Angel Hunt + Streifen: AU01 Pt06


Angel Hunt and Streifen in AU

Alternate Universe 01

Parts – (01)(02)(03)(04)(05)


C H A P T E R  O N E : P A R T 06


Zephyr/Sashi: The Bright’s attempted joke and the charm in his tone are lost on the younger Selestarri and the deadly cold that reflects in his eyes begins to crack at magical barriers with its frigid touch. Somehow he finds it very unlikely that this guy whom from all reports has always maintained a mutual distance at this school would suddenly be the one standing beside his injured brother out of sheer coincidence. Shit like that just doesn’t happen and he’s not young or foolish enough to believe a single word that comes out of the third year’s mouth. [What, he just showed up at your door all beaten to hell? Right.] Midnight eyes narrow and the blonde shifts his stance in a way that looks casual but is far from it. [You must not know him at all or you’d know that he never asks for help, so you’re going to have to do a lot better than that.] He has no issues in taking apart this jerk’s memory one image at a time to find out what happened to Sashi, so unless the Bright wants to be a mindless heap on the floor, he needs to do a lot more talking and a lot less lying.

The faint smile on the lanky Selestarri’s lips doesn’t fade and the very beginnings of a response are started before a slight shifting on the bed draws both teenagers’ attentions. [I can hear you both, you know,] Sashi whispers, gray eyes remaining tightly shut against the light spilling in from the windows.

Zeph’s focus is solely on his brother in less than a heartbeat, concern flashing over pale features. [What the hell happened to you? Why are you in this room? Because I swear that if he had anything to do with it, I’ll kick his ass all the way back to the Eyrie.]

Raven-black hair spills across the pillow as the older Dark shakes his head, his storm-colored gaze opening to meet midnight. [Aren’t I supposed to be taking you and your friend into town today?]

The question throws Zephyr off for a second and his frown deepens. Getting information from his brother is always next to impossible when the telepath doesn’t want to give it. [What? Yeah, you were, but Sash, this should all be dealt with now.]

[Go get him and meet me downstairs in forty-five minutes.]

The frown on the blonde’s mouth shifts into a scowl and he crosses his arms over his chest. As stubborn as Sashi can be, he can match it when he wants. They don’t share the same blood for nothing. [No. I want to know what happened and I’m not going anywhere until I know what this asshole did to you.]

A sigh slips from Sashi and his eyes fall to the tin box still held tightly in both hands. These bandages are something that Zephyr has become so accustomed to seeing wrapped over tanned skin, but even so he can’t look past them. His brother’s life has not been easy and he’ll be damned if he’ll stand by and let anyone hurt the telepath further. [My magic,] the older Dark whispers after a minute. [It got too wound up yesterday and lashed out. The only thing that Lan did was take care of me.]

Oh, shit… If his brother isn’t just covering up for the Bright then that’s not really good news. Ordinary people can lose control and a building may collapse, but when Sashi loses control whole city blocks can die. What had set him off though, because other than being irritated he had seemed okay yesterday…? Cold midnight sweep back to the third year, his illusioned chocolate eyes also on the older Selestarri still lying on the bed. [What price?] Zeph demands, but Lan just blinks at him in response. [What’s the cost of the care you’ve given him? No one takes care of anyone else for free so tell me what you want.] Fuck this asshole if he thinks he’ll use Sashi the way that others have done in the past.

A soft hiss of pain comes from the bed as the telepath struggles to sit up, misery clearly etched across his face. [That’s between Lan and I and none of your business. Go get your friend.]

He starts to protest again, but the set look in Sashi’s eyes says that the stubborn tactic won’t work twice. There isn’t one single bit of all this that he likes, not the dark-haired Selestarri’s injuries, not the loss of control, not the Bright, not this room, none of it. He’ll do what he’s told only because of the love and respect that he has for Sashi, but none of that extends even a fraction of an inch to the lanky student standing between the bed and door. Rounding on Lan, the blonde’s icy look is sharp enough to cut. [My brother’s been through enough shit in his life, so if I find out that you had anything to do with what happened to him then you can consider that threat I made earlier as good as a promise.]

[Zephyr. Now.]

With one final glare the younger Selestarri strides past Lan, pulls the door open and disappears into the hallway beyond. Thundercloud gray eyes watch as the latch clicks softly closed before turning to the Bright for a moment and then dropping to his bandaged hands. [Sorry… Zeph’s always been protective and you didn’t deserve that…]

Lan: deep brown eyes don’t even bother to follow the younger Dark as he practically storms from the room, too focused in on Sashi’s injured frame to truly care. He smiles softly at the other teenager’s words once the door has clicked shut, finally moving from his standing place to make his way towards the bed [It’s okay] he says quietly [He cares about you, and when you care it’s easy to get worked up over things you perceive to be happening. I’m sure you being in here injured would look bad to anyone…] The fourth year’s brother was acting towards himself much like he’s sure Halacie acted in his regard towards the telepath when she sought him out the day before at lunch. He flashes Sashi a reassuring smile as he passes the bed, the tall Bright continuing on to the bathroom before disappearing through the threshold soon after.

Thundercloud colored eyes travel up to the empty doorway as the shuffling sounds of cupboards being opened and running water spills out, Lan still speaking to him from the other room. [Though considering who we all are and the sides we come from, it must have looked especially bad to him…] Reappearing soon after with a few wet washcloths and a handful of fresh bandages in hand, he shrugs slightly as he makes his way back towards the bed [So I can’t blame him for it.] any more than he’d be able to blame Halacie for doing what she feels is necessary to protect a friend. While their methods protection may be a little on the overzealous and hostile side and not the way he’d personally handle it, it does show that they care.

Stopping just at the Dark’s front, the shaggy haired teen squats down and sets everything in his hands onto the hardwood floor besides him. He reaches out only to have Sashi flinch in the slightest, grasping onto the tin box he holds just a little tighter against his injured form. Tapered fingers still at the reaction for the briefest of moments before he smiles a little wider, continuing to carefully pull the comforter free of him right after. [You won’t be making any trips into town if you don’t have that taken care of.] The Dark’s eyes slide away from his illusioned own, down to the box in hand as he once again begins to work the wide cuff of borrowed pants up a toned leg, a little more careful in the task as not to allow his own masked skin to touch while he starts pulling the stained bandages away. [Though honestly, I don’t think you should be going at all, not so soon after you’ve been hurt anyway…] Glancing up as the wrappings fall to the floor to meet a gaze that won’t meet his in return, he lingers for a second before returning to his task, reaching over to slide one of the wet cloths up in order to clean the opened wound. [But… if you insist on it then I’d like you to promise me you’ll be careful while you’re socializing and take it easy during the festival as much as you can.] This time the raven haired telepath’s eyes pull away from his own hands and over to find chocolate brown, the smile on Lan’s lips renewing immediately. [Consider it payment maybe –that “price” your brother asked me about- Just a single promise that you’ll take care of yourself until you’ve recovered… deal?]

Sashi: He wills himself to hold still as the gentle ministrations are given by the Bright, his hands soft and well-practiced in changing the stained bandages on the telepath’s leg. The effort not to shy away from that touch fails as his body prepares for the attacks that have become accustomed in his life, even though his head knows that if Lan had wanted to hurt him, the opportunities had been ample. He doesn’t really understand what it is that the taller Selestarri desires from him and each word that passes between them only causes the confusion to grow. There must be something he wants or some kind of goal he’s aiming toward, but why not just say what it is now while there is clearly a debt owed? Why cover over it with a caring that can’t be genuine given that they only truly met two days ago? His whole life understanding others has been a struggle that he learns a little more about each day, but the Bright really throws everything he’s come to know right out the window and at the moment he’s not sure if that’s something he likes or something he fears…

Careful hands lift his injured leg just slightly off the mattress in order to wrap the clean bandages neatly around, illusioned chocolate eyes bent to the task and glimmering with concern. From a very early age he’d been left to fend for himself, neglected by the Elder Dark. He’d tried over and over to do everything the way he thought they’d wanted it and to be the best he could because then surely they would stop whispering about him when they thought he couldn’t hear or calling him a monster even when they knew he could. They had to like him if he were good, right? Then they’d treat him like the other kids and he wouldn’t have to be so alone all the time. He’s not really sure what age it hit him that he’d never be treated equally, that he’d always be hated and scorned, but it had been fairly young. If he didn’t look out for himself and do things for himself then no one would. It had been a hard lesson, but a necessary one to his survival. So sitting here while someone else tends to him and says that there is no true price attached save a single promise is as foreign as if he’d dropped onto another plane of existence.

[On Nova, nothing is given for free,] Sashi whispers as the second layer of gauze begins to bind the wound. [And a promise such as the one you asked for would be laughed at, because there is no gain to you for all of your effort… So if there is something you want then I am indebted to you…] The words bring chocolate eyes back up to meet gray for a moment, and the telepath steeling himself to hold the gaze until the other teen returns to his task. [Why do you care?] Long, tanned fingers absently trace the edge of the battered tin in his hands. [Why go through all this trouble instead of just leaving me in the woods? I know that you Bright have your honor and all, but why does it matter to you if I heal or not?]

Lan: he frowns just a little as he tucks the end of the fresh gauze wrappings beneath the top edge spanning a toned thigh, reaching out a moment after he’s done to pull the wide pant leg down. There’s something he dislikes about Sashi’s questions as to his reasons… almost an underlying tone there that feels akin to hopelessness in some way. It’s subtle and most probably wouldn’t catch it at all, but he does and he doesn’t quite know how to feel about it. He’s often found himself wondering what Nova was like and how different it is to the Eyrie, just passing fancies here and there on what life was like for the Dark in general. They’ve all heard rumors, all been taught that things were a certain way but like with everything else, he’s never been sure how different the truth of the matter was in comparison to the teachings. So far in these few times he’s talked to the fourth year, what’s been said in that regard has been negative… every experience the Dark has mentioned only seeming to confirm all the teachings he’d often questioned while growing up. It… is a very sad thing indeed.

[I guess if that’s the way it is for the Dark then it’s a good thing I found you and not the other way around, huh?] Lan says quietly as he pulls away in order to gather up the soiled bandages and used washcloths, standing a moment later to carry the pile back into the bathroom and speaking as he goes. [Look… we’re both Selestarri and even though I’m Bright and you’re Dark, we’re still in the same boat when it comes to this school aren’t we?] Reappearing soon after, the shaggy haired teen stops in the doorway and slides and arm up to rest on the wooden frame, masked eyes locking with grey from across the room. [Our assignments don’t really cross here true, but I don’t see the harm in looking out for one another when things happen…] though truthfully, whether Sashi knows it or not he’s been doing it from afar the entire time anyway. Ever since both he and Halacie were assigned in he’s been looking after the both of them with the bargain he’s made and it’s something he’ll continue doing no matter how many more get sent in.

[So why would I have left you there?] he continues even as the telepath’s gaze slides away from his and back down to the box held tightly in his bandaged hands. [You were hurt, you needed help and I gave it. Aside from the promise, there’s no price attached to that. I’m not asking for anything, and I don’t want anything given in return because sometimes Sashi, help is just that.] Sliding his arm away from the door frame, the tall Bright tucks his hands into his pockets and shrugs [As for why I care… well… you haven’t really given me any reason not to care] Thundercloud colored eyes rise up again to meet his illusioned brown and he smiles so very softly. [Do I really need any other reason beyond that?]

Sashi: He hears the words spoken by the third year quite clearly despite the ache in his head, but that doesn’t mean that they make any sense to him. A lifetime of growing up among people who hate him or want to use him clog up his head and make it difficult to understand the true meaning behind what the Bright is saying. It’s unselfish kindness that he’s been given since collapsing in the woods and that’s something so foreign to him that the mere idea of it will simply not sink in.

Lan’s statement that it was a good thing their roles weren’t reversed hits the telepath a little hard and Sashi stares down at the box that he still hasn’t been able to release. Would he have helped or would he have left the taller student laying there? Unlike the rest of his faction, he’s never cared for the idea of having anyone indebted to him, mainly because it would mean that he’d have to deal with another and he tries to avoid that as much as possible. He also knows exactly what it’s like to owe someone and to be at their mercy in a way and he has no interest in inflicting that onto someone else. Honestly he would have sent help had their positions been switched, but not become directly involved. Certainly not to the extent that Lan has gone to for him.

[I… guess that you don’t need another reason…] Sashi finally says after a long moment has passed. His mind is so confused right now and beyond the pain and ache in his body he feels something else, something that he doesn’t understand at all, yet can’t deny. Combined with everything that’s occurred since their first conversation—the ‘random’ meetings, the way he feels almost comfortable talking to the Bright, the fact that Lan seems to understand about secrets and wasn’t angry that he’d scared his girlfriend—it’s just a bit much to take on right this minute. These last two days have changed a pattern he’d fallen into regarding the other Selestarri for the past two years and he needs a little time to think about exactly what that means, if anything.

Bandaged fingers lift to rake unruly strands of black from thundercloud eyes and very slowly, Sashi begins to shift himself toward the edge of the mattress. [I need to get cleaned up so that I can get to town…] His gaze slips to the Bright’s, the lanky teenager leaning so nonchalantly against the bathroom doorframe. Aside from his brother, he’s never met another Selestarri who is as different as Lan seems to be. Something tells him that it’s not just the difference in their factions, but a difference in the third year himself. Honestly, he doesn’t know quite what to make of that. Pain ripples over scrapes and lacerations as the telepath’s feet meet the bare floor, but he’s careful not to let it show on his face. [Thank you for the care,] he whispers, pulling one hand from the metal tin to reach back and support himself against the side of the mattress. [And I’ll honor your request of the promise… I won’t injure myself further…]

Limping, Sashi crosses the chilly hardwood and opens the door to a hallway of chattering students, the other teenagers taking little to no heed of anything aside from their excitement about going into town. Pitch-black hair falls in front of the Dark’s eyes once again as he glances back over his shoulder to the place where Lan still stands. [So that you know… I would have gotten help, had our positions been reversed last night… I wouldn’t have left you there alone…]

Lan: the smile on his lips widens in the slightest and he nods a slow nod at the other teenager’s words. [I’m glad…] the Bright answers in return, grey eyes sliding away from his brown soon after as Sashi continues into the bustling hall just beyond, the noise that had spilled in with the opened door dying out the moment the brass knob clicks shut behind him. Without taking his eyes from the spot the other teenager had just been, tapered fingers shift further down into his pocket to pull a small slip of paper free. With a quick wavering of his magic, the spell that has continuously masked him since the night before falls away as he lifts what he holds just a little, using the tips of heavily scarred fingers to push the folded edge up before he lowers his now yellow gaze down.

Two words scrawled in Selestarri grace the small sheet, two words written in the telepath’s hand… the short scribbled ‘Thank you’ bringing the softest of smiles to full lips.

His summer colored gaze lingers on the lettering, the tip of a scarred finger tracing along the curved fluid lines that make up their language for only a moment longer before he refolds the paper and slides it back into his pocket. Pushing away from the doorframe he leans against, the Bright turns back and disappears into the bathroom in order to get ready for what he knows will be a very long day.


Zephyr: The crowd of excitement dies down considerably as he passes from the section of the dorms reserved for third and fourth years and into the one for first and second. Here there’re only a few students making their way toward the central staircase, most clutching lists of things for their older friends to buy. The blonde barely sees them as he stalks toward the end of the hall where Jun’s room is, his thoughts much too preoccupied with what had just happened in that Bright’s room. A scowl slips even deeper onto full lips and fisted hands shove into the front pocket of his hooded sweatshirt. That shit he doesn’t like at all, none of it, and whatever that price is that’s asked for, he will find a way to get his brother out from under. He’d watched before, helpless, as Sashi had been taken advantage of, but not this time, not when there’s no Assembly or Seeker to hold him back. The older Dark may be powerful as all fuck, but that kind of power can bring out the worst of other people’s greed and he won’t let anyone mess with someone he cares about. Besides, he’s holding a fair bit of magic himself and using it to protect his brother is the best way to demonstrate that neither of them should be fucked around with.

Reaching the lacquered wooden door that is once again covered with folded up little notes; Zeph takes a deep breath and pushes all his anger and concern for Sashi into the back of his head before knocking lightly. There’s no response and after a moment he tries the handle, slightly surprised to find that the latch is unlocked. The door eases open on silent hinges, paper fluttering to the ground as the tall, lithe Selestarri slips inside. Shadows crowd at the corners, but sunlight streams in through the oversized windows to illuminate the bed that rests opposite. The shape curled on the mattress has pulled the blankets up in an effort to shut the sun out, but white hair still sticks out from beneath, stark against the dark linens. The Dark watches quietly for a moment, amused that so much effort has been made to keep the night in and the day out. Reaching out, he gently shakes what he’s pretty sure is a shoulder. The only response is a tighter curling of his classmate’s slender frame and he can’t help but smile before making a second attempt and maneuvering himself to block the light that falls across the pillow.

It takes a long minute for the quilt to lower just enough for pink eyes to find midnight, sleep still tinting the deep pools. “You might want to consider actually locking your door,” Zephyr teases, still smiling. “If the other kids were to find out that its open all night, you’ll wake up someday to find a whole group of them standing around and staring down at you…”

Jun: early dawn hued eyes blink sleepily as he stares up to the taller teen standing somewhere above him and it takes a moment or two for it to sink in that Zephyr is standing there at all. The white haired teen’s eyes widen just a little, his face flushing in embarrassment as he slides the blankets down before pushing himself suddenly up, tapered fingers sliding to his face in a futile attempt to rub the sleep from his eyes. “Shit…” he whispers while reaching down to pry the heavy quilt that covers him free of long legs and twist his lean frame to the side. “…Sorry…” He knew he’d probably end up oversleeping because he always oversleeps, but god… it’s no less embarrassing to have done it anyway. “I left it… you know, just in case” He figured he’d just treat it like every other school day and leave the lock undone, but not even once did he think that someone other than the blonde might come in and he probably should have. Pulling his hand away from his face, the white haired teenager glances up “Just give me a few minutes… I’ll hurry” Dragging himself free of the bed, he pads his way across the room while sliding an arm back to wave at the nearby desk and chair. “S’kay to sit anywhere…”

Disappearing into the bathroom as Zephyr moves to sit down, the sounds of running water spilling out into the room immediately after. He rushes through a shower he realizes he probably should have taken the night before and it only takes a few minutes longer for the sleepy teenager to reappear, snow colored hair dripping and a thick towel wrapping his dampened frame. He does what he can to avoid the Dark’s gaze as he moves swiftly towards his wardrobe to retrieve some clothing he also realizes he’d forgotten to grab on the way in, reaching in the moment the heavy door swings open to pull a pair of jeans, a printed shirt and a hoodie free. Jun pads across hardwood on bare feet quickly back to the bathroom in order to stuff himself hastily into his clothing, leaving small drops of water in his hurried wake.

“So um… it’s going to be kinda hard to duck out… isn’t it?” He wonders as the door swings back open, struggling absently with the rolled hem of the tee as he works it down over his still slick skin. Finally managing to straighten it out, the material settles near the waistband of pants set low on slim hips before he swings the hoodie and around and slides his arms in. “I mean… without getting caught cause…” with his arms only partially in the garments sleeves, one of Jun’s hands travel up to ruffle at the back of his wet hair as pink eyes fall away from blue and his voice drops a little low. “…well it’s not like we don’t kinda… stand out.”

Zephyr: Midnight eyes do a slow slide up the slender frame of the white-haired teenager as hands busily roll the printed tee down over the flat plane of his stomach. The pale skin is so flawless and soft looking that he kind of wants to run his fingers over just to see if it really feels as much like velvet as it appears. There are words being directed at him, but the Dark only hears them as a slightly garbled buzzing in the back of his head, his attention much too focused on that small strip of exposed alabaster between the hem of the shirt and the low riding pants. Not that the fabric of the tee does much of anything to hide his classmate’s body with how thin and clingy it is… God, he really wants to touch and it’s like this weird itching on his palms and fingertips that won’t ease up.

The heavy weight of the hoodie drops down to cover the object of his attention and Zeph pulls his gaze away as he suddenly realizes that there’s this expectant kind of pause from Jun directed at him. “Yeah, um…” the blonde trails off, stalling as he backtracks through his short term memory to figure out what the hell the other teen had been saying. “Oh, leaving… right.” Seriously, how had he managed to get sidetracked so completely? It’s not like he’s never seen someone change their clothes before, because the Selestarri as a whole were pretty open with nakedness, especially compared to humans. Living in quarters with a bunch of other kids your age doesn’t really leave a lot of room for modesty. So what the hell had he been so caught up in? That thing with Sashi and the Bright this morning must really be throwing him way, way off.

A slight frown crosses the Dark’s face and midnight eyes slide back up to meet pink. “We have the papers saying that my brother is signing us out and all, so why is it a problem with getting caught…?” The meaning behind Jun’s words catches and Zephyr leans back a little in the desk chair. They’re covered with the adults, but their leaving is going to cause issues with the rest of their classmates and probably cause a huge scene that would be all shades of annoying. Normally he’d just teleport and avoid all that shit, but that’s not really an option in this case. “I guess I’m covered since I’m pretty new and people will possibly expect me to be going into town with Sashi because I haven’t been there before. I can always say that it was a last minute thing I didn’t know about and that’s why I didn’t say I was going during the last couple of days…” The thoughts are streaming out as the Selestarri thinks aloud, long fingers rising to absently flip strands of white gold from his line of vision. “You’re a bit trickier, though…” A smile slips over full lips. “It was pretty chilly when I went for a run this morning… Do you have a hat and scarf?”

Jun: the silence of the other teenager slowly pulls his eyes away from the floor, his pink gaze rising up to catch the very tail end of an intense blue stare. Before he can think too hard on why Zephyr had been looking at him, thoughts said out loud stream from the blonde until it ends with a question of his own. “I think…” he starts as he pulls tapered fingers free of his hair. “I have a scarf or two… but I don’t know if I have any hats…” though even if he has both he’s a little confused as to how that will help them. It’s not like he can hide himself completely, or cover up his eyes which will give him away no matter what. Getting out of the dorm will be the hardest since on the weekends it’s where a lot of the kids linger when they don’t have a time limit to get to their classes and his room isn’t too far from the main staircases, which is kind of the problem right now…

“Um… lemme check…” moving from his spot in the doorway of his bathroom, the white haired teen’s steps are a little hurried as he moves back to his wardrobe. Midnight eyes watch as Jun rummages through the various bits of clothing with one hand, while reaching behind him to finish tugging at the partially disheveled hoodie with his other, his face set in mild concentration. Tucked in a hanger that also holds his winter coat is a scarf of crimson that matches their uniforms along with another a deep pink that nearly matches his eyes. Tugging them free, he turns only to stop short when he finds Zephyr is before him.

“Uh… I don’t know which one is better…” he offers quietly, holding both mufflers up while trying hard not to fluster because of how close the blonde stands. “I don’t have any hats… cause I’ve never liked wearing them…” he shrugs “but I guess I have my hood.” Which is better than nothing he supposes. “So ah… about all this.” Jun starts again a bit shyly as his early dawn hued gaze travels down to the floor between them, suddenly feeling self conscious for reasons that are completely beyond him. “It’s kinda… just that I don’t want to deal with everyone getting down on me for ducking out on that party so, sorry if it’s going to be kind of a pain just to get out of the school…”

Zephyr: Tapered fingers rise with the intent of taking away some of the nervousness he sees so clearly in the teen before him, the desire to ease the embarrassment almost making him forget for a split second that this isn’t home. He can’t be as hands-on as he’s used to because that’s just not how things are done here and he’ll end up only making it all worse. It’s hard to remember that when he’s just not used to it. Pulling his hand from where it’s almost touched one pale cheek, the Dark instead sets it lightly on Jun’s shoulder. “If I really thought that any of this was a pain,” he says quietly, “or not worth the effort, then I wouldn’t have asked you to come with me.”

Dawn-tinted eyes still remain glued to the floor and Zeph gently squeezes his classmate’s shoulder before sliding his hand away. So much for helping Jun feel less nervous since if anything it seems like he’s somehow made the other teen more flustered. It’s cute and all, but he doesn’t want his friend to feel that way every time they hang out, which means he has to work a little harder at understanding all these cultural elements that he kind of tramples over all the time. He doesn’t really give a shit about them and it’s not truly going to change how he behaves, but at least then he’ll know he’s about to do something that’s against the norm. Somehow Sashi has figured this all out, so why can’t he? The blonde takes the crimson scarf from Jun with a smile. “This one, I think, since the pink will be less common and it might give your identity away.”

Zephyr drapes the knit over one of the wardrobe’s doors and then steps away to the bed to rummage through his messenger bag for a moment. “Now all we need,” the Selestarri mutters, half to himself and half to Jun as he shifts aside snacks and a few other things stockpiled in the bag before simply calling the item he’s searching for from the invisible space that surrounds him. It appears in his hand between one heartbeat and the next and he turns around to hold the sunglasses out to the other teenager. “…Are these,” he finishes and grins again at the white-haired first year. “They should cover up your eyes until we can get away from everyone else and with your hood and the scarf, it should be no problem.” Midnight eyes glance over at the clock on the bedside table and the Dark whirls around to grab his bag. “Shit, we gotta go or Sashi will be left waiting and I think my brother is already kinda in a cranky mood this morning, so we should definitely be on time …”

Jun: his hand trails slowly up as he pulls his eyes away from the floor to touch at the spot on his shoulder where the blonde’s fingers had just been. There’s an odd sort of warmth left that he can’t quite explain, something that doesn’t diminish even though Zephyr has pulled away and moved towards his messenger bag. Normally being touched in any way by anyone other than his best friend would feel like an intrusion, like a step over the protocol lines that everyone knows to be in place and the personal bubbles of politeness you just don’t cross. But… the careful squeeze of reassurance he’d just been given doesn’t feel like an intrusion at all which is something that in of itself is a bit weird.

Lowering his arm when the blonde’s words pull him from his thoughts, he slides the red scarf in his hands up and swings it around his neck, wrapping it loosely before slipping his hood over his head. Turning back briefly to rummage through the pockets of his winter coat, the white haired teen pulls his school I.D, various cards and a set of chained keys free before stuffing them into the back pocket of his jeans and turning around. He moves quickly forward to take the sunglasses from the taller teenager’s hands and slides them up onto his face. “So…” Jun starts as he latches his fingers loosely onto his pockets and shrugs. “How do I look? Can you tell it’s me?”

Zephyr smiles widely at his question as he slings his messenger back over narrow shoulders and it’s the kind of smile that makes him feel at ease and flustered all at once – something of which that for the life of him he can’t understand. What is it about his new classmate that flusters him so much? What is it about him that makes him feel so… self conscious in the strangest of ways? He doesn’t get it… he’s not sure that he will and it’s kind of making him wonder if he’s doing the right thing by sneaking out to spend time with him alone …

The Dark turns and moves towards the entrance of his room, the heavy wood swinging open before both teens slip out into the empty hall. Jun turns back long enough to lock his door, seemingly oblivious to the sheer amount of paper that’s scattered on the hardwood floor beneath his feet as it clicks and he slides the key free. Lifting the edge of his hoodie up so that he can clip the end of the long attached chain around one of the belt loops on his pants, he turns to find Zephyr’s eyes sliding away from the task his fingers had just been busy with. He blinks when their gazes meet and only a moment of stillness passes between them before the blonde smiles once more and turns to resume his steps. The white haired teenager then slides the hoodie fabric back down to cover it once his key chain is secured, stuffing the keys themselves into his back pocket before he follows, both students soon making their ways swiftly down the hall.

Zephyr: Midnight eyes are drawn almost instantly to the exposed hem of the t-shirt when the hoodie is lifted, watching intently for the smallest bit of the velvet-looking skin should it come into view. That urge from just a little bit ago to touch and discover for himself if the soft smoothness he saw really is as silken as it appeared comes surging back and an itch crawls across the palms of his hands. The blonde’s gaze moves with long fingers as the chain is clipped to a belt loop and then drawn back only to be halted abruptly and it’s in that moment that he realizes he’s been staring. It still takes a lot to pry his eyes away, but he’s not fast enough to escape Jun’s notice and their eyes meet for a long second. There’s confusion in the pink depths that mirrors the confusion that the Dark feels within. Seriously, why does he keep finding himself drawn in like that? God, one would think he’s never seen another guy before, let alone have grown up surrounded by them. He needs to stop before the other teenager really gets weirded out and uncomfortable around him and the friendship they’ve started building collapses and is unsalvageable.

Smiling at the other first year in an attempt to smooth the whole awkward thing over, Zeph pushes his still itchy hands deep into the pocket of his sweatshirt and then turns around to make his way down the long hallway toward the staircase. What the hell is up with this feeling like he needs to touch? He’s never felt something like that before, even when he was messing around with that girl on Springsrite or his friend before that. It’s one thing to want to put your hands all over someone else, but kinda another thing entirely to feel like you need to. Most likely it’s just the whole social formality of this place that’s fucking with him, the whole arms length distance that everyone seems to keep from one another that he’s just not used to and the oddness of not sharing his room with several other people. Those are the only things that make any sense to him as explanations and it’s probably a good thing that Jun isn’t a telepath because there’s no way that the Dark could get that across to anyone who isn’t Selestarri.

Making a turn down one of the shorter connecting corridors, the blonde casts a glance over his shoulder at his classmate and slows his step to allow the white-haired teen to catch up. “So I should probably warn you about my brother before you meet him since I don’t want you to get the wrong idea or anything.” Both midnight and pink gazes are pulled to the far end of the hall as two other students pass, but hardly any attention is paid to either of them and after a moment Zeph continues. “Sashi will probably come off like a serious asshole, but he’s really not and it’s nothing against you personally. He’s just really… guarded, when it comes to other people, you know? So if he doesn’t talk a lot or seems kinda short with you that’s the reason and I don’t want any misunderstanding.” After a moment Jun nods and they make their way in silence through the rest of the quiet first and second year dorms without seeing anyone else.

Joining the crowd of warmly dressed third and fourth years on the main staircase, they quickly make their way down to the first floor. Zephyr locates his brother almost immediately, the older Dark standing close to the double set of doors that leads to the outside. Sashi looks exhausted and indigo circles still ring gray eyes, but he doesn’t seem any worse despite being cared for by a Bright. That little fact still does not please the blonde in any way and he’s going to have to give a very clear warning of what the consequences are for messing with his brother beyond what’s already happened. The telepath is standing upright and given that he knows how powerful Sashi’s magic is and just how much it could have really hurt the other Selestarri when control was lost, he supposes that he needs to be thankful for at least that small thing. “Sashi, this is my friend, Jun. Jun, this is my brother, Sashi.” The thundercloud gaze slips to his classmate and the older Dark gives his standard monosyllabic greeting, which was pretty much what Zeph expected.

Not particularly interested in allowing for a lot of time to make things super uncomfortable, the blonde leads his companions into the stream of exiting students, the three of them stopping only long enough for Sashi to pull two crisp white forms from his jacket and hand them to the teacher standing beside the door. Once they’re given clearance, his brother points out a waiting town car in a long row of vehicles and as they approach the uniformed driver opens the door and waits patiently off to one side.


…to continue.



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