Kawaii Box – February

Andddddd, Feb’s box, so I’m officially caught up (in posting Kawaii Box, since I have a billion other things to post that I’m not caught up in yet e_e;)



The sheet telling me the biz. Another month of 11 items.


And them as they greeted me upon opening the box.


Then laid flat, complete with crazy strip of light that was all in my biz while I was trying to snap pics. I got a pair of socks, sticker sheet, cat paw sticky tabs, a pen, a key chain, a plush key chain, 2 sets of nail decals, a DIY jewelry set, caramel corn and some sanrio chocos.


The first edible was these strawberry layered Sanrio chocos. Obviously since they were layered on chocolate. I couldn’t eat them, but the Chibi said they tasted like those strawberry choco things we get for her sometimes at Uwajimiya, and were therefor good.


The second edible was this and I could eat it. It was very good, sort of a subtle, not overly sweet caramel corn deal and I liked it a lot. I would def get this again is I happen across it in the store or something.


Then there was this (Feb’s box seemed to be pretty Sanrio heavy, which was awesome actually since it’s rare they do a full on theme) and omg is this thing cute. I’ve seen it about and always meant to buy one, so I was happy to get him in the box. He’s so cuteee.


As is his tag.


He even has a little octo felt buddy tag, which makes him even cuter.


Then you turn him onto his belly and manta ray? Seriously, adorable beyond belief and he’s now up on the board along with all the other cute plush things I’ve gotten so far from this sub.


Next are these My Melody socks, which are really soft and warm and I adore them.


I’ve gotten quite a bit of use from them already, and normally I don’t wear socks if I can help it because I can’t stand the *stifling of my toes*.


It feels like it’s been a long while since I’ve seen some kind of deco key chain thing and so here we are. This thing is cute and all, but really bulky to me and of course, all those little deco sprinkles were falling off it left and right five seconds from the wrapping. I suppose it’s cute for peeps who like this sort of thing but eh, not one of them so it’s not going to get much use.


The next thing is this diy jewelry set, which while normally I wouldn’t have a lot of use for, I actually rather like due to it being candy colored pearls and all. I’ve yet to use it, but I prolly will at some point, just for the fun of making cute plastic jewelry.


Nail decals, which will also get use. Surprisingly here, the Chibi asked for one to use (which caught me by surprise since they are so girly? But hey, I was more than happy to give her one since this box is supposed to be for both of us and it feels like I’m the only one who ever gets use of anything in it) -I have yet to use them myself since it’s this whole ordeal to do my nails (I work with my hands, obviously, so taking time out to do a nail deal is a special set of mind something I rarely seem to allot for these days) but I will at some point I’m sure. They are cute enough ^^


Another set of page tabs, which I can always use, and these are in the shape of cat paws, which make them super cute on top of being functional.


The stickers in Feb’s box are cuteeee. And raised and puffy, which makes them cute on top of cute.



I saw several different types of pins in other peeps’s boxes and I’m so happy that I got this one, because it’s right up my alley. I don’t think I;d have been happy with any of the others, so yay for that. This is the type of pin I will wear and I def plan to do that. It’s cute, comic-y and acrylic. And pink. A++


Lastly for this box is this pen.


Polar bear… sure. Looks like a brown bear on a donut, but what evs.


It has the same fine tip as all the past pens, and having been using it since the beginning of the month, so far it’s a winner. Unlike the last pen, it has yet to start leaking all over and the ink hasn’t started running dry, I really like it. Even if it is a little confused on what kind of bear it happens to be.

Okay so Feb’s box? Near complete win. Aside from the heart doughnut deco thing, there isn’t one thing in it either myself or the Chibi will/has used. I also really liked how despite them including one edible I couldn’t eat (chocolate), there was one I could. Add on that this box was so Sanrio heavy, I think it’s been one of my favs so far since renewing the sub and I think they’ll have a hard time topping it in truth. We’ll see I suppose, when the next one comes.


2 thoughts on “Kawaii Box – February

  1. Have to agree on Feb being awesome – I esp love the whale cause I had been eyeing this character since he was released.

    (also just in case you want more of those pearls, I so don’t need my box so lemme know and i can put them in the Easter box I plan on shipping next WE!)


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