Kawaii Box – January

I figure since it’s now March, I should prolly get the last two month’s worth of Kawaii Boxes up since you know, March’s will be on its way soon.

So first up is January’s box.





So here’s what greeted me upon opening the box.


And here’s the card telling me all the Biz. 11 items this time.


And here they are all laid out. I got some kind of cute cat loaf plush, a bow hair clip, pocky style pen, sucker, DIY candy kit, 2 sheets of stickers, a button, a mirror, a phone thing and a food eraser set.


First up is the cat loaf. It’s way big and done in a sort of Tsum Tsum style deal.


With tail and super cute. This one’s a keeper for sure, even if I have no clue where to put it at the moment.


Next up is this rabbit phone security ring/stand deal. Since I only have an iPod and not a phone, and it’s not something I can use despite the cute ‘stache it has going on so I ended up forwarding this to the Rabbit in hopes she’d find use in it. Especially since it’s a rabbit and has a ‘stache.


I def love the bow hair clip though and have gotten plenty of use from it so far. Seriously cute thing this, and perfect for holding back my bangs. Of which it does on any given day.


These are cute, food shaped erasers and all but I have no use for them so I ended up giving them to a neighbor kid. They on the other hand seemed to have gotten lots of use out of them so they didn’t go to waste.


A candy button thing. Another thing I had no use for since I don’t wear these types of buttons.


So this is a cute mirror and I actually like the one I got (I saw several different types in other peeps’s boxes, all of which seemed to revolve around this cute spooky ghost art) and it’s good sized.


Plus engrish packaging is a plus?


But holy shiz, this is what I found when I opened it up. I’m not sure what’s going on with it, since it was technically “new in package” but there was no protective film on it like there usually is with these things and it looks just… well look at it. I kind of feel like someone used it and sent it back and they then put it in my box or…? Either way, it’s gross and while I like the mirror, minus several points for it being so dirty fresh out of the package. Was any one else’s mirror like this or was I just lucky?


The edibles in Jan’s box were this DIY kit.


And this Disney sucker. Neither of them have chocolate so I’m able to eat both, but just haven’t gotten around to yet so I can’t attest to the taste of either. Despite me getting these two months ago u_u;;


Then there was this cute pocky style pen. I saw a few different version of this and really wanted to get the strawberry one, but eh, this choco one was cute too.


It had a fine tip and seemed like it would be a good replacement pen to the one from the previous box (since at that time, it’d already run out), but after using it for half a month I can say that for as cute as it was, it’s been one of the worse pens by far they’ve sent. The thing began leaking after only a few uses, then ran out before Feb was even halfway done (which was a whole of one week after this box came). All the pens they send tend to be cheap like the rest of the products, but they still usually last a month or so and don’t leak all over everything so badly. I would never ever recommend this one to anyone, it was just that bad :/


Lastly were these two sticker sheets. Puffy hearts and jewels, both of which got lots of use on my Vday things. Plus shiny.

So in all, it was a good box despite there being several things I couldn’t/wouldn’t use, and the dirty mirror and crappy pen. Surprisingly they didn’t upset me in any real way or soil me on the sub itself, so yay?


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