Angel Hunt + Streifen: AU01 PT05


Angel Hunt and Streifen in AU

Alternate Universe 01



C H A P T E R  O N E : P A R T 05


Lan turns away from the teenager lying unconscious on his bed, reaching down towards the hardwood floors in order to scoop up the pile of bloodied cloths and the torn clothing that had all too recently draped the telepath’s frame. Moving towards the windows, he transfers everything in his hands to one grip in order to slide a large pane open and after a quick scanning of the area that surrounds, he tosses the pile outside. As he shuts the window again and moves back into his room, the clothes flares to life in midair in a single, brilliant flash before they turns to dust and flitter away with the wind. The Bright reaches out as he passes to slide one of his armchairs around to face the Dark before he plops himself down onto its plush surface with a sigh.

He’s just spent the last hour or so treating all of the telepath’s wounds… the deeper abrasions have been stitched and he’s taken care to cauterize them in a way that he’s hoping won’t scar. The more surface cuts and bruises that riddle him have simply been cleaned and bandaged to the best of his abilities… enough he hopes to ensure that Sashi will recover from whatever it was that’s happened to him. Though what it is that could have possibly put him in this state is beyond him. He looks like he’s been in a fight with a shredder and the shredder was definitely the clear-cut winner of the two. In this school there are some deep level things going on as far as the Angels are concerned, but on the surface it’s been rather quiet for years… or at least, as quiet as it can be with all things considering. But now… first the incident with Halacie earlier on in the day and now this with Sashi, if they’ve suddenly decided to step up their experiments and go after the others of his own kind despite their arrangement; he doesn’t exactly know what he’ll do. He’d always been told, assured even that as long as he continues to cooperate they’ll leave the others alone and it’s that reassurance that has kept him inactive this entire time. So if they’ve changed the terms he needs to know because it will change everything and with Hail not talking, he supposes all he can do is hope that when the Dark wakes up -and he’s recovered enough to speak to him, he actually will.

Leaning back in the chair and pulling long fingers up to brush at his ruffled hair, the tall teenager keeps his magically masked gaze on the other Selestarri for as long as he can manage, that odd sense of peace returning while he watches Sashi’s chest rise and fall with slightly labored breathing before sleep finally decides to take him into its fold…

Sashi: It’s pain that lances through the darkness of sleep first, pain from a body that feels as though it stepped in front of an oncoming train. Every muscle, every bone, every nerve hurts in a way that he hasn’t felt in a long time. It’s what he gets for being careless and losing control the way he did and given how he’d left so much devastation in his wake, he deserves a hell of a lot more. Seriously, what is wrong with him? He keeps it all locked down most of the time just to ensure that things like that don’t happen, but maybe in the end there’s just no avoiding the power he has contained within and the monster it wants to make him. As much as he hates to admit, maybe the Elders were right after all and maybe he’s simply trying not to face something that’s undeniable.

A quiet sigh slips from between full lips and quickly shifts into a wince as bruised ribs contract and stars of white blossom behind closed eyes. Goddamn, he could definitely do without feeling that again. The only thing worse than damaged ribs is a broken wing and he’s endured plenty of both throughout the years. Regardless of the pain, it must be Saturday by now, which means he needs to get up and get ready for that stupid town shit that’s going on today. He’d much rather stay here, but then he’ll have nothing for the report and that’ll mean going up to Nova to personally explain why that is and that’s not really on his list of things he enjoys, so…

Gray eyes crack open to peer at the windows on his right, the barest of seconds passing while he takes in the purple and rose tinted sky that heralds the breaking dawn through the drawn sheers. Darkness immediately folds around him once again since it’s still too early to get up, and that’s probably about the only break he’ll catch on anything all day. Except there’s one small issue with that which his mind refuses to give up no matter how much he attempts to let sleep back in. Those aren’t his curtains. Meaning this isn’t his room. Meaning where the hell is he? He remembers the endless walking and then sensing the Bright out in the woods… Thundercloud eyes stare through the haze of the room until they land on the one slumped in a chair near the desk, shaggy black hair partially obscuring his face as he sleeps.


He hadn’t wanted to deal with Lan last night and he doesn’t want to do it now, either. There will be questions; he’s sure, not simply about his current condition, but about his meeting with Halacie, too. And the other Selestarri’s eyes, he knows what he’ll see there and he’s not sure he can bear to see it all again, even if it’s just another time in the millions he’s already lived though. Whenever there’s that mix of fear and awe looking back at him it’s just another reinforcement of the things he’s heard all his life. It had actually been… nice to talk with Lan and not be looked at like that. There’s no point in even bothering to hope it’ll somehow be different because it never is and in the end he just gets hurt. So instead he’ll go now, avoid the awkwardness and then the two of them can go back to ignoring each other as they have for the past two years. He’ll give Lan an out that way and there will be no tense moments of thank you or weird silence to make them both uncomfortable.

With teeth grit, Sashi sits up, almost losing the struggle as his body attempts to fold under the pain. Dizziness spins the room a bit, taking a moment to subside before he can see straight again. A pen and a pad appear in his hand, his swollen, bandaged wrist holding the paper steady while the Selestarri letters simply give a thank you in recognition for what the Bright did last night. Placing the pad on the pillow beside him, the Dark peers over the side of the mattress to look for his clothing, but finds only empty floor. He’ll just have to have these cleaned and then sent back to Lan if the taller teen still wants them.

Bare feet touch the chilled hardwood gingerly and there’s a moment where Sashi’s not sure that his legs will actually hold his weight at all. Spots of black float through his vision as the pain flares hard in protest and it’s only through sheer will that one foot moves in front of the other. It seems to take forever to get to the door, bandaged fingertips resting on the latch before he hears a soft sound that turns his attention toward the sitting area. Gray eyes are met with chocolate, the lanky Bright rising to his feet…

Lan: the tall Bright hadn’t been lost in a very deep sort of sleep because it’s something he hasn’t seemed able to attain much of anymore. It’s most likely another one of those fun little side effects from all that’s been done to him, just another thing he has to struggle with on top of all the things he’s been struggling with over the past two and a half years. It can be difficult at times because there are days when he feels as if he hasn’t slept in years and no matter what he does to attempt to remedy it, he falls short. He supposes it’s all just a matter of residuals left over from the beginning when his own magic and the elemental magic were in constant odds with one another, but knowing that doesn’t make it easier to deal with unfortunately. He does wish every so often that he could find his way back down into that black abyss like he used to before it all happened but in truth a partial sleep is still better than the nightmares he’d been plagued with just after he’d been altered, so in the end he guesses that he really can’t complain much at all and just has to deal with it in the best way that he can… even if it means he’s constantly woken up by every slight sound or any light movement made around him.

Because of all that though, it doesn’t take much in the way of shifting to pull him up from what sleep he found and wake him… the light rustling, the quiet shuffles of the Dark as he works his careful way across the room, it all contributes. Illusion screened eyes open in time to find the telepath nearly at his door and it strikes him in an unsettling way that he doesn’t quite understand to find the other teenager struggling as much as he is. He rises to his feet rather quickly; pulling the Dark’s gaze back along with him while his hand remains on the latch bandaged fingers had come to rest on just a moment before.

“You don’t have to leave just yet, or … I suppose I should say I don’t think you should. If for no other reason than the curfew.” Lan starts quietly, deep brown eyes locking with grey as he begins moving across the room. “My bed isn’t as large as the ones over on your side of the dorms I know, but you’re still welcome to it for as long as you need… and you look like you could probably use some more rest. I don’t mind getting back to the chair.” Halting his steps just before Sashi, he reaches out to help the older Selestarri without thinking only to stop abruptly when he recoils slightly back.

Curling his fingers in, the frown that graces his lips lasts for only a moment before it’s replaced by a slight, yet easy and warm smile. “Ah… yes, our difference of factions. Of course.” Dropping his hand to his side, the Bright sighs. “Sorry, it wasn’t exactly foremost on my mind but… I understand” Thunder cloud colored eyes slowly rise up and he smiles a little wider, the carefree tone in his voice not exactly reflected in his deep gaze. “I suppose it should have been since that’s how we are right? But honestly, with you hurt I couldn’t really find it in me to care.” He shrugs “At least… give me another few moments of your time before you go. We can call it repayment for patching you up perhaps.”

Turning away, Lan moves towards the bathroom resting behind and disappears for a moment before reappearing soon after with a small metal box in hand. Tapered fingers hold it out for Sashi to take, his magically masked gaze steadily holding grey. “Take this. It’s not a normal med kit… there’s a few things in there that I’ve brought from home and will help heal all those wounds.” The raven haired Dark’s eyes slowly slide free from his own and down to the metal box before Sashi’s fingers hesitantly slip away from the brass knob and out to take the offering. The taller teenager’s smile deepens just a little as he pulls his own hand away and drops it again, latching tapered fingers onto the pockets of his pants. “You can keep it. I don’t know how different any of it will be from what you have up on Nova or how useful it’ll actually be, but a little more care never hurt anyone, right?”

Sashi: There’s a slight look of hurt that flashes across Lan’s eyes when the Dark instinctively pulls away from his touch, but the telepath is much more riveted in what he doesn’t see in those chocolate depths. Why is the Bright even giving him any attention, what does he want, why are they still standing in the same room? The other teen could have left him in the woods and washed his hands of it all, but instead brought him back here and bandaged him… for what? There’s no debt between them that’s owed, no reason he can understand for this… kindness. So it must be the illusion hiding it all and Lan is either incredibly brave to stand here or incredibly foolish.

Storm-tinted eyes pull away from those that hold him to stare at the small metal box in his hand, the pad of his thumb tracing over the worn clasp. He has something similar in his own room, filled with tinctures and salves from the healers on Nova, but it’s the gesture itself that strikes Sashi, the fact that there is no reason that Lan had to give this to him in the first place. He’s not really sure what to do with this type of treatment and his body keeps warily bracing for the attack that it expects at any moment. A lifetime of being hated, scorned, and used has etched those hard lessons deeper then he cares to truly think about for long. [Thank you…] the raven-haired teenager whispers after a moment. He finds that he’s unable to meet the Bright’s eyes, not wanting to see what he certainly must have missed before.

With a suddenness that sends the world around him spinning, Sashi’s knees give out and he slumps against the wall beside the doorframe. Lan reaches out immediately to help, only to pull up short before his hands make contact. Pain trickles from the scrapes and cuts on the Dark’s back and flares across bruised ribs, causing gray eyes to close against the spots that attempt to bleed through his vision. Bandaged fingers tighten their grip on the box and the metal warms beneath his skin, working as an anchor to hold him steady until the worst of the immediate hurt subsides. That frown that had slid over Lan’s mouth and the way that it had looked so wrong on the other teen slips through his thoughts again and surprisingly it strikes Sashi that he doesn’t really like being the cause of it just as much as he doesn’t like being the cause of the fear that’s lacking in the brown pools that continue to gaze down at him.

[It’s got nothing to do with the factions because I don’t give a shit about any of them…] The telepath says quietly, hoping that his explanation will repay the Bright at least a little for all the care that’s been lent to him. [I’m just… not used to being touched…] Not without it being violent in some way, at least. Even those he sleeps with leave a mark in one way or another. Blood seeps from the gash across Sashi’s thigh, the stitches pulled when he fell back and gray eyes open to find a crimson blossom of blood on the pants he wears. Lan turns to the nightstand and removes a roll of bandages from a drawer, but the Dark shakes his head, suddenly feeling very tired and still unable to actually look at the black-haired Selestarri. [I know she told you…] he whispers wanting to just get this over with. [No one keeps something like that a secret… so you don’t have to pretend to care anymore, because I understand…]

Lan: the taller teen straightens with the roll of bandages in hand, slowly turning back to the one leaning heavily against his door to stare for a moment in silence as he works through the words that have just been said. Sashi …knows that ‘she’ had told him…? Could he be talking about the incident with Hail or is this something else? He’s curious to find out what the other teenager means, concerned for more reasons than one, many of which he can’t even speak about himself, but… he has to say that what strikes him immediately is the accusation of feigned concern as if what he’s done in his attempts to help have been nothing more than show.

[First…] Lan starts quietly as he moves back to the telepath’s front and kneels down, setting the roll of wrappings to his side. […even with the files and reports I’m sure you’ve gotten on me and Hail, you don’t actually know me. And because of this, I understand that you wouldn’t have much of a reason to believe anything I say considering we’ve never spoken much during the time we’ve both been assigned to this school,] reaching out for the hem of Sashi’s pants, Lan stays his fingers for only a moment just before he touches, the flash of the Dark recoiling a few minutes prior suddenly playing through his mind. But that hesitation is brief as deep brown eyes stay locked on the stain of crimson that soaks through the material draping a toned leg. Pushing himself to continue, he touches at the bottom cuff of the loaned loose pants and carefully begins to roll the material up. [but logically…] securing the pant leg just above the reopened wound, the tall Bright reaches back over to pull the bandages free of hardwood before he begins wrapping them around torn skin. [For –anyone- to bother carrying a virtual stranger back into their room, take all that time needed to clean them up, go as far as stitching up wounds or disposing of bloodied clothing so there won’t be chances of asked questions should that clothing be found, lend that same stranger some of their own clothes and hand over a med kit that’s never been shown to anyone, even their closest of friends, before the time it was placed in this stranger’s hand… would be a bit much if ‘just pretending to care’ had been the only thing on their mind.]

Glancing up despite the other teenager’s continued refusal to meet his gaze, he smiles just a little anyway. [Don’t you think?] allowing his gaze to fall back down to his task, he pull one hand away long enough to tuck black shaggy locks behind his ear [Second… whatever you think I’ve been told…] reaching the end of the bandage, he tucks it carefully into the loops [I was not.] tapered fingers slip up to the rolled hem of the loose pants and begins to pull them back down [Though if the ‘she’ you are talking about is Hail and you know what had happened to her today, especially if it has anything to do with what’s happened to you as well, I would like to be told for obvious reasons…] and for many that are not as obvious but still concern him in very deep ways. [but,] letting the material go when the hem reaches the floor, he rises up onto his feet and takes a single step back, his false chocolate gaze calm and steady […if whatever it is that’s put you in this state is unrelated, then I’m not asking and I don’t expect to be told.] thundercloud colored eyes finally rise up to meet his own at his words and he smiles a gentle and soft smile. [We all have our secrets Morika, and we all keep them for our own reasons. Hail, myself… you, we’re not as different in that regard as you might think…]

Sashi: A cold numbness seizes the Dark deep inside as Lan tends to him and the words flow from the other Selestarri in between the actions that reapply the bandages on his leg. How does the Bright really not know what happened during lunch with himself and Halacie? He figured that she’d run to him the first chance she got despite her tough proclamations of protecting the lanky teen. She’d been rattled pretty hard by his snapping of her spell patterns, it had been clearly visible on her face as he was walking away and it’s his experience that people don’t keep things like that to themselves. So is it really possible that Lan brought him up here and took care of him without knowing anything? And if so, then why?

In addition to that confusion, Sashi feels bad that the Bright seems a little stung by the accusation that any of the care given has been feigned. His intentions had just been to state what he thought was obvious and put them both out of their misery, not to cause any hurt to the other teenager. But then again this is just typical for him, right? Always making a mess out of things because he has no idea how to react when others are kind to him. Life has taught him that when people are nice, it’s a lie that will only hurt you in the end. Those early lessons have kept him distant and protected, but have also put him at a complete loss when it comes to the shaggy haired third year. Lan is the first person he’s really felt almost… comfortable with during their short conversations.

This time when chocolate eyes seek him out the telepath finds he can’t look away. He’s still holding onto the medical kit, the one that Lan said he’s never showed to anyone else, even Halacie. [Sashi…] he whispers before tearing his gaze away. [Don’t call me by a name that’s not actually mine…] His mind is struggling to make sense of everything he’s just been told and the emotion and exhaustion of the night are not making things any easier. [Where I’m from people only do things like take care of a stranger because they want something, not because they give a shit.] Had he been on Nova when this happened then this would most certainly be the case and his care would have either carried a steep price tag or given his provider access to him in one way or another. So it’s only natural for him to assume that the same circumstances apply here as well. But… [If that’s not the case then why do you care?] The Dark can’t help the faint tinge of bitterness that creeps into his tone. [No one else does…] Zephyr had always been the exception, but being younger, there wasn’t much he’d been able to truly do against the Elders and all the others who feared and scored him. The blonde Selestarri may be forthright and brave in a way that borders on foolishness at times, but he’s still just a kid and unable to change the minds of the rest of their age group, let alone the rest of their faction. [I don’t understand why you didn’t just leave me in the woods…]

God, why is he even saying this in the first place? Lan must have his own reasons, whatever they are, and truthfully they won’t matter once Halacie does get around to telling him exactly what kind of monster he is. A sigh slips from between full lips and bandaged fingers lift to push strands of coal-colored hair from his face as their eyes meet once again. He owes it to the Bright to at least explain why his girlfriend is upset. [What happened to me has nothing to do with Halacie, but what happened to her has everything to do with me…] A look of slight confusion crosses Lan’s face and Sashi forces himself to continue. [She tracked me down at lunch, still angry about the morning, and I… scared her] He tries to make himself sound nonchalant, but the understanding that in telling the other Selestarri what had transpired he has ruined any chance that they’ll ever have another conversation again, isn’t making that very easy. Why he cares at all doesn’t make any sense, but despite knowing exactly what that caring will lead to in the end, he still does…

Lan: he says nothing for a moment, finding himself just a little torn between the emotion he’s catching in the Dark’s quiet voice and the fact that he’s just said that he is the reason Hail had been so upset. Scared her? He definitely did that since that was the most shaken he’s seen his friend in a very long time. What it was that the raven haired teen could have possibly done to affect her so deeply is beyond him. He supposes he should probably be a little worried, maybe even a little upset… but neither of those emotions is what he’s feeling at all. Instead he finds himself relieved because if it was Sashi that said something to cause her state, it means the Angels had nothing to do with it. And if they had nothing to do with it, it means their ‘arrangement’ is still in effect…

[Thank you…] the tall Bright’s soft words pull grey eyes up to his magically masked own and he smiles. [For telling me. I’m not angry,] quite the opposite [In fact… I should probably be apologizing to you on Hail’s behalf.] a mixture of disbelief and confusion shifts through the other teenager’s gaze and the smile fades just a little as he slides long fingers up to brush at black strands in order to explain. [Knowing her as I do, I’m sure she wasn’t being very kind when she confronted you… which means she most likely deserved whatever it was that you did.]

Pulling his hand away from his hair, he latches his fingers back onto his pockets with a sigh. [If it’d been anything detrimental, she would have told me and we might not be standing here now, but… this… I think she probably needed to be shaken up a little by -somebody-] a soft, slightly amused smirk forms on full lips. [No matter how many times she and I have talked about her ‘temperament’ when it comes to myself, well… I’ve never been able to get her to listen. You did… it appears and you had every right to do whatever you did since she should have never confronted you in the first place when I was the one who chanced on you and not the other way around like I’m sure she assumes…] The smile returns to Lan’s features, warm and open in a way that’s met with what appears to be disbelief and a mild case of shock.

[As for the answers to the whys… I think I’d rather it waited until you’ve gotten some more rest.] deep chocolate eyes pull away from gray and glance over to the spanning windows from across the room, the dark purple tint just beginning to paint the night time sky. [Dawn is still a few hours away] he looks back. [and the offer of my bed still stands. The choice isn’t mine to make I know, but truthfully I’d feel a lot better in knowing that you didn’t attempt the long walk back down to your side of the dorms until you felt a little more up to it…]

Sashi: There’s no description for what he’s feeling right now other than shock and confusion. For most part he’s able to keep it from showing on his face, but from the way that chocolate eyes look at him, he’s pretty sure that Lan can tell. Moreover, he has no idea what to make of anything that the other teen just said. Beyond the normal problems he has with people in general, it seems that he just can’t understand the Bright. The third year keeps appearing so that they can have these random little conversations after two years of silence, he’s not angry that the telepath scared his girlfriend and actually said that she deserved it, and he brought him back here, treated him, and isn’t even demanding explanations as to what happened in the first place. He’s just at such a loss to even guess what motivates the shaggy haired student or what price tag this care will have, although he’s been promised the answers after more rest is taken.

Stranger still, he’s finding that beyond the disbelief of Lan’s words and actions, Sashi is actually okay right now. Where he should be worried and uneasy, he’s not, or at least not for his personal safety. His emotional safety is another matter mostly because he keeps finding that he actually cares what the Bright’s opinion of him is and he feels comfortable in his presence. Those things are normal for others, but not for him, and it should be setting off serious alarms and red flags in his head. Which is happening, but so quietly that whenever he’s near the other Selestarri he can’t seem to hear them at all. All this stuff is only going to get him hurt and he knows this just as sure as he knows the sky is blue. God, maybe he hit his head when the chasm really, really hard and he just doesn’t remember it happening…

Long legs carry the Bright toward the bed and Lan begins to rearrange the linens and make sure that everything is in place. A moment passes as Sashi watches the quiet movements, both his body and mind suddenly feeling like a thousand pounds of lead and the black fuzziness of sleep tinting the corners of his vision. Hesitating as another second ticks by, the Dark finally gets one foot to slide in front of the other and he limps across the floor to stand beside the bed as well. He has no idea why he’s doing this, but the tall teenager is right that he probably won’t make the walk back to his own room. Not that he really gives a shit about the curfew, but he’d rather not collapse halfway there and then have to deal with the other students and the questions of the adults. Teleporting is out as well since his magic is still pretty much drained from last night. [Thank you for the offer of a place to rest,] he whispers as Lan resets the last pillow and steps back.

Teeth grit against the pain and every movement made as slowly as possible, Sashi eases onto the mattress, gray eyes looking away in embarrassment when the Bright draws the blankets upward and tucks him in like a small child. The lanky Selestarri returns to his armchair and settles himself on the deep cushions without a word, long legs stretched out before him on the hardwood floor. The last thought before sleep drags the telepath down into merciful darkness is that not only is the thank you note he left Lan on the pillow now missing, but that he’s still tightly holding the med kit…

space01Zephyr: Sunlight streams down from the skylights overhead as the blonde makes his way through the hallways of the boys dormitory, a half-eaten bagel in one hand and a small carton of milk in the other. He nods and smiles at those he recognizes as feet carry him through the large cross section where the main hallways merge and he weaves around clustered groups of third and fourth years all getting ready to go into town. It’s definitely past time for Sashi to be up and even though he’d kinda wanted to go see Jun first this morning, it was better to gauge what type of mood his brother was going to be in. He loves the older Dark and understands why he can be a serious ass sometimes, but he’s learned from experience that it’s always a good idea to know just what to expect before stepping directly into it.

Rounding a bend in a small side hallway, Zeph stops short as a very familiar presence crawls across his senses and midnight blue eyes narrow. He would know his brother’s magical signature anywhere, even when Sashi’s actively masking it, but he’s nowhere near the telepath’s room yet and what he’s detecting is so weak that he almost missed it completely. Leaving the bagel and milk carton on a nearby windowsill, the blonde makes his way in the direction where he can most strongly sense the other Dark. More than likely his brother hooked up with someone last night and wore himself out and although it’s not normal for that much magic to be drained from messing around, he shouldn’t be concerned. This whole place is mostly human aside from Taz and those Bright and it’s not like Sashi is with—

Another magical signature floods Zephyr’s awareness when he takes a second corner and a frown spreads over full lips. Well scratch that thought because that male Bright is exactly who he senses now and he’s so close to the older Dark that there’s no doubt that they’re in the same space. He has no idea what the fuck is going on, but there isn’t a chance in hell that anything will prevent him from finding out. No one fucks with the people he loves and he doesn’t care what kind of hell that brings down from the Seeker of the Assembly or if he has to kick this Bright’s ass because of something he did to Sashi that left him so weak. Stopping before one of the closed doors in the corridor, the blonde knocks and waits impatiently until the lock slides free and illusion-masked chocolate eyes meet cold blue through the crack that appears between the lacquered wood and the frame. Arms crossed over his front, Zeph’s voice is flat and tinted with ice. “I believe you have something that doesn’t belong to you.”

Lan: magically masked eyes slowly slide open when the signature of the newly assigned Dark begins to draw near to find the early morning light splashed across every corner of his room, painting everything in shades of orange and yellow. His gaze falls on the one still sleeping soundly in his bed and he smiles the smallest of smiles without really realizing he’s done it, finding that same odd sort of comfort he’s felt with Sashi over his presence alone. He managed to fall asleep himself for a short while there at least, lulled beneath the surface by his quiet, erythematic breaths. If Hail knew that he was here, that he carried him into his room and cared for him in any way, that he went as far as dropping his guard to sleep in the presence of ‘that faction’ of their race… she’d probably explode. The Dark are dangerous… it’s what they’ve always been taught. But he’s yet to see any signs of danger and instead has felt at ease from the first moment they began talking just a day and a half before. There’s part of him that wonders why it’s taken either of them so long to break through that first wall because Sashi… has not been what he expected given all that he previously knew, which is something that’s been coming as a rather pleasant sort of surprise…

Chocolate brown eyes linger on the raven haired student even as an impatient knock resonates at his door, traveling from structured features down to the med kit grasped between bandaged fingers, still held as close to his body as it had been when he’d fallen asleep just a few hours before. Pulling away from the other teenager when the second knock comes a little louder, he crosses his room on silent feet to crack the heavy hardwood open with one clicking of the lock. The Bright is treated immediately to a set of cold midnight eyes and he’d know from scent alone that the young blonde standing before him belongs in some way to Sashi even if he’d never gotten the report on who the kid actually is. Zephyr’s hostile stance is met with an even one of his own, his illusioned gaze and soft tone betraying nothing one way or another, “If that ‘something’ is your brother, then yes, he is here. He’s still sleeping…” Lan slowly steps back, pulling the door open along with him to allow the younger teenager in while tapered fingers slide up to push at shaggy black strands, a quiet sigh slipping from in between full lips. “Wake him gently please, he’s had a difficult night…”

Zephyr: The younger Selestarri makes no reply as he moves past the Bright and across the sunlit hardwood floors to stand beside the bed. His midnight gaze travels over every inch of the telepath that isn’t hidden by the linens or quilt, taking in each twist of the bandages wrapped over tanned skin, the indigo circles that ring the space beneath closed gray eyes, and the twin scents of blood and antiseptic. The raven-haired Dark is holding tightly to a battered metal tin as though he were a toddler and it were a favored stuffed toy, something that would no doubt be cute if they were anywhere but standing in this Bright’s room or if they weren’t who they are. Their faction only allows such things in the very young and it never takes long to learn that any kind of visible weakness will either get one manipulated or dead.

The frown that stretches across the blonde’s mouth deepens as his gaze shifts once again to the cloth wound around his brother’s damaged body and it suddenly strikes him that what keeps catching the edge of his vision and pulling him back is the way the bandages are wrapped. Once when he was small and Sashi was just barely an adolescent, he’d asked why it was that the older Dark used his left hand to twist the gauzy fabric when he mainly used his right for everything. The explanation was that since his right hand was often broken, he’d learned to do things equally as well with his left. Zeph hadn’t grasped the true meaning behind those words that day and had just thought it was neat that his big brother was ambidextrous. From then on he’d always noticed the pull of the bandages, though, the way they twisted just a bit to the left and that’s how he knows that the wounds the telepath bears now were tended to by someone else… The frigid midnight glare hasn’t subsided in the slightest when he turns it back on the lanky Selestarri standing halfway between the bed and the door. [You have two seconds to tell me what the fuck happened to him.] The words are calm, as though they were speaking about the weather or an upcoming exam, but are layered in the sharpest ice. [And I swear that if you had anything to do with it then I’ll rip your ass through your lungs and that will only be to start…]

Lan: the door clicks closed just after the young Dark moves inside and he turns to watch as the blonde steps up to the sleeping form in his bed, the coldness in those blue eyes lost momentarily as they sweep over every detail of both damaged and bandaged skin alike. He understands what this must look like to the other Selestarri, to find his brother in the room of another on the opposite faction of their race, injured and unconscious while he, himself appears to be unscathed. He supposes he can’t really be surprised at the deepening frown that begins to form or the cold, rather threatening demands for explanations that follow and he can simply hope that the fact that he’ll be lacking those answers will be understood in return… or at the very least, that Sashi will wake up before the blonde’s hostile attitude towards him elevates to a level that will get them all very hurt.

Tapered fingers travel over to the pockets of his pants, latching onto them lightly as he meets that iced over gaze with a continuously steady one of his own. [Sashi… didn’t tell me what happened.] He says in an equally even and calm voice, magically masked eyes shifting over to rest on the older Dark’s features. [And I didn’t ask or intrude.] Because despite his curiosity and a concern Hail would smack him for, the telepath had said enough to indicate that whatever it was that put him in that state had little or nothing to do with their assignments and so to ask would be stepping over boundaries he would have no right to do. As he’d told the fourth year earlier on in the night, they all have their secrets and those secrets are theirs to keep until nay time they deem fit. [It’s something you’ll have to ask him yourself when you wake him…] the tall Bright slides brown eyes back to blue after lingering a moment longer, the faintest of smiles forming on his lips. [So I suppose it’s a good thing the only part I had a hand in here was patching him up…yes? Because I happen to need my lungs as far away from my ass as possible …]


…to continue.



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