Kawaii Box – December

January’s Kawaii Box has reached the States, so it’s about time for me to post December’s. I keep meaning to do these as I get them, but in my defense, I’ve been pretty sick with the flu for the last couple of weeks and that coupled with the Chibi’s eternal UC illness, I’m sort of all over and behind in things. I’m working on getting caught up as always, so hopefully at some point I’ll be posting my Sub Boxes as they come in, instead of as the newest is coming in ^^;

Anywho, so yes. December’s box.


The inset.


Contents : Popcorn super LED light, 2017 Panda Calendar, Bling Bling nail decal set, Kokeshi doll pen, Macaron key chain, deco tape, sweets stickers, pastel cookie erasers, mini box, Yan Yan sticks, cute plush keychain.


So I saw several different types of these being sent out – a rabbit, a cat I think, and one other I can’t remember now when I was browsing other peeps’ box opening pics but I hadn’t seen the dino so I wasn’t actually expecting to get this one. I am so happy for it though, because in my humble opinion, the dino is the cutest one of the bunch. I mean just look at him. Frikkin adorbs.


He even has a frill.


He’s a good size too. About the same size as November’s Bananyan plush.


His inset card. As if he couldn’t get any cuter and then this, and he did > . <


I’m pretty sure I saw a few different colorways of this macaron key chain too, but luckily I got me the pink. Pink is one of my fav colors, in case you didn’t know, so I’m always happy when things come in it.


It has a little bear attached, to make it both more cumbersome, and cute.


And the thing opens up, so it can also be used as a storage bit. Cute and useful. I like.


It’s really large though, which is its only real setback. You can’t exactly stick this thing in your pocket, but then again, I’m pretty sure it’s meant to go on a purse or backpack or something to that tune where size wouldn’t really matter.


The Meiji Yan Yan sticks were unfortunately, chocolate. So I couldn’t eat these. The Chibs was going through a pretty bad flair when December’s box came too, so she couldn’t eat them either. I gave them to a neighbor kid, who seemed to enjoy them greatly.


I do love me some washi tape. Add in that this deco tape is glittery and foil? It’s instant win. These will definitely be going to use.


I didn’t get a clear pic of the nail deco set apparently, but I did of the “bling bling” tag, which amused me. I don’t actually have much use for these, in fact I think I still have the ones I got in a box from… two or three years ago or something, that’s how much I don’t use them. But, the idea is cute.


Next up, the Good Morning (happy every day) compartment box.



It’s a bit larger than a pill box, and has a pull out compartment tray. I’ll prolly be using this for sewing things or the like, so definitely a useful item to get.


The cool thing about getting this LED flashlight is that it turned out to be perfect for Mister’s evening walkies. We always have this issue when we do her last walks of the day because if it’s dark and she goes the poopies, we tend to spend a good 5 – 10 mins searching for where the stuff went (she’s a small doglet and so she has small pooples, when we’re in dark areas, which is often during her longer evening walks, it gets lost pretty much the instant she steps away from it.) I’m not one of those asshole doglet owners who will leave poop on the ground either, so even if it takes me a while to find it, I will. But now! Now we have this, and it’s gone to some serious good use because no longer do either myself or the Chibs have to spend very long looking when LED light finds it immediately. It was one of those things we never knew we needed and I’m actually super happy it came in the box.


Next item, these super cute puffy gel sweets stickers. I’m pretty sure I saw several different types of sticker sheets being sent out, but I was lucky enough to get ones I really like. Sweets, puffs and gel? Super win.



These cute oreo stye cookie erasers are not usually things I have much use of, mainly because the only erasers I use is when I’m drawing, and those are gum. But, these are so small and so cute, and in my two fav colors, so I’ll def find a use for them. Even if that use is just sitting around and looking adorable.


They say eraser on one side…


And have emojis on the other.


Did I mention they are smol? Small makes them cuter.


The next thing was this cute desktop panda calendar.

It has an easel stand. See, the thing is, I was wondering if they were going to send a calendar since the last time I had a sub around the new year, we got that adorable sheep desktop one. The difference then though was it was actually sent in a box prior to the new year, so no months on it were wasted. My issue with them sending this one in the December box is that a) they don’t send the Dec box until the end of the month, and after a few weeks in transit, you don’t actually get Dec’s box until mid Jan, and b) this particular calendar started in November, so by the time my December box came and I opened this up, it’s near 2 months behind in usefulness. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s cute and I’m glad they include calendars in the boxes, I just wish they’d put them in the boxes a few months earlier so you can actually use every single month of it, instead of having to flip about 3 months in before you can start it.

That aside, the cool thing about this calendar is that it has a memo on the opposite page, so when you flip over a new month, you can use the back of the previous month to write notes in and the like, which is a cute useful touch that the sheep calendar I mentioned earlier didn’t have.


Lastly in the box was this cute Kokeshi doll pen. I saw several different colorways being sent out and of course I had to get the lavender one. Purple is not a color I like very much, so I was all “wryyyyyy” when I saw it, but eh, considering I got the cute lizard plush and the pink macaron key chain, and the sticker set I liked best, I really can’t complain about the one thing that comes in a color I don’t particularly like. Besides, the pen has been very useful too. It’s a nice amount of black ink that so far, hasn’t run all over (unlike some pens in past boxes that spill ink due to the cheap), so I’ve been able to forgive it for being purple.

Mostly, because ugh, I really don’t like the color purple. Unless we’re talking about the movie “The Color Purple” which I happen to like very much.


Super fine tip.


So yes! Super, super happy with December’s box, and in all of it, there were only two things I couldn’t use -one being the choco sticks, because chocolate, and the second being the deco bling bling nail jewels. Pretty good over all, and def one of my fav boxes so far.


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