Super Geek Box – February 2017

So I’d gotten Super Geek Box once, like last year sometime and quite honestly, I wasn’t very impressed by it at all so I never bothered with it again. Until that is, they sent me a mail saying that the Feb theme was going to be classic (featuring things like Famicon, Transformers, Sonic and more) so I thought, okay, let me give them another chance.

This is what I got.



This is what greeted me upon opening the box.


And the inset sheet, telling you what’s what.


And here we are with the contents all laid out. What I got was a Pac Man plush, a Mario shirt and magnets, a Transformer’s blind bag, a Sonic backpack deal and a button.


Won’t be keeping the button because as stated in a few entries here and there, I don’t wear these types of pins, and even if I did, I don’t like the free advertising they seem to think we’ll do for them in a paid box. I dunno, I guess people keep them as momentous, but I personally will only keep pins that are artful (and don’t blatantly advertise), or are useful. Lootcrate had these too for a while and I’ve always just ended up donating them. This one was no exception.


So apparently you could have gotten a whole range of PacMan (or Ms. PacMan as the tag indicates) plushies, with Ms PacMan herself being the super special one that only a few get. Thank glob I did not get her, because I really don’t care for any of the plushies I’d seen in other peeps’s boxes save Pinky here, which I got, or the Blue ghost, which I’d have been happy to also get. I lucked out on this one and got one of the only two plushies I like, so yay for that.




The Transformer item was a blind bag fig. Kind of disappointed in this, though honestly I don’t know what I was expecting it to be considering the first box I got from them had similar styled contents. I dunno, I guess I’d hoped for something other than a cheap little blind bag fig?


And mine turned out to be Ratchet whom I’m not real fond on in general. Plus eh, for as much as I collect small trinkets and the like, this fig really isn’t to my tastes.


The card he came with was a 3D type deal, and meant to be part of a larger puzzle which I’m guessing, you’d collect when you collect more of the figs.


The inset card showing all the figs you can get. I’ll never get any of them because as said, not my thang, not even Soundwave, whom I’d normally be all about because he’s one of my fav Decepticons, but I guess it’s useful if you are into them and all.


On his stand, and I ended up giving him to the neighbor kid because that kid seems to like these little trinket things. At least it didn’t go to waste.


Next up were these Mario magnets. They are cute and all, but super paper thin (like the thin kind you can print out in your own home printer type of thin), so while they are currently up on Hot Daniel Sr. (our fridge) looking the part, they are pretty useless for anything other than that because they won’t stick holding even a store receipt’s width of thickness.


The other Mario thing was this shirt which… I dunno, I guess I don’t get? I like Mario just about anything, but this weird Minecraft style block Mario is kinda meh to me. Maybe I’ve missed something along the way nerdom wise and this refs to something my ancient heart knows not, but it’s okay and all. A good workout shirt anyway, which it has become.


Last up was this Sonic “back pack” thing. It’s made from that super cheap ass paper fabric that you get wrapping inexpensive shoes, and doesn’t look like it can hold any weight whatsoever, let alone gym stuff it claims to be for. I wanted the Sonic thing mostly for the Chibi since Sonic is her bag, but even she was all “uhhh?” and was a bit irritated at it because it’s so flimsy. She also promptly took the strings from the casings to make it a norm draw string bag because the backpack part felt useless to her considering the material, and I haven’t seen it used or messed with since.

So overall, with this, I’ve realized that Super Geek Box just isn’t for me and prolly never will be. I’ve given it two tries and been mostly disappointed on both, so I don’t think I’ll ever bother with it again. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad sub box for peeps who are into these cheap little trinket things, but for me, it’s a bit of a waste of monies. Especially when I could use the 20 something it costs to buy a shirt I like and will use for something other than a workout, you know?


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