Ipsy Glam Bag – January

It’s getting close to that time again, where February’s Glam bag will be sent out, so it’s time I get to posting my January Bag. This time with added bonus of an eyeshadow palette I got through redeeming some points.



January’s bag was this simple blue mesh over some taupe fabric type deal. Not their fanciest and still no cute prints, but I do like the bag because it’s pretty versatile. They advertised it as a sort of dual use coin purse/clutch bit, which isn’t something I’ll use it for because I like my coin purses way smaller (as in, credit card size), but it’s a cute idea anyway.

The theme for January was metropolis.


And here’s what I got. A Naked Cosmetics pigment, another makeup brush, some lip gloss, a top coat nail polish and a lip scrub.

I was pretty happy for this bag… except that damned lip scrub which will be the second time they sent one even after I marked it as a no go in my review. I’ve been seeing this as a normal complaint for Ipsy though, that no matter how many times you put you don’t want a certain type of makeup or a brand, they’ll send it to you anyway and I’m definitely starting to believe that’s very true. I’ve put no lip treatments over and over and I’ve now been getting them pretty regularly in my bags. Kind of makes me wonder why they bother with the so-called beauty surveys, since it really does seem to be almost random, but eh. For as much as I don’t care for the thing, I still can’t be upset about it. I mean five full sized samples and a makeup bag for 10 every month? Still an amazing deal, even if I have to put up with getting a bunch of lip treatments I’ll barely use.



First up, a couture brush (I think? Like I said, while I like makeup brushes, they all feel pretty much the same to me and since I don’t use heavy makeup anyway, I tend to use them all as the same thing). The bristles on this brush are thick and super soft, and I like it a lot. I’ve been using it as a “swipe off excess face powder” brush, for which is works great.


Next up, Trust Fund Beauty lip gloss. I think you could receive this in two different shades, but don’t quote me on that because I’m not looking at my account and can’t remember.


The shade I got was “Blame Game”.


Which is a dark mauve/red-ish color.



While the color looks nice and thick in the pot, once you put it on, it thins considerably as you can see from the test swatch above. It’s even thinner on lips (which I didn’t get a pic of), as in, it barely tints the lips in any way. It actually feels kind of thick and gloopy too when worn, so I’m not sure how much I like it. It’s like it was good in theory, but needs a lot more time on the testing floor or something. Nice to get and try, but I definitely wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it once this runs out.



The lip scrub. Smells good and all that, but as I stated above, it’s basically useless to me. I did however get the idea to see if I can use these scrubs as a normal skin scrub, to make them less useless and something more practical. I mean if they can be used on lips, why not the face, right? Though I’ve yet to try it out with either. Mainly because when it comes to the end of my night I’m usually winding down and don’t want to do much in the way of skin care or the like. I just wash my face, brush my teeth, take my nose ring and top earrings out and climb into bed. I have to be in a mood to go full out with this stuff, and I’ve yet to hit that mood. I’ll make a note of how it works out whenever I get myself to do it.


This Naked Cosmetics pigment is ace. It’s a similar champagne shade as the eye shadows I love and while very fine in terms of the glitter, soooo so shiny.


I really adore it, and even though the pot is supposed to be just a sample, there’s enough in there to last me a while. I would definitely buy this shade from this company again, and I’m going to get plenty use out the one I have.


Last in the bag is this top coat. So while I love the idea of nail polishes in my bags, I’ve yet to actually get any and this month was no exception. A top coat isn’t nail polish, and honestly I really don’t have any use for it. I work with my hands and my nails are brittle to begin with (thanks to terrible genetics that also graced me with my overly thin hair) so no matter what I do to keep polish on them, or keep them from breaking, using top coats included, nothing ever stays for long. Not to say I won’t use this when I think about it, because I prolly will. But you know, it’s already such a process to paint my nails and wait for them to dry and my time is really short as is so remembering to take another step and put this stuff on prolly won’t happen very often.


Lastly, the eyeshadow palette I got through redeeming the points. I really like this, the whole redeeming points because every so often you get this bonus thing just for reviewing your bag and products, which makes the whole sub even more win.



I think I thought the palette was going to be smaller when I chose it, so I was actually pleasantly surprised to find that it was a full sized palette.


Hard to tell by this pic, but it has embossed writing inside the case, which is a cool detail on an otherwise plain outer shell.




It came with two tiny brushes. Adorable.


The colors. I had actually wanted to get a more neutral shade palette, but by the time I went in there to look at the point rewards, this was the only one left and I went with it instead. It’s cool though, since while I don’t use blues all that often, I prolly will at some point, plus it has enough neutrals in it that I will wear. All but that bottom flesh tone one are sparkly too, which scored bonus points because glitter.


Though on, the colors are really light so there isn’t a lot of pigment in them as you can see. The blue especially is surprising, which is that faint streak of gray color there you see after the darker gray on the left. For being the largest pot in the palette, it has almost no actual color to it. In order to get even that smear to show up, I had to layer it a few times too. I’m not sure what’s up with that, but eh, it actually makes it more appealing to me than I thought because I like the subtle color of it over what I thought would be a striking blue. It makes it more likely that I’ll actually use it as a shadow, since as said, I’m more into the neutral tones than any actual color. I like the idea of a hint of blue, over a stark in your face blue.

Pretty good for a free palette, I’d say.

So over all, I felt mixed with the bag. I really, really liked the eyeshadow and brush, but am very meh on the lip scrub, and indifferent about the gloss and the top coat. Still not unhappy with my January Glam Bag, but you know, not super happy about it either. I am hoping Feb’s will be better and I’ll see no more of the lip treatment things, but I’m also not holding my breath about it just in case.


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