Sci-Fi Block – January

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Managed to hop onto Jan’s Scifi Block (now Sci Fan) and was blown away by most of what I got. Here be the full unboxing.


I really love the inside box print too, most boxes I get have either some kind of advertizement or social media thing so this is a nice change to all that.


Opening up the box and this is what greeted me. I have a thing for maps, either vintage ones or show related one so this was a nice sight, I tell you what.


The full contents inside were – A Game of Thrones magnet set, an Alien vs Gandalf crossover print, a D&D pin, a D&D shirt, a Doctor Who book, Nasa postcards, a Harry Potter wallet and 3D Hobbit playing cards.


Also included in this box was a small catalog thing similar to the Lootcrate ones that tell you the contents as well as have articles and whatnot to read. This is a change from the previous boxes I’d received where you got a simple card that detailed the contents.


Contents pages.

Some of the articles in the booklet. Some Iron Man merc article and the origins of the D&D Demogorgon.


While I’m not particularly a fan of Game of Thrones (watched a few eps but couldn’t really get into the show and have yet to bother picking up the books), like I said, I do love me some maps so this was pretty cool. It had two sheets of magnet sheets, a full(?) map and a bunch of chess playing pieces.


So while I would have been happier to have this as a parchment so I could frame it and stick it up with the rest of the maps, I don’t mind that it’s a magnet because it’s currently up on Hot Daniel Sr. (our fridge) being mostly useful. The magnet backing on both is rather thin, so they don’t hold much unless you tack every single one of them onto whatever you are trying to keep pinned, but stick enough of them on it and they do hold stuff down. I’ve got enough regular magnets though so it’s kind of up there as decor right now, which isn’t half bad at all because maps.



So the next two things are this D&D pin, and the D&D shirt. I’m not into Dungeons and Dragons, but the Rabbit is so I ended up sending both of these to her so she could make use of them. When I’d signed up for Jan’s box, I’d been a bit worried about the inclusion of D&D things, but even if I didn’t know someone who was into the game, I prolly could have gotten use out of these because the design on both is pretty nice. Luckily though, I do and so they didn’t go to waste ^^


This thing was one of the items that made me super happy. I really like the Hobbit films (which is funny since they took a while to grow on me because I hadn’t been much about them when they came out in the theater. It wasn’t that I disliked them then, I was just more “meh” at the time. Now though, I tend to go into obsessive watch stretches where I’ll watch them over and over, and they actually got me to finally read the book, which I’d never bothered with before) -but this, so the cards are 3D moving cards where the images shift depending on which way you turn them…


Like so.


And what I didn’t expect to find when I opened the box up was that they came stored in this nifty metal tin.


And to my delight, the first card displayed when you open the tin up was Gandalf, whom I adore on the level of Barbossa, Purge, the Nemesis, Gimli and the Red Pyramid type of adore. While the cover card had a shifting image, the playing cards actually don’t. They just have that shifting-ish illusion deal to make them look like they stand out from the background of the card (or the 3D effect they give them). Which is cool, even if it tends to hurt the eyes a little if you stare too long at them.


The backs of the cards are all the same, just a shot of Bilbo walking out of his door. The cards themselves are pretty thin and bending, nowhere near the thickness of normal cards so while I absolutely love these, I’ll prolly never actually use them to play any card games because I think any slight mishandle could damage them. It’s alright though since I have some Steven Universe cards that are the normal thickness for cards, so these will always be displayed, or as they are now, simply sitting up along the shelf that has all my LOTR and Hobbit books, looking right at home.


Next up was this HP folded wallet, with a scene from what I’m sure is Deathly Hallows where Harry and Tom face off. The wallet is standard sized and made of a textured vinyl (I think) fabric, so it’s sturdy ad water-ish proof. Pretty standard wallet material.


The inside has a top compartment for monies, ad a bunch of smaller ones for cards. It’s a nice wallet but I’m not sure what to do with it actually, since I don’t use these types of things (I keep my cards in a zippered pouch and I don’t carry cash on me if I can help it) -I can’t decide if I want to keep it as a collector thing or give it to someone, so right now it’s just been on the shelf doing nothing. It would be useful though, if you were into these sorts of things.


The Doctor Who item was this book. I’m happy it’s a book, but ugh why, why did it have to feature a story with the 11th Doctor, Amy and Rori? This Doctor and those companions were my absolute least favorite, I mean I dislike them more than I dislike Rose which is a damn feat because I really dislike Rose. A lot. So while I love that I have a book to read and it’s Doctor Who, I don’t so much love that it’s for the 11th Doctor and his entire storyline arc.


There were three versions of the book you could get, I got System Wipe, but there was also Death Riders and Heart of Stone. If I end up liking this story, I may seek out the others on ebay or something, depending. Considering the arc focus though, that’s a huge if. We’ll see.


This set, like with the Hobbit cards, was a huge eeee moment for me when I opened it. Ever since Nasa released these posters, done retro style and showcasing our solar system’s planets and stars, I’ve wanted pretty much the entire set of them because I’m a huge sucker for space related themes, done old school movie retro and the like. The issue is I live in a small studio with not enough room to put up almost 20 full sized posters, so getting smaller, more space friendly post card versions was just ace.

I love them, and thanks to thrifting, I have frames for 6 with the others, save two matted and ready for frames once I can thrift more suitable ones (thifting is the only way I frame these days, people donate nice ass things so I’ve found I can get some decent, ornate frames for a fraction of the cost it’d be to buy them new. It takes a while sometimes to find the sizes I need, but it’s worth it for the price). I’ll snap a pic of them once I frame them all.


Last in the box was this print. I wasn’t fond of the print that came in November’s box (which I still need to find the folder in which those pics are and then sort them, and post that box opening) which was just a standing pic of 5 different scifi ladies (Leeloo, Uhura, Ripley and two others I can no longer recall) -while the subjects of the print had the potential to be awesome, the print itself was just boring and the art not to my “hang up on the wall” liking, so I ended up donating it in the end. But this print. This print, is just something great. Not only does it have Galdalf, whom I’ve already mentioned is one of my Baes, but it has him in a crossover facing off with the Alien Queen, which makes this a hundred times more cooler in the end. This print is definitely a hang up on the wall level of cool print where two things that shouldn’t work together, actually did.


So happy that I found a cool frame for it (via thrifting) and got this sucker up on the wall. The cool thing too about this frame is that while it cuts off portions of the print, it actually frames it like it’s meant to look this way. Plus, the portion that got cut off was just Golem with a chest burster, which really was the only out of place part in the print to me anyway. I don’t care much for golum and while the chest bursters look adorbs with their baby alien selves, I’m tired of the overdone use of them constantly bursting out of chests and didn’t really want to look at it much anyway. Problem solved with this frame. It’s a nice frame for a nice print that looks right at home on this portion of my wall.

So yes! While there were a few things I didn’t keep/would use (D&D shirt + pin, HP Wallet), two of those three things at least went to someone who could use them, and the rest of this box was ace. It felt like a serious step up from even the last stepped up box (December’s). As I said, I adored pretty much everything inside so much that I’d been seriously re-thinking skipping over Feb’s box, despite it having themes I wasn’t fond of (Buffy and Supernatural mainly) because I thought for the few I didn’t care for, the rest would prolly make it all worth it (Especially when it was announced to have Predator, Aliens, and more along this line). The problem was that funds were still pretty tight at this point, so I ended up not being able to make the box in time… only once I started seeing box openings, I found myself relieved that I missed it.

First, they didn’t include a Predator item at all like it’d been advertised, it was instead a Ghost Busters thing (The Stay Puft or a Slimer fig) -which tell me how that works with the “Hunters” theme, but also was yet another Chest Burster thing (an apron and have I mentioned how overdone the chest bursters have become, especially in Scifi Block where they’ve had one in almost every box for the last so many boxes?), but a simple Hellboy book, a crappy Supernatural fabric belt and a Buffy shirt. No pin, no extras, no hardly anything at all? It feels like such a step down so I’m glad I missed it because after December’s and Jan’s box, I would have been seriously disappointed to get it.

It’s hard to decide with March’s box though, because even though the theme is cyborgs, which has the potential to be cool, after the last box I’m on the fence with it. I’ll see when the time comes to pay for it, or miss it, I guess.


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