluggish intake of air in the one below before blue eyes simply slide closed completely.

For the next couple of minutes, nothing more is said as Jun works to stop the bleeding and once he does, he begins cleaning and rewrapping the other teenager’s wound. Even though he’s silent however, Zephyr’s last words continue to echo through his head and despite the concern that shows plainly on pale features, somewhere inside of him a lightness swims around as well. To know that even with the possibility of an old love returning to Zephyr’s life and even with the possibility that he could have decided to leave him for that old love, he’s still chosen to be with him makes him happier than he can say.

Zephyr said that he learned he could trust him with his heart, but truthfully he feels the very opposite in actually true. He thought he knew what love is when he’d been with Haniel, he thought he understood it when he’d been with his other ex, he thought he was starting to feel it at one point in time for his best friend but it was the Selestarri that showed him how wrong he’d been from the start. The Dark took their versions of it and blew them completely out of the water and now, he’ll never be the same again.

“I’ll always take care of you Zeph… I’ll always love you.” the pink and white haired teen whispers as he tucks the last bit of clean gauze under before he slowly lowers himself down onto the bed. Gritting his teeth, he rolls carefully into Zephyr and slips a long arm out to wrap stained fingers around his chest. Dipping his head down, he touches his mouth to his shoulder before closing his dawn hued eyes, each new word brushing full lips against the warmth of his skin. “…from now until the end of time.”


Zephyr: Rose colored light once again tints the bedroom the next time midnight eyes crack open, the soft glow of dawn beginning to chase out the room’s deepest shadows. The slight turn of his head brings him in contact with soft strands of pink, his boyfriend nestled in close from behind, long arms wrapped protectively around the Dark’s chest. It’s a little odd to wake in a position that’s reversed from their normal sleeping habits, but considering the shape he’s in, to know that Jun is here to love and support him means more than he can really say.

Gritting his teeth against the misery that blossoms in bright white behind his eyes, he manages to roll onto his good side, face to face with the sleeping Angel. Sleep is chasing the edges of his vision, luring him back into darkness and with the pain threading heavily throughout with every breath, he’s more than willing to allow himself to fall. Pausing to carefully brush errant strands of pink from Jun’s face, Zeph slips his arm around the other teen’s waist and settles in with easy familiarity. He loves this part of their relationship so much, the effortlessness of simply being near and how much it says about this bond between them. He had meant what he’d said earlier about being found and how it changed everything in his life. Now it’s his wish to remain at Jun’s side for the rest of his life, sharing all the days and whatever comes with them. “Forever,” he whispers, blue eyes sliding closed as he presses his face against pink and white hair. “And always…”


Morning End.


One thought on “Angel Hunt + Streifen: Morning pt 05

  1. Jun I will forever love you for making Innic that offer, even though you were so very unhappy with the idea of him claiming any part of Zeph’s heart again. For Zeph there wasn’t any choice to be made – he will love Jun forever, no matter who shows up in their lives ❤


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