Lock, Shock and the arrival of Barrel

As stated in the previous recap post, Barrel (Aileen Doll Pico-dragon model kit Ashes) was a Christmas gift from a friend. He arrived only a few days after Christmas (because that same friend was cray and paid for the super expensive fast shipping that poor people like me only dream about -pfffft) and I promised box opening pics, because it was the least I could do for getting so amazing as a gift (;~;<3)

So box opening gifts were had.



…which led to this little introduction.


And for prosperity, here’s some of Barrel alone…

So I love him? I really do, I think of the three, he’s the cutest (I’m a little biased to his grumpy face and his gray skin though. I love me dat grumps. I love me some ashen skin), -I actually do have box opening/put together pics of Lock and Shock too, but since they weren’t gifts, and I didn’t promise any pics to anyone of them, I’ve yet to get around to sorting the folder. I will at some point though and when I do, I might post them (or not because honestly, they are basically the same as Barrel’s opening, just with different mouth bits since they fixed the mouth prong issue with Barrel’s kit, and a couple less horns).

I still need to paint them all, and get them proper eyes, but guh. So happy to have the three and I’m actually hoping Aileen Doll will put out more styled kits in the future since they are so cheap. It’s nice to have a version of their dragons, even if they are plastic versions and not resin. The cuteness is just the same ^_^




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