An Angel and a Dark

Since I finished Zephyr’s scarring and aesthetics recently, and before he has to go home, I’ve been getting in some snaps. Here are the firsts of him together with a Higher Jun, extras from Week 4’s ADAW shoot.


The Incendia Seeker


And his Higher Angel


Reunited at last…


Zephyr’s scars


Aesthetics done – Bullet wound scars, sternum scar and jawline scar to match previous scarring done on Zeph’s Chiwoo form (aka, Zeph!Prime). Arrow wound scar (front and back) from Y35 timeline, palm scar and forearm scars from AU4/Rebirth timeline. Manicure, faceup.


The what’s wut ~

Zephyr (Seeker) is a Soom R.Chalco and belongs to the Rabbit. His scarring, aesthetics and clothing are all done by me. His wig is custom (original design by the Rabbit). His eyes are also custom by a Bear Called Red. Boots on loan from Nexus (xD) and key necklace on loan from Jun Prime (<3)

Jun (Higher) is a Soom R.Chalco and belongs to me. His aesthetics, wig and clothing all done by me. His eyes are custom (original design) by a Bear Called Red. Shoes from Ebay.


One thought on “An Angel and a Dark

  1. Zeph looks amazing! You did such an awesome job on his scarring and aesthetics and I adore him >.<

    The shoot with the two of them is beautiful and perfectly highlights the pretty, almost somewhat reserved feel of Rebirth ❤


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