Ipsy Glam Bag – February

Alright, so to keep with the catching up spam, here’s my Feb Glam Bag reveal.



I’d redeemed some points to get that lotion, so it’s not a part of my actual Glam Bag, just on the side.


What was in my bag was above. I got 2 face masks, a nail polish, lipstick, eye shadow creme and an eyeliner.


The Feb insert.


Some social media type deal as per their norm.


Okay, so I absolutely hate this bag. I’m not kidding, it’s so ugly and I had a “what the hell were you guys even thinking” moment when it was revealed. I mean jeans and safety orange, for Feb’s “month o love”?! Seriously?? Ugh, this is actually the first bag I’ve gotten so far that I won’t be keeping for any purpose what so ever. God just, come on Ipsy, you guys can do better than this right?


Even the tag is fug. SAFETY ORANGE LIPS. Whyyyyyyyyy.


Okay so while I hated the bag, I did not (entirely) hate the contents. First up is this eyeliner, which I can always use more of.


Glides on pretty smoothly and is pigmented nice. Def a good creme liner for those days when I don’t feel like putting on (and then eventually taking off) a liquid one.


Then I got this Nyx lipstick. I don’t usually use red as a lip color, but I know I’ll need one for various cosplays and the like so it’s nice to get it and have on hand.


A little thin though in the test swatch, but eh. My hand is not my lips so who knows, maybe it’ll go on differently when I wear it as it’s meant to be worn.


So I finally, finally got an actual nail polish and when I saw the reveal, I was hoping beyond hope they’d send me the cute Robin’s Egg Blue, but alas.


No, of course I was sent this god awful muddy brown color I’ll never use ever because it literally looks like poop to me.


Trying to give it a yuppy fancy pants name can’t save the color people, it just can’t.


It’s even uglier straight out of the bottle. I hate it. Almost as much as I hate the bag itself /is bitter.


Next up though was something I didn’t hate, this cream pigment eye shadow.


Which is in the prettiest copper shade that I’ll def get so much use of because it’s right up my eyeshadow shade liking alley.


And it sparkles, which makes it a million times more awesome.


Last in the bag for Feb was these two face masks. I’ve yet to use the charcoal one (mainly because I’d been sent a different brand charcoalĀ  mask a short while prior by the Rabbit (<3) and had just used that one, so I’ve yet to try this one. I did use the green tea one though and it was pretty nice. Soothing and cool the way a green tea mask should be, and it left my face feeling “fresh” for a whole of five seconds after I took it off (until you know, my skin started drying up and I needed to put some lotion on it). I do like face masks, even though I rarely spend the money on them so it was nice to get a few to use.


And lastly, speaking of lotion, this stuff was some cream I got for redeeming points as said and so far, it’s been pretty good. I’ve nearly used up the entire tube a month after receiving it and it’s done its duty well as a hydration thing. Not so much on my face since I haven’t used it for that, but def on my hands, which can get pretty dry in the winter. I’m not sure I’d go out of my way to buy a whole thing of it, because while it didn’t feel greasy or anything, it also never really felt like it stuck around much. But as a free add on to the sub, it was a good try and it’s been plenty useful.

So yes, in this bag, and aside from the fug bag itself, the only thing I did not at all like was that ugly nail polish (because it’s so uglyyyyy), otherwise, the other four things were pretty damn ace.


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