Ginga Televee – where my collections be

My dear glob, I should have been in bed a while ago but I’ve finally gotten this damn thing to a point that it’s not entirely bare bones, so I’m posting it now in all its (currently not quite so glorious) glory. Since Angel Hunt is mainly for my dolls and the stories I’ve written for them/about their characters, I made a separate sub page dedicated to all the rest of the crap I collect or keep around.

See I enjoy collecting things, I also enjoy looking at other people’s collections of things and tend to get a little irritated when I either can’t find actual detailed pictures of said collections, or said pictures have all been put on platforms like Youtube and are not in fact pictures, but videos where you see less of the collection and more of the collector’s face. When I want to look at pictures of collections, I don’t want to look at the collector talking about their collection, I just want to see the damn pictures and everyone’s fascination with platforms like Youtube can be frustrating for people like me. I don’t want to hear the person talk about their stuff endlessly or spend however many millions of hours it takes them to get to an item or a box opening, only to have them flash through it and not show any detail because they are too busy trying to yap the camera up. I tend to ramble in everything I post or do, but the good thing about me typing my rambling down is that if you came to look at the pictures, you can just scroll through all my babbling and do exactly that. I like this in pictures and blogs and things. If I want to look at a how to, I can without waiting for them to finally get over their talking and just get to it. If I want to just stare at all the pretty pics, I can do that too. It’s one of the reasons I’ve never hopped on the trend of video channels and the like -mainly because I don’t enjoy watching them any more than I’d enjoy making one myself. I guess I’m a little old school in that and it’s not likely to ever change.

Ginga Televee (speaking of rambling) was a page I had up a loonnnggggg long time ago, back before I had Angel Hunt as a domain and when it was still one of its own. I thought I’d lost it all when I lost that domain, but while I was archiving more pics off my AH site, I found I’d stored all the old base page pics and gifs and stuff in a file folder and decided to just reuse it all for the new subpage I’m about to link now. While I’m still going to keep my master list of collections on this blog in the menu bar above, I think when it comes to individual collection pages, I’ll put them on the subpage and then just link it as I go. Originally I’d planned to list it all on here but well, my collections are just a little too massive and with the way wordpress does its limited coding, I think it’ll be better organized over there.

For FYI, the page is obnoxious. I happen to like it, but you have been warned.

So head over to G I N G A T E L E V E E to see what’s what if you’d like. While there isn’t much up on it right now (because my plan is to do what I had once done with it back in the day, which is to photograph each and every thing I own that I consider a part of my collections in detail which, yeah, is going to take me a while) keep checking back because I’ll be adding things to it as I get them pictured and posted up.

Also, because I’m so tired I can’t even see straight at the moment, kudos to you if you understood any of the mess I just wrote down -lol.



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