A Glitch Arrives

So back in October, Fingertip Dreamland opened up a pre-order for their cyclops kitties to international peeps. Previously they’d only been available in their country, and I kept seeing pics of them here or there crop up on Tumblr. I think while I thought they were cute, I had no real need of one originally, then an entire fiasco happened with them getting their dolls recast (which is ugh, can’t even start with this because it’s so ridiculous) and it was brought to my attention all over again. Reading the terrible ongoings with the recast situation, and seeing more pics of the kitties posted made me really, really want one – not just to show support to the artist, which I wanted to do also, but because the more I looked at them, the more I could see one sitting next to my Dollzone Big Dipper somewhere.

Well once they opened up the pre-order, I was all in… or I wanted to be anyway, but at that time the Chibi’s UC issues were going strong and we were completely drowning in all the medical bills that got sprung on us after the government decided that her working a minimum wage job and being diagnosed with an incurable disease meant she no longer qualified for medicaid. We’d had no warning it was going to cut out, and no time to prepare for having to take on not only a bunch of specialist and doctor appointment bills, pricey meds, tests, bloodwork and all that, but also a very high premium for health care coverage she couldn’t be without. So at the time, my ability to pay even a hundred plus for a small cat doll was basically at zero. Then luckily, the artist decided that for the GO, you could get the Bebe-Maru separately, which had only been available previously when you bought the set of larger cats, and at the more doable price of 50 something, I jumped right in.

Months passed before things started to go a little south in terms of the GO. The artist stopped replying to messages, there were no updates from them or the GO leader and myself, along with quite a few others started, very reasonably I might add, getting nervous. It took a bit but they finally did answer and update us all, telling us of delays due to the holidays and the casting service and all that, which is understandable (though what wasn’t understandable was the complete lack of communication about it and total radio silence), but you know, it happened and then the wait began anew. Well finally, months after the original due date, the orders started shipping out and yesterday, my little Bebe-Maru arrived home.


So I will say this kind of upset me. The box he was sent in was much larger than him, obviously, and aside from that thin piece of bubble wrap that was taped around his inner box, there was nothing. No padding, no cushion, no anything to keep him from not only not moving around, but to protect his eye, which was shipped outside of his inner box and was also loose. The eye is made from glass, and while he’s small, the lack of padding on either could have meant damage. I think this packing was very careless, and after all the lack of communications and such during the process itself, it really just annoyed me to open up and find :/


The inside packing however, is very cute and luckily, there was no damage on either him, his box or his eye from the lack of padding provided during travel. So my initial annoyance over it quickly bled away.


I really like the cute simplicity of Fingertip Dreamland’s brand. The card my Bebe-Maru came with is cute.


I also like that the eye he came with has this sticker. It’s simple yet very effective in terms of aesthetics. I’m keeping everything he came with, save the outer priority box (obviously).


So when you order, you had the option of asking for a custom eye for 10 dollars more. I barely had enough at the time to cover my Bebe, so of course I couldn’t ask for a custom. It didn’t matter though, because any eye they could have sent me would have made me happy as I liked them all and luckily, I got this one, which is perfect. It’s handmade with a brass backing, and while the cobachon is a high glass dome, there isn’t a lot of depth to it as the under bit looks to be printed. Not that it matters either, because it works and I like it, and the flecks of glitter make it even better. It’s totally themed my Bebe-Maru as well, as in – it looks fiery (like Sauron’s eye xD) so Glitch (my Bebe-Maru’s name) will end up being a fire cat of sorts.


Opening up the box (round… box… thing?) I found this, which just makes this ten times cooler. Like I said, the packaging aesthetics and branding is ace. Simple yet wonderful and I adore it.


Glitch’s cert of authenticity is on the inside lid (which does pop out, not that I’ll pop it out because I plan to keep the entire thing whole). It’s a hand stamped cert with his number and such beneath.


Beneath him is all these straw bits to cushion. Another cute detail in terms of packaging.


And Glitch was wrapped in some foam with the sticker seal. He, himself, had no real room to move in this so I don’t think he’d get any damage that way. My concern though before opening him, was more so damage to his box or eye, considering the complete lack of package padding and the sheer amount of room the lack of it left for his box tube to bounce around. I really hope future orders are padded better when they are sent out because what he was given just wasn’t enough.


So out of the foam and here he is. I frikkin adore him. Like seriously adore him in a “little girl squee” type of way.




So he opens up via the magnetic split on the back half of his body. His legs move and are strung straight through as you can see, and he’s stamped on the inside too with the logo. There’s a deep well, despite his size, for his eye to fit.




At first when I opened him up, I couldn’t figure out where the tail was anchored since it too moves, but then I found this. His tail is magnetic too, which was a feature I wasn’t expecting (I mean it might be shown somewhere on the site, but I didn’t see it and didn’t know). I just figured it was strung like the legs. But no! I really like this about him actually, because it ensures his tail stays on without flopping around, yet remains mobile.



So the only putty I have at the moment is sculpy, which I know, I know, it’s not good for this long term and will have to replaced with a better tack. I just wanted to get his eye in and see how he looked. And to do so, it required me sticking a lot of sculpy in there,because while his eye well is deep, so too is his eye and it wasn’t about to stay in with a small amount of the stuff. I basically packed it up to the string, as you can see.


And here he is with his eye, and his little toe beans and he’s so damn cute. I can’t even he’s so cute.



So yes, despite all the mild dramus that came with ordering him, and the not so great secondary packaging for his in transit time once he hit the US, I’m really very happy for him and happy I managed to get on board with the the GO. I still really want a Nox-Maru, and hopefully Fingertip will open up orders for more sometime this year like they said they might because I’ll be on board 100% if/when they do. One cyclops kitty in my life isn’t enough, I need two. And after all this, I at least know what to expect next time if/when I go through this again.

Until then, Glitch is now home, and welcomed into the rather large fold I now have of my dorrus =3


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