Angel Hunt + Streifen: AU01 Pt03


Angel Hunt and Streifen in AU

(Alternate Universe 01)

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C H A P T E R   O N E : P A R T 03


Taz: An amused smile forms quickly on his lips as silver eyes come to rest on the various notes both taped to Jun’s door and those laying around it. Nearly every single morning he finds these damn things here and at times it can be a little annoying. He gets them himself and most of the time he just laughs a little at the silliness of the humans that have stuck them there, wondering in passing more often than not of what they are hoping to achieve with the letters in the first place.

“I’ve looked at you every day and hoped that you’d look back. Please notice me.”

“I want you to go to the party with me, please tell me you’ll say yes”

“I dream about you at night, do you dream about me too?”

“I’ve fallen so in love with you, I’ll never be satisfied until you agree to love me back…”

It’s always the same, they never change. Love… that’s what most of them claim and he doesn’t know whether to scoff or simply laugh about it. Most of these children wouldn’t know what it is to love if it slapped them hard in the face. They live on instincts and hormones and have no idea what real love is or the sacrifices that are needed for it.

No fucking idea at all.

The white haired Angel shakes his head with a smirk and begins the daily routine of peeling the various bits of paper away from his friend’s door. Jun never fails to get at least five times more of these notes at any given time than he’s seen anyone else in this place receive, himself included.

Squatting down to pick up the last of the envelopes, Taz stuffs the papers into his bag the same way he has every morning that’s come before. It’s not as if Jun will ever notice or care that these have been here or that they are gone, he gets the same notes passed to him in his classes and half the time he swears the other teen is just trying to pretend they don’t exist so he doesn’t have to deal with their intended meanings. It’s adorable really. His friend has this natural way about him as far as that’s concerned, a sort of charm that no one seems able to resist… himself included.

He finds it amusing just how clueless his best friend is to all of it. There’s all these kids clamoring for his affections and not one of them understands that he’s just too… innocent and naïve to clamor in return. Or, he amends “This Jun” is too innocent and naïve for it. “This Jun” who’s in so many ways different than the Jun he’s always known, yet in many more exactly as he had been all those years ago when they both lived up in the Heavens. “This Jun” is a Jun who has no idea what love is like. “This Jun” is just a normal kid with a shaky past and a complete blindness to everything that’s going on around him in a way that makes him irresistibly cute and as much as there are times when he finds himself wishing they were still back home, living the lives they’ve been created for instead of stuck down here around a race that’s as equally as clueless to the world as “This Jun” is, he has to say that he rather enjoys having Jun in any way all to himself. “That Jun” may still belong to the Council; signed, contracted and sealed by a link over the heart, but “This Jun” is his best friend and belongs mostly to him…

Straightening and reaching out to knock on the door now cleared, it takes a bit of time and another knock later to get the same reaction he gets pretty much every day -the muffled words of his friend’s voice telling him to go away. He smiles and shakes his head again and as his hand slides down to touch at the knob, a scent drifts in and pulls his attention towards the opposite end of the hall. The tall Angel’s silver gaze slides slowly over to find midnight staring at him from a few yards away and he narrows his gaze at the blonde, taking a second to size the Selestarri up.

He’d seen him the day before… the “new kid” that had been the buzz of all talk at school. It looks as if that race has started sending more of their kind in… but whatever, it doesn’t concern him much in the end.

Without pulling his eyes free of the blonde’s own, Taz twists the brass knob of Jun’s door to the right, offering Zephyr a neutral sort of smirk before he simply walks in…

Zephyr: The sense of magic hits him the moment he steps outside the door to his dorm, something completely foreign that even with the fairly in depth training he’s received thus far in his life, he’s never run across before. The library on Nova is extensive, filled with books and artifacts from various peoples and places, some of which don’t exist on this plane and others whose names have been lost to history. Hell, they don’t even know what some of the magical shit does and there haven’t been that many volunteers willing to make the attempt to find out. The Selestarri are a race well steeped with magic, living and breathing it the moment they are created and if they are lucky enough, it’s that same energy that eventually sends them to Eviternity in old age.

But this… this is something totally new and is most likely related to the people they’ve been sent here to watch. Well, at least he assumes since Sashi didn’t warn him about anyone that he may notice in passing. Not that his brother is really forthcoming with shit most of the time… Anyway, it’s worth checking out. Uniform shirt untucked and tie loosened, long fingers push through white-gold bangs and Zeph adjusts the messenger bag that’s slung over one shoulder as he turns in the opposite direction from the stream of boys making their way toward the main exits and out to class. Several wave at him or make as if to stop, but he merely smiles and shakes his head, continuing toward the same place he’d accidentally wound up last night. Jun has probably already left for class, but his room is only a half dozen doors down the hall and he really should apologize for keeping him up late. Plus, he’s kind of liking the other teenager and it’ll be cool to talk with him again.

The lanky Selestarri glances up from the crowd he’s weaving through just before he reaches Jun’s room, midnight eyes landing on the figure that squats in front of the door. The second year student is looking through the notes that had been taped to the lacquered wood overnight, a half smirk on his lips as he shakes his head in what appears to be amusement. He’d seen Song yesterday after the final class, but somehow he must have really been out of it because between the white hair and the wide open magical signature every alarm in Zeph’s head should have started immediately screaming. This is definitely the person he’s been sensing and for some reason it’s not sitting well with him that he’s currently standing outside of Jun’s dorm, looking through those notes.

The bits of paper are stuffed into Song’s bag and he stands, knocking a couple times on the closed door before silver eyes slowly turn in the Dark’s direction. The gaze is evenly met with midnight and held, the two of them simply looking one another over for a long moment. The other teen’s hand twists the knob and with a last smirk, he steps inside and disappears from view. A deep frown instantly sweeps over Zephyr’s mouth, but is quickly straightened and he crosses the last few yards of tile to lean casually against the open doorframe, his hands stuffed deep in his pockets. He watches silently as the two other students wrestle over the blankets on Jun’s bed, the younger teenager eventually losing the battle and being forcibly wrenched from the mattress to crash onto the floor. Jun is mumbling some kind of protest, his eyes barely half open and one hand rubbing absently against his soon to be bruised ass while Song begins to pull the separate pieces of his uniform from the closet.

The blonde gets the distinct impression that this whole scene is pretty commonplace and while it doesn’t sit well with him at all in a way that he doesn’t quite understand, he still manages to meet the sleepy, dawn-tinted gaze when it turns in his direction. The flush on pale cheeks is visible even in the dimly lit dorm and Zeph can’t do anything other than smile warmly at Jun. Straightening to his full height, the Dark turns and heads back down the corridor with a few other stragglers, the music from his iPod switching on before he’s gone two steps…

Jun: the white haired teenager just sits in stunned sleepy silence when he pulls his back free of the hardwood floor beneath his body only to find a set of midnight eyes on him from across the room. He doesn’t catch the narrowed glance of silver and the smug sort of smirk given as his best friend notices those same eyes on him as well because he can’t really pull a thought together beyond realizing that a fair amount of embarrassment is flooding through him over the fact that the scene of this daily routine had been seen by someone else… and not just any ‘someone else’, the new kid specifically.

What… the hell?

Taz has never left his door open before, never ever so why would he suddenly do so now? And of all people to see him getting his ass thrown around by his best friend like he’s some idiot who can’t do anything for himself, why did it have to be Zephyr? Everyone else knows how he and Taz are and to a point, they expect it, but the blonde is new and he must look like the lamest person on the face of the planet to him at the moment because of this. It’s made worse for some reason, by the fact that instead of reacting, the taller teen simply smiled warmly at him before he just turned and disappeared from view.

That smile leaves him feeling weird, really weird in a way he’s not comfortable with and with a sigh, the white haired teenager flops back against the cold hardwood beneath him and closes his eyes, doing his best to ignore both the funky feeling he now has shifting around inside and the sounds of his best friend’s footfalls as they grow closer all over again.

God… if he could crawl under a rock and disappear for good right now, he’d do it in a heartbeat. What a fan-fucking-tastic way to start the day…

space03Sashi: Tapered fingers deftly knot the uniform tie as the telepath stands in the center of his room, sliding the silken fabric toward his throat in perfect formation before flipping the crisp white collar back into place. Black framed glasses find their way from the nightstand beside the bed to the bridge of his nose, the plain, untreated lenses serving as more of a prop than an actual visual aid. Like all Selestarri his sight is perfect, but the glasses make him look smarter and less threatening to the humans and that suits his purposes just fine. Being of a different race doesn’t make him immune from the punishment his body endured during that practice yesterday and the soreness in his entire body has been complaining loudly from the moment he awoke. He can already tell that it’s going to be a long fucking day. Pushing an errant strand of his slicked back hair into place, the Dark lifts his bag from the chair at the desk and settles it across his chest before crossing toward the door.

The corridor beyond is busy with other fourth years heading to their morning classes, many of them stopping to say hello to Sashi as he passes. They all get the same brief nod in return, even those boys on his soccer team and in his homeroom. He could give a shit about any of them, really, but the alternative to being here is Nova and so he’s siding with the lesser of the two annoyances. An irritated sigh slips from between full lips as he turns the corner into the hallway that leads to the third year’s section of the dorms. Seriously, he can’t wait to be an adult so that he can give a huge fuck you to the Seeker and the Assembly and just go off to lead his own life. It’ll cause issues, he’s sure, since he’s well aware of just how hard that bitch has worked to gain control of the power he commands, but the majority of his race will happily watch him leave. Just a few more years and he’ll never need to see any of them outside of the holidays…

The flow of movement in this corridor is much the same as it had been in his own and there’s an undercurrent of talk about the upcoming trip into town that’s happening tomorrow. He’s definitely not looking forward to any of that bullshit, but there’s a report coming up and so he needs to spend an entire afternoon being irritated as fuck in order to fill it out. Honestly he care at all about the assignment he’s been given and as far as he’s concerned these Angels can do anything they’d like with every human on Earth. He does what’s expected, though, because it keeps the Assembly off his back, so all the rumors and gossip are listened to and investigated just enough to make his check-ins well rounded.

Halfway down the hall, storm-tinted eyes catch sight of a tall, lanky figure leaning against the wall on his left, so casual and yet so clearly waiting that it immediately draws his attention. This… is unexpected… Sashi frowns even as the other teenager straightens to his full height, but whether it’s from the Bright’s actual presence or the way that his stomach just did a little sideways flip upon seeing him, he’s not sure. He’d assumed that yesterday was just a one day thing, all curiosities met and that they’d go back to ignoring one another in the way that’s become familiar over the past two years. Yet that doesn’t seem to be the case since here they both are. The taller Selestarri falls into step as the telepath passes, that soft, slightly flirtatious smile crossing his lips when their gazes meet. [We’re going to run out of names to give these little meetings between us,] Sashi says quietly as they round a bend in the hall. [But all the same… good morning, Kealani…]

Lan: He nods and gives his usual greeting as fellow students continue to pass him by. First years, second years, various thirds and fourths moving in a slow steady stream the same way they do every school day. Some stop to talk to him, others simply pass him notes, all of which he assures that he’ll catch up with at some point during class. He doesn’t normally linger this long in the hall and is usually one of the firsts to make it into the main building, but today he got a whim to wait around for a reason that made perfect sense to him when he’d woken and so that’s exactly what he’s done.

The tall Bright pushes himself away from the wall the instant the one’s scent he’d been waiting for finds his way into the hall and he turns without pause to follow the flow of bodies that surround them while keeping an easy pace alongside the Dark. Storm cloud colored eyes shift over to meet his illusioned brown and he smiles a natural smile that seems to come so readily at the greeting before returning his gaze back to their fronts. It probably should surprise him a little more that the other teenager already knows his real name, but it doesn’t. He knows the Dark’s real name as well thanks to his debriefings just as he knows the telepath must have been debriefed as well.

[Good morning back, Morika] the tall Bright replies softly, the smile never leaving full lips as both teens turn a corner and begin heading towards the main stairwell, [and it’s Lan by the way… Kealani’s so formal and I really don’t feel we need to be on formal terms… since we’ve properly introduced ourselves and all] multiple pairs of patent leather shoes carry various students down the steps and they find themselves greeted by the bright morning sun bursting through the heavy wooden doors that lay open at the stairwell base. [As for the meetings… I’m not sure we do need to name them since they’ve all seemed to be a bit of chance, don’t you think?] Chocolate colored eyes shift over to meet Sashi’s gaze and he smiles a little wider. [Well… I say chance only because you’ve been here for two years and this will have been the first time I’ve happened upon you in the morning. A little strange that it hasn’t happened sooner, isn’t it?] Sliding eyes back to his front, Lan slides his hand up to adjust the leather bag that’s slung across his shoulder. [But… since we have chanced on one another I guess there’s no real harm in us walking side by side, because we’re going in the same direction after all. And since we are going in that same direction, I suppose I can take the opportunity to ask whether or not you are going to the festival in town tomorrow…]

Sashi: They’re getting a lot of looks as they walk through the crowded and hustling corridors of the dorms, sideways glances that he knows are a result of the fact that he and Lan have never been seen hanging out before. Stupidly, it’ll give a vast majority of these humans enough to gossip about well into next week and for about the one billionth time since his arrival two years ago, he concludes that they all either need hobbies or lobotomies. He could give a shit what any of them think or what kinds of rumors will fly throughout the morning classes even through it’ll mean an additional number of notes passed to him above the norm. It’ll be extra annoying to deal with, but at the moment he finds that he’s not really caring. He should be because it’s all going to be a hassle he doesn’t want to deal with, but that same feeling of peacefulness that he felt out in the woods yesterday evening is slipping over him again. Before he’d chalked it up to the relief of being done with the school day and practice, but today it would seem like it’s brought on purely by the one at his side.

Seriously, this is about the stupidest thing he’s ever experienced because there’s no point to any of it. Yeah, Kealani—Lan—waited for him today, and yeah, he keeps smiling and giving him those flirtatious looks, but that only means that he more than likely wants something, not that he likes him or wants to be friends or anything else. Sashi has no idea what game is being played here, but to delude himself into thinking otherwise is no different than believing the lies and false promises from the kids on Nova. He’d learned those lessons the hard way and he’s not interested in doing it all again.

But chance, huh? For some completely asinine reason he finds that excuse for something so obviously planned kind of cute. God, that probably means he’s losing his damn mind…

The sun is bright in the cloudless morning sky and the air a little cool as they step outside the large wooden doors and the Dark begins to instantly wish that he’d put on his scarf. Forty-three years of always being cold, even as a small child, should make one remember these types of things and it just proves how distracted he’s been since yesterday. A frown slides over Sashi’s face and long arms wrap around his waist as they walk down the tree-lined flagstone path that leads toward the main classroom building. [No,] he replies after a minute has passed, [I guess there’s no harm to call it chance, exactly…] Leaves that are just beginning to change color and fall to the ground scatter as they walk and both the Selestarri nod to the other teenagers who greet them. [Chance is always fickle; doing whatever the hell it wants and telling us to fuck off if we don’t like it… So it’s as good as calling it anything else…] Storm-hued eyes slide over to meet chocolate. [Well, if there are any future unexpected meetings that need explaining away, that is.]

They continue down the path, the barest hint of a breeze kicking up and sending a shiver coursing over Sashi’s skin. God, he can’t possibly hate the cold more. [The festival tomorrow?] The telepath’s frown deepens and he forces his thoughts to wander back to the question that had been asked once he realizes that he’s maybe, kind of hoping that there are more meetings to blame on chance. That shit needs to stop right now. [Yeah, I’m going… I assume you are, too?] The words are out before he can get a handle on what he’s saying. What’s the point in telling Lan that? It’s not like they’re friends and will be hanging out or anything, so why the hell did the Bright even ask? And why did he ask in return?

Thankfully the building looms before them, temporarily halting the conversation as they follow the stream of students inside. Still side by side the Selestarri make their way down the crowded hall, passing by the first year rooms when a wave of seething thought hits Sashi and he stops, head turning in the direction of the classrooms around the corner. A second later he glances over to meet the Bright’s gaze. [It seems your girlfriend is angry this morning…] Almost on cue the tall, dark-haired girl appears, eyes flashing as she makes a beeline directly for the two of them…

Halacie: she almost can’t believe her eyes as she weaves through the Friday morning crowd towards a couple of Selestarri she would never had thought to see standing in the same vicinity, let alone walking side by side. If it weren’t for a few closeby students staring in the same direction with the same looks of disbelief painted on their faces, she’d think that her mind was playing tricks on her for whatever stupid reason. Really annoying tricks meant solely to piss her off first thing in the morning apparently.

Why is that Dark even walking alongside her Key? What business does he have being next to him?! Who does he think he is? And furthermore, why the hell is Key even allowing him to be there in the first place?

Whatever the reason is, she is not going to sit back and let it continue. That Dark… she caught him looking at Key the day before and she’d known then something was up when she realized Key was looking back. Whatever he’s done or said to get her fellow Bright to even look in his direction, however he managed to weasel his way to Key’s side, she’s going to put a stop to right now.

That’s her Key, hers and she’s not going to let anyone, no matter who it is, take advantage of his kindness in any way…

Lan: he stops only a moment after the shorter teenager has halted his own steps, chocolate brown eyes turning in time to find the angry gaze of his fellow Bright practically burning through the tops of the other students’ heads as she quickly and effortlessly weaves her way towards them both. He smiles softly and nods after taking a moment to glance back to the one near his side. [It… seems to be the case, doesn’t it?] there’s a fair amount of amusement tainting his tone despite the fact that he can tell by the look painted on Halacie’s features, his morning is about to get a little more complicated than he’d like.

With a slight shaking of his head, the tall teen slides long fingers up to wave lightly at the Dark while the first words he speaks out loud bring a few whispers to some nearby students’ mouths. “It was nice walking with you, Morika.” a second later he turns towards the girl with the ringlets in her hair and is in movement to intercept. [I’ll have to ‘chance’ on you later…] Lan continues, sliding his deep brown gaze back over a narrow shoulder to offer the telepath the briefest of grins that only Sashi manages to catch. [Maybe at the festival if I’m not killed before then by my ‘angry girlfriend’] turning away once more, the tall teenager continues on without another backwards glance, making his way towards his fellow Bright …

Sashi: Storm cloud eyes follow Lan as he moves to intercept his fuming girlfriend, sliding down the lanky, muscular frame for a moment before the Dark turns in the opposite direction. He’s unsure of what to make of the grin that was flashed at him or the odd tone in the other teen’s voice on certain words that had just passed between them. This whole thing is turning weird and he really should walk away the next time he sees the Bright. He has the feeling that this shit is only going to get stranger and the alarm bells in his head are warning that in the end he’ll somehow get hurt… Moving toward his homeroom the telepath is joined by several teammates and classmates, the questions whipping around him at the speed of light and all summarily ignored or answered with a frown that grows deeper by the second.

Seriously, what the hell does he really think is going to come out of all this? And furthermore, what’s Lan looking for from him? Is it just curiosity still or what? Sashi doesn’t have friends, well not real ones, just those he puts an act on with here and even then there’s always a distance that is not breached under any circumstances. There’s a reason that no one is close to him, a reason backed by years of taunts, cold words, deliberate neglect, fists and feet, pain and blood. If the Bright just wants a quick fuck that’s fine, he’s not adverse to the idea despite the difference in faction, but why all the pretense of ‘accidentally meeting up’ and ‘chance?’ Lan doesn’t seem shy, so if that’s what he’s looking for, he should just say it.

God, he’s not liking how confusing this all is or the fact that even though he knows he should put a stop to it and go back to ignoring the shaggy -haired Selestarri, there’s a part of him that protests. This shit is beyond stupid… Irritated, but unsure of whether it’s at himself or the taller teenager, Sashi steps through the doorway into his class…

space01The bell signaling lunch chimes and an immediate chatter springs up all around the Dark, the other fourth year students calling to one another and joking around as they file out of the class and toward the dining hall. Sashi moves with the crowd but splits off at the nearest empty side corridor. The sound of talking and laughter fades as long legs carry him through the maze of hallways that will eventually lead to a side exit. He could care less about food at the moment and just wants a cigarette, but the small storage room is always too packed and so he’ll take his chances outside. The annoyance he’d felt earlier in the morning has stuck with him, grating on his nerves to the point that if he doesn’t find some relaxation soon, he’s going to snap.

Distracted, he doesn’t sense the magical signature until it’s relatively close and there’s no doubt that the other Selestarri is moving in his direction. Fuck, this is not at all what he wants to deal with right now, but if he doesn’t then he knows the next time they meet it won’t be in private and he’d rather avoid giving the rest of the school even more to gossip about. The telepath ducks into the nearest empty room to wait, leaning against the whiteboard at the front of the darkened class as the thick shadows immediately stretch toward his slender frame. The Bright making a beeline in his direction is fuming, thoughts so loud that Sashi would be surprised if even the humans couldn’t hear every one. Long arms cross over his chest just as the tall girl appears, the ringlets of her hair falling softly around her shoulders and illusionary chocolate brown eyes flashing with the same anger he’d seen this morning.

[Make it quick, Bright,] Sashi says casually, [while I’m still in the mood to deal with your shit…]

Halacie: Illusion screened brown eyes stay trained on the one far up ahead as the Bright weaves through the hallways that grow steadily barer while following the raven haired Dark. The scene earlier on in the morning that she’d been treated to hasn’t been sitting right with her for all of the first periods, her annoyance about it growing with each passing second no matter how hard she tried to keep her mind on her work. The image of that Dark standing next to her Key… it just keeps popping back in her head and along with it comes the reminder of the fact that he’d been caught staring at the lanky teenager the day before as well. Whatever that Dark is up to, whatever he thinks he can gain… she needs to put a stop to it this instant. Key had assured her that nothing was going on, that walking next to him had just been coincidental, but she doesn’t buy it. Key’s too nice and always has been, too forgiving of things he shouldn’t be and she won’t see anyone use that against him. Especially now, especially when he’s vulnerable so she’ll protect him in any way she deems fit.

The door clicks closed behind her and she smirks before setting a hand on her curvy hip, her masked gaze easily finding storm cloud colored grey through the dim light. [You have a lot of nerve don’t you, Dark?] She snorts while reaching up to flip a few large ringlets back over her narrow shoulder, [trying to weasel your way next to my Key and then telling –me- to hurry like you have somewhere better to be right now.] deep brown eyes narrow coolly and she frowns as her tone turns serious [You want quick? Fine, how about you keep away from Kealani. I don’t care what your reasons are but he’s not going to tell you anything, do your damned research on your own. Your kind has no business even looking in his direction so why don’t you back the hell off so we can go back to pretending you don’t exist.]

Sashi: Cold gray eyes barely blink as the hard words are delivered by the girl standing before him in the darkness of the classroom. Everything from her stance to her tone says ‘bully’ to him and it’s not making him particularly interested in hearing anything that she has to say. How many times has he been in almost this exact situation, staring at someone who’s looking to get a rise out of him in one way or another? Dozens? Hundreds? He lost count a long time ago. Besides, after a while all the insults start to sound the same anyway.

Although if he were the type to smile there’s no doubt one would be on his mouth right now. He’s the one trying to get next to Lan? How would she react if she knew that the Bright had been the one approaching him over the last twenty-four hours? Somehow he gets the feeling that this girl is used to getting what she wants and that most people bend easily to her will. Her possessiveness of the other teen is pretty obvious and if he remembers correctly, Lan had said that he often finds it cute. How, he has no goddamn clue because all he sees is an irritating bitch who believes nothing that goes against the thoughts in her own head. So more than likely he’ll be called a liar no matter what proof he offers to the contrary. After all, according to Halacie he doesn’t even have the right to look at the lanky third year, so how can it be possible for him to not be at fault?

Seriously, it’s always the same, isn’t it? The telepath hasn’t really had much of a chance either during training or on this assignment, to meet many Bright or interact with them, but he’s kind of getting the impression that aside from wing color, maybe they aren’t all that different from the Dark. God, he really hates his people, no matter what faction they’re in.

Sashi regards Halacie for one long minute in complete silence, the girl’s frown growing deeper with each second that passes. She’s like a bomb poised to go off without warning and the longer he waits the closer to the explosion they get. It’s rather… entertaining and he’d enjoy seeing just how long it would take for her to lose it if she wasn’t as annoying as fuck. And they say that the Dark are hot tempered… The taller Selestarri shifts just in the slightest and the shadows move with him, drawing the room’s deepest black corners inward to cloak his slim frame. [What if I said no?] The soft words slide out easily and are frosted with distinct coldness and a hint of boredom. It would be so much easier to just acquiesce to her demands and wash his hands of this whole thing, but that’s not really how he deals with bullies and for whatever reason he’s finding that he doesn’t want to promise that he’ll stay away from Lan. The danger signals in his head are going off again at that thought, but Sashi ignores them for the time being and keeps his cool gaze steady on the Bright. [What would you do if I refused to leave him alone? How will you pretend that someone doesn’t exist when they don’t allow it?]

Halacie: she almost can’t believe what she’s hearing and if it wasn’t for the fact that the teenager standing before her was from that side of their race, she’d also be a little surprised. But she isn’t in truth because it’s pretty typical for that faction isn’t it? The Dark are sneaky, hot tempered, ill mannered and low. She has never doubted any of them to be as bad as they’re taught them to be and standing here faced with this one? She’s never been more sure of it in her life.

[Why am I not surprised that you’d say something so stupid?] The tall girl smirks as she pulls her hand away from her hips and crosses her arms beneath her chest. [Key’s not an idiot no matter what you may think so whatever’s gotten into your tiny little mind about being able to cozy up to him, it’s not going to work. He’s a nice guy, that’s it, and even though I’m sure you think you can use that to your advantage, I’m telling you right now that he’ll see right through your little game soon enough.]

A cold sort of smile forms on her lips as she continues, shifting back casually on her heals to show the raven haired teen that she could really give a damn about what he is overall, [If you want to play then we’ll play because I don’t care who the hell you are, Dark or not, I’m not going to stand back and let anyone mess with Key. He’s got enough shit going on and doesn’t need you adding to it, got it?]

Sashi: These accusations of games and taking advantage are getting old quickly and each one hurled at him by the smug Bright sparks a fire that he knows from prior experience can rapidly flame out of control. Gray eyes narrow at Halacie’s comment about Lan having a lot of shit going on and it strikes the telepath a little weird. What does she mean by that? If it were something social or school related, he’d have heard it one way or another in the giant rumor mill that circulates not only among the students at this school, but the adults as well. Strange that she would say something like that…

Refocusing his thoughts, Sashi glares at the Bright and when he speaks his tone is fairly neutral with only a hint of ice. [Not that you care, but I’ve never thought that Lan’s an idiot in any way. And as to what I may or may not be using to my ‘advantage,’] the shadow of a smirk steals over the Dark’s mouth, [that’s for me to know, isn’t it?] With someone this irritating he can’t resist pushing at her arrogance just a little and if even one moment of concern creeps into her head because of it, then it was completely worth spending the time to do it. [We can play if you want, but be warned that I’m not one of those little girls you hang around with and I won’t roll over when you get pissy.] Oh yes, that look of anger is definitely worth baiting her just to see. There’s always a secret sense of fulfillment that he gets when those who bully others find someone who won’t back down so easily. He’d seriously love to stick around to see how long it’ll take her to explode, but he also wants that cigarette and at the moment, the craving is winning out…

Fingertips pressed against the whiteboard at his back, Sashi quickly draws two patterns and just off to the Bright’s side the shadows seem to bunch and twist as the illusion spell goes off. Brown eyes dart sideways and she shifts a little in surprise while the Dark straightens up. Gray eyes flicker to gold for just a moment as he steps through the thick shadows, reaching out as he passes to snap the weave of patterns that surround her slender body. [Make sure you haven’t bitten off more than you can handle, Halacie…] Reaching the door, the world goes black as the teleport slips easily over the raven-haired Selestarri and behind him the illusion spell shatters and falls in heatless sparks all around the girl’s feet …

space02Jun: the white haired teenager yawns wide as he heads down the empty hall, every step taken a little heavily and his eyes only partially open as he makes his way towards his homeroom class. The day’s been tough in more ways than one and all he wants to do right now is get some rest while he can. He’s still been doing his best to dodge the entire party thing, smart enough this time to duck out the instant the bell chimed so he wouldn’t be jumped about it the way he had been the day before… and the day before that and the day before that. So far it’s worked and he hasn’t run into anyone from class so he’s hoping to keep it that way if he can. He’s also been avoiding the blonde in general, mainly because he’s still totally embarrassed by what happened earlier on in the morning -so much so apparently that he found himself unable to even look in the other teenager’s direction for fear of what he’d see looking back. Which in itself is so weird that he doesn’t even know where to begin with it because …well, why should it matter to him what a brand new student thinks of him in the end?

But it does seem to matter and because of that, he’s bothered to the point of just wanting so badly for the day to end so he can get back to the dorms, lock himself up in his room and not come back out until he’s forced to on Monday with the hopes that by then, everything will have blown over and life will again return to normal.

Tapered fingers reach out to push at his homeroom door when he reaches it, Jun stepping into the darkened room and turning long enough to close it completely behind him. With a sigh, he turns around only to stop abruptly, startled to find Zephyr sitting at his desk in the dark with his pale features lit up by the soft glow of the iPod in his hand.

“Ah… sorry.” He apologizes quickly as the Selestarri clicks his MP3 player off, pulling his early dawn hued gaze away from the blue that have settled on him before he realizes he’s even shifting his eyes to the floor “I… didn’t think anyone else would be in here… Um…” he can feel the blonde looking at him, but the fact that he hasn’t said anything or even moved is beginning to weird him out again and when the silence between them continues for more than a second, he’s unable to stop from speaking up once more. “About… earlier…” Jun takes a chance to glance over and for the first time since the morning he finds a way to meet the taller teenager’s gaze “…sorry… that you had to see all that. It’s kind of stupid, but I have some serious issues getting up in the mornings and Taz… that was Taz by the way, he’s my best friend -the one I was telling you about… anyway, so I sorta… used to get my Trust dipped into a lot when I first came here because I was tardy all the time and he stopped it by getting in my grill like that to get me out of bed…” the white haired teen reaches up and scratches absently at the back of his head with a sigh, his voice falling low. “It’s kinda embarrassing because it’s not like I can’t get up on my own, it’s just… well… I don’t get my money tapped anymore so I guess what he does works. Even if it does make me seem kinda helpless and pretty lame…”

Zephyr: The classroom that surrounds him is darkened and devoid of students, calm after back to back morning instruction that quickly reminded him of why two hours of sleep isn’t nearly enough. The rest of his class is at lunch and after endless questions and notes he just needs some time to relax and let his thoughts wander. Not that they’re really going anywhere since he keeps thinking about the same thing that’s been bothering him all day. It’s not the little scene that he witnessed this morning that keeps gnawing at him or the fact that Jun has now been avoiding him like he has the plague. It’s not even the smirky arrogance dealt out by Song back in the hallway of the dorms. It’s the white hair. He’s about one hundred percent positive that Song is one of the Angel people whose actions they’re here to investigate and the color of their hair and eyes was one of the key things in the dossier he was given at the briefing. The magic coming off him like a giant neon flashing sign was also kinda a dead giveaway. But, Jun has white hair too and the coincidence of them being in the same school and friends is just a little more than the Dark can easily overlook.

What’s really throwing him off is that his classmate doesn’t have a magical signature and doesn’t act like he’s hiding anything. Also, if he’s an Angel, then why does he feel so weirded out by his looks if Song looks like him, too? The second year isn’t using a masking spell like he knows the Bright do, so what the hell’s going on? Zeph sighs and stretches long legs out onto the chair in front of him. He doesn’t really care if Jun is an Angel or even if he truly is just another Korean kid with a weird condition, he likes the shy teenager regardless. There’s definitely something strange with all this though and it’s been eating at him all morning.

The blonde’s thoughts are interrupted as light spills into the room when the door is quickly opened and closed. Illuminated by the soft glow from the screen of his iPod, Zephyr’s eyes lift to meet surprised pink. He’d thought that the other teen would find a different place to sleep during lunch in order to avoid him, but apparently not. The Dark clicks off the music player but says nothing while Jun begins to nervously apologize for this morning, his voice getting quieter the longer he speaks. Seriously, his classmate is just cute when he’s embarrassed and even though he should really say something to make him feel better, Zeph can’t help but to enjoy watching. It takes his mind off all the stuff with Song—Taz—whoever, and just makes him smile. After a moment Jun trails off and the Dark is able to put aside his amusement enough to shake his head.

“No worries. I think sometimes we all need someone to pry us out of bed, even if it is literally. It doesn’t make you helpless or lame or whatever.” He wants to ask about Taz or even just go in telepathically and sort the mess out easily, but instead he keeps his mouth shut. It’s better if he talks to Sashi first and then maybe Taz himself before asking Jun. He’s still bugged by the fact that the white-haired teenager doesn’t seem to know what his best friend really is and he wants to know that if they truly are both of the same race, why does Jun think he’s some albino Korean kid? He’s pretty sure that he wasn’t being lied to last night, he could tell by the way Jun looked that he really believes it, so what’s going on?

The blonde shifts slightly in his chair and reaches up to push strands of errant hair from his face. “I’m really the one who should be saying sorry. I was just dropping by this morning to apologize again about keeping you up and I didn’t mean to interrupt anything.” It’s really not his goal to keep making his classmate uncomfortable, even if all the embarrassment is cute. “So let’s just call it even, okay?” He grins again in the hope of reassuring Jun that things between them are fine and that he’s not going to run off and tell everyone that Taz has to haul his ass out of bed every morning. “Also, if you need me to take off so you can sleep, that’s cool. I mean, I can listen to my iPod anywhere, you know?” Zephyr shrugs. “I just don’t know my way around yet, so when I didn’t want to be in the lunchroom this was the only place I really knew to go…”

Jun: he really can’t say how relieved he feels in hearing that the other teenager doesn’t think he’s lame for what he’d seen happen earlier in the morning. It’s odd too for him to find that he cared as much as he did about what Zephyr thinks of him, but as the blonde continues to reassure him, he realizes just how much he actually did. As weirded out as he first felt around the blonde, he finds that with every new encounter the feeling is fading in a way it hasn’t with anyone else save his best friend.

He likes it… and he’d been thinking about it a lot after his classmate had left him the night before, thinking about how despite the normal bout of uneasiness he feels in general around others on a whole, with the taller teenager there seems to be an odd share of ease underlying it as well. It could be the fact that Zephyr is foreign, or it could be the fact that the normal stigmas of his looks hadn’t come into play, he’s really not sure… but he found himself hopeful for the first time in forever that he might have found another person who wants to be his friend in a deeper way beyond the surface shit he gets from everyone else in this school.

So he’s happy to find that the other teenager hasn’t started thinking he’s some kind of idiot like he feared he would, really… very happy.

“That’s okay…” Jun says quietly while pulling his eyes away from the floor and sliding them over to meet midnight again, offering the Selestarri a slight shrug. “You don’t have to leave or anything. It’s not like the classroom isn’t big enough for the both of us and I so totally hear you on the lunchroom thing… because… well, I know it can be kind of a pain… I guess” it’s more than a pain actually since half the time the other kids won’t even let him eat while they crowd around to socialize in the way that they all do. Most of the time he doesn’t really care, but sometimes, god… it’s so annoying and all he wants is to be left in peace. He’s seen the way the others have been on Zephyr since the day before so he highly doubts he’s getting it any better and he can completely understand why he might want to get away, especially since it’s like… his second day here and it’s probably way overwhelming or something.

The white haired teenager pulls his eyes away and starts moving forward, tossing his leather bag at his desk when he’s made it close enough before sliding his lean frame into his seat. “Um… you don’t have to apologize for last night cause you didn’t keep me up or anything” sliding long arms out before him, his chin sinks down against them before he turns his head to the side to once again meet his classmate’s gaze. “I was already awake, kind of… I think I screwed myself up a bit trying to get in some sleep after school got out so I was just trying to kill my brain by getting some work done when you knocked. It wasn’t working though so I didn’t mind you being there…” early dawn hued eyes slide down to the iPod in the other teenager’s hand and he hesitates for a moment before continuing. “So… um… what kind of music do you like…?” the lightest of reds tints his skin when he realizes he’s getting personal again and even though the blonde had told him that he didn’t mind that sort of thing, old habits seem to die a little hard. “Not like you have to tell me or anything… I was just asking.” He shrugs.

Zephyr: Seriously, Jun is going to have to stop blushing because the more he does, the more the Dark thinks it’s cute and the more he wants to see it. He’s not really sure why he likes it so much since it’s not something he’s ever paid particular attention to before with anyone else, but then again the other teenager is pretty cute in general, so maybe that has a bit to do with it. All he knows is that he just wants to smile whenever those pale cheeks tint with red. Which is probably a little messed up, since shouldn’t he feel bad about making Jun all embarrassed?

Midnight eyes meet dawn-hued pink and the Selestarri grins, white-blonde hair falling across his face once again as he shakes his head. “I don’t care if you ask me questions,” he says as long fingers brush away the annoying strands. “I mean, isn’t it rude not to answer questions when a friend asks you?” Well, it probably is here, where everything is based on formality and levels in a social hierarchy. How does anyone keep all the rules straight? It’s not even like this is his first time in Asia, but there are just too many hoops to jump through for him to keep track and to know which ones can be bent and when. It’s not that way at home at all and unless someone asks something offensive, you’re expected to give an answer. It’s just common courtesy.

“Anyway,” Zeph continues after a moment, “I listen to lots of different music. Techno, electronica, dance, Asian pop, American and European rock, even some hip hop and classical—just whatever feels good and I can dance to, you know?” Pulling the headphones down to rest around his neck, slender fingers skim down the line of wire to the attached player and slip the jack free. Running the pad of his thumb over the click wheel, the screen lights up and he hands the iPod over to Jun so that the other teenager can look for himself. The metallic glow highlights pale features as pink eyes study the playlists and it takes a while for the Dark to realize that he’s having trouble pulling his gaze away. Okay, staring is definitely not going to help his classmate feel comfortable around him, even if he’s not doing it because Jun looks weird or anything. Actually he’s not sure why he’s doing it at all, but yeah, he needs to stop.

Forcing deep blue eyes to look elsewhere, the blonde twists around to reach the messenger bag that’s slung over the chair of his desk and flip the flap open to rummage around inside. He pulls out two bags of snacks, one that’s some type of seaweed thing and another that he’s not really sure about and probably doesn’t want to know, but the other kids had assured him tasted really good. Sliding free of the seat, Zeph rises to his feet just long enough to step over into the empty desk between himself and Jun. “So we’re missing lunch by hiding out in here.” The top of one of the bags crinkles loudly before opening and he sets it at the edge of his desk to face the white-haired teen. “And I’m pretty sure we both missed breakfast by a long shot this morning, so help yourself.” The second bag opens and he shakes out a handful of the seaweed crackers and pops a few into his mouth. Salty, but not bad.

Jun sets the music player down and hesitates a little before reaching for the snacks. “So hey, I was thinking,” the Dark crunches through a few more of the cracker things before trying the other bag. “We were talking about that party thing last night, right?” The smallest of frowns slips briefly over his classmate’s mouth before he nods. “So I know that you don’t want to go and I don’t really know anyone, plus I heard that there’s some kind of festival going on in town, so you want to go do that instead?”

Jun: the white haired teenager shakes his head just a little at the other teen’s suggestion for an alternative to that party, taking a moment to swallow the cracker he’d bitten into before answering. “It’d… it’d be nice-” The thought of getting off school grounds, out of the boarding dorms and into town for some fun sounds a lot more appealing than going to that party ever did, even if it means going out with someone he’s basically just met. He’s…never really wanted to do that before and the fact that he does is a bit of a surprise. “-but we kinda… can’t.”

A questioning look shifts through deep midnight eyes and Jun shrugs, reaching for another few crackers as he works to explain. “First and Second Years don’t get to go into town unless it’s set up by an adult… and even then we can’t do it without escort.” Taking another moment to bite down on the seaweed wrapped snack, the softest of frowns forms on his lips. “It’s kinda stupid actually since most of us don’t have anywhere else to go but here so it’s not like we’d take off for good or anything since this is our home.” Well, maybe that’s not entirely true for most of them, but for him it certainly is. The majority of the student body has real homes out there to return to, but now all he has left is this so that rule is probably there for a good reason now that he’s thinking on it.

Pink eyes shift over to his side to meet the blonde’s gaze once again. “Anyway… they’re pretty strict about that so… um… even if we did ditch to go and got some Upper to sign off for us… I don’t think anyone would be up for us tagging along since most of them don’t want to bother ‘babysitting’…” pulling his eyes away and dropping them back to the iPod left in his hand, the shorter teenager begins absently running his thumb over the click wheel soon after. “Lame… isn’t it? But that’s just how it is here…”

Zephyr: A frown sweeps over the Dark’s mouth as the rules are explained, deep blue eyes narrowing at the unfairness of the whole thing. “That’s fucking retarded,” he says when Jun trails off. “I mean, it’s not like we aren’t old enough to take care of ourselves or anything. Seriously, I’m over old people and all their rules. We can’t even breathe without someone looking over our shoulders.” It doesn’t even matter if he’s on Nova or here because there always seems to be an Elder who wants to tell him what to do. Hearing ‘do this’ or ‘don’t do that’ or ‘because that’s the way it is’ makes him want to do whatever the opposite is just to spite them.

Maybe it’s a good thing that he’s never really been one to listen to bullshit rules and he sure as fuck isn’t about to start now. Besides, what are they going to do he breaks them? Give him detention? It wouldn’t really be the first time he’s had to scrub bathtubs, clean dishes, sit staring at nothing for hours on end or some other menial waste of time. Fine his ‘father?’ They can do that all they want since he knows for a fact that the account his funds are drawn from is housed at a bank owned by the Dark and that the balance just replicates whenever depleted. Expel him? Unlikely, since several pension funds had been generously padded in order for both him and Sashi to get in. Failing any of that, he’d simply erase some memories and it would be like none of the precious rules had ever been broken. So why are these rules important exactly?

Midnight eyes slip over regard his white-haired classmate, Jun’s pale features poised in concentration and washed with the glow of the iPod screen. After a moment of realizing he’s being stared at, the pink gaze lifts to meet his and Zephyr grins. “What if I told you that I know an upperclassman who might give us the escort we need?” Well he thinks Sashi would, at least. “Once we get to town we can go and do whatever we want and as long as no one from school recognizes us…” The blonde trails off with a shrug and long fingers reach inside the nearest snack bag. “Would you still want to go?”

Jun: he nods a little at the other teenager’s words, wanting to tell him that while he agrees it’s bullshit, there isn’t much they can do. They may be old enough or whatever to look after themselves, but the school obviously doesn’t think so and since the school is the authority here, they kind of have to listen. There’s been times since coming here that he’s felt the rules were a bit stupid and a little too strict, but unlike some of the other kids, he’s got nowhere else to go and if he were to break any of those rules and get himself kicked out… he’d be screwed. So he’s always been careful to follow it all, careful of what he does and says because messing up would be catastrophic for him when all he has in the way of family now is a Trust Fund from his dead parents and a Will he’s at the mercy of for another four years.

Tapered fingers continue to click at the iPod’s wheel absently before that feeling of being watched creeps back in. Early dawn hued eyes rise up to find the blonde looking at him intently in a way that brings a lightly flustered tint to his skin that he’s really hoping the darkened room is going to hide. There’s something wrong with him because there’s no reason that he can think of at all that he should react that way just from another person’s look. He’s always being stared at, that’s nothing new and for the most part he just works his damndest to ignore it despite the fact that it bothers him but for some reason when Zephyr looks at him the way he is now… he just can’t. The taller teen had said the night before that his looks or condition hadn’t even really registered, but if that’s true, why does he keep looking at him?

“Um…” Jun says soon after, dropping his gaze back down to the MP3 player’s screen while Zephyr is reaching for the cracker snacks. “I mean… if you know someone… and we didn’t get caught… I think it might… kinda be fun.” God, what is he saying? He just met the other teenager and hanging out with him away from all his other friends, away from Taz even… it’s so… personal. But even still, he can’t deny that it still sounds like it’d be way more fun that hitting that party he hasn’t felt up too or even holing himself up in his room while it was going on the way he’d originally planned. “I haven’t been to town for… months, actually so… yes, I’d still want to go… I think.”

Zephyr: The Dark smiles even though his classmate’s words are a bit hesitant. “Sweet, that sounds awesome and I’ll let you know when I get it set up.” Now to get his brother to cooperate and sign off, which could easily be the hardest part of this whole thing… Midnight eyes shift to the clock located above the door and he sighs. Reluctantly, the blonde reaches for the snack containers and folds the tops closed before stashing them in his bag. It seems like no matter what school or training or whatever he’s in that the breaks are always way too short.

Jun passes him back the iPod and Zeph reconnects the headphones before slipping it into the pocket of his uniform jacket. Not bothering to tighten his tie or tuck in his shirt, he gets to his feet and stretches long arms above his head. He catches dawn-tinted eyes staring at him, but they immediately drop away in embarrassment the moment the other teenager senses that he’s noticed. “History is next, right?” The Selestarri asks casually, even though he full well knows the answer. Like the humans could possibly hope to teach him anything that he hadn’t learned more than a decade ago… “Guess I should hit the lav first.” Grabbing the messenger bag and slinging it over one shoulder, Zephyr makes his way to the door. With one palm resting on the handle, he glances back over his shoulder and grins at Jun. “Tomorrow will be a lot of fun, so don’t worry, okay?” Stepping into the hall, the blonde softly closes the door behind him.


…to continue.


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