My Pink and White Angel

These are all the extra shots of Jun Prime from his birthday shoot/ADAW shoot.

I seriously could not love this boy more. 12 years and going strong, and there’s still no one who can rock a leopard print like this fluff ball of cute /gets shot.

As always, they are repetitive, because repetitive is just how I roll.


jun020117-01  jun020117-02  jun020117-04  jun020117-05  jun020117-06  jun020117-07  jun020117-08  jun020117-09  jun020117-10  jun020117-11  jun020117-12  jun020117-13  jun020117-14  jun020117-15  jun020117-03

Checking his messages (which you know are all spicy if they are from his boyfriend, Zeph >3)


The What’s Wut : Jun is a CP Delf Type1 WS Chiwoo with a default faceup. His eyes are Mystics (Rose pink), his wig is from Aziza. Clothing is varied and most I don’t remember since he’s had it all for nearly all of his 12 years, but the pink top/bolero combo was a gift (from his boyfriend), as was the hoodie (which I believe is Milk + Honey?). Phone is Ebay, necklaces are a combo of Dollmore and misc. Hair band is also from Dollmore, I think.


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