Plans that never became

So following in the Birb’s footsteps, I figured I should do a comparison of what my doll plans had been for the year, versus what actually happened.

For the record, the planning post is here

To recap, I’m going to do this in sections. Starting with the main ->

The 2017 plan

Extra bits and bobs I want to square away are ~

~I want to *finally* get some actual elastic string pullers, prolly from Souldoll or the like. I’ve been in this hobby for over 14 years and have yet to get a real string puller. It’s kind of pathetic and my def to get lists this year include getting one of each size – Large and small

~Another on the need list is stands. I have no real stands and need a lot of them, so I plan to get at least enough stands for my larger dolls (prolly need about uh… 15+? then?)

~Along that line, are elastics. I never have enough of these in stock, so I want to start getting a good amount of backups, because my dolls are in perpetual need of restringing, considering most of their ages.

What actually happened

  • Legend Doll WS jointed hands were got for adult!Jun
  • Teen!Kazuya (Luts limited Cian) was brought home from a long time old dorru acquaintance allowing me to adopt him at a great price)
  • along with Kazuya, came a RML head and a vinyl bod that I’m pretty sure is Volks Dollfie Dream. I’ve done nothing with either of them as of yet.
  • Glitch arrived (Fingertip Dreamland Bebe Maru)
  • Coraelle V.2 was brought home (Mishi’s Doll Hope)
  • Lock, Shock and Barrel (Aileen Doll Pico Dragon kits, Lock – Violet Dragon, Shock – Violet Dragon, Pink Edition, and Barrel – Ashes, with Ashes being a Christmas gift from a long time dorru friend) were all attained.
  • elastics were attained (thanks to a Birb and another dorru friend)

Annnndddd, that’s it. Obviously,  my plans for things went to hell once my Lady Bean developed cancer, but I at least did manage a few things. Even if only two of them were from the list.

Now onto the General Plans section. This part is pretty long, so instead of copy/pasta’ing the original list, I’ll just write out what I did manage from it.

  • fixed Jun Prime’s Another Space goggles.
  • made Adult!Jun’s initial overcoat.
  • finished Thial’s horns.
  • got Rune a replacement blue eye

…yeah. I got almost nothing from those lists done, for the same cancer reasons listed above.

Also while I prepped certain dolls for sale, I’ve yet to actually list them so no dolls got sold this year. Considering it’s crunch time for the Bean’s last four chemotherapy payments and we’re down to nothing, that will most definitely change in the early parts of the coming year. But that’s a post for another day.

I also got none of the sets done that I wanted to create. At all. I mean, I began sort of, then cancer happened and you know the rest. There’s not been room to work on or concentrate on backdrops or sets while the Bean has been going through her chemo. Maybe that will change in the coming year. Most likely not since cancer is a little permanent and ongoing, but you know. Always striving for the best here… or at least, an adequate medium, even if it never actually happens.

Lastly for the doll plans is this section ->

Other miscellaneous doll plans ->

  • get all to date RP books in print
  • actually complete this year’s ADAW project without having to cheat the end pics
  • do more outside shoots
  • get back in the habit of doing doll photography in general
  • Get Angel Hunt back up and fully operational again

So what from the list above did I manage? Let’s see ->

I did do more outside shoots… they may have mostly all been on my back porch area since I haven’t been able to (or willing to) get far from the Bean while she’s sick, but they were outside so I say it counts.

However, nothing else off that list came to be. No RP books beyond the two I managed to gift this year (AU Vol 2 for the Rabbit’s Bday, and The Story Book World Vol1, which is a collection of a lot of the shorts the Rabbit and I have written over the years in one book, for Christmas). I ended up cheating on the ADAW pics again because life fell apart for a while after we found out Mister had cancer, and along with it went my plans for everything, including photography. My site was in there too, but again, it got lost after the diagnosis and I failed to get it up to date since it became a low priority in the face of something so devastating.

Now onto the final section of that 2017 Plans post – General Collections plans. Again, this is a rather long section so instead of re-listing it all, I’ll just list what I did manage and go from there.

From the Props section, I managed these ->

  • Tom Riddle’s Diary (Bday gift from the Birb)
  • Dwarven coin set (Christmas gift from the Birb)

From the Others section, I managed these ->

  • Sea Breeze G1 Tropical Pony (Bday gift from the Rabbit)
  • Sky Rocket G1 Sparkle Pony Mail Order
  • Star Trek Dinky Toys Enterprise
  • Hoggle Funko Pop (Christmas Gift), and Ludo Funko Pop
  • I did acquire a good amount of NumNoms (some gifts)
  • Nendo!Me (Christmas gift from the Birb)
  • A full run (4) of the Curios and Conundrums (pre-paid in Jan, long before the Bean developed cancer)

Other things were got that weren’t on the list, obviously, but for the above cancer reasons, most of my original plans went un-got and considering we still have four treatments left and another 1331.oo to raise for them that we do not even remotely have, a lot of my collections are in the process of being listed for sale so even what I did manage to attain might soon end up on the chopping block as well. We’ll see I suppose, but it has forced me to redefine much of what I have.

But! Considering that a good chunk of the year ended up being wrought with hardships, first the ongoing issues related to the Chibi’s chronic illness (and the expenses of), and then to being blindsided by cancer of all things, I still say I did pretty well. My 2018 list of plans (of which I’ll make a post for at some point soon) will be far more humble because we have no money anymore due to chemo bills and the continued need of money for chemo bills, but I do still have plans.

One can always dream right? I sure hope so, because right now dreaming is all I’ve actually got -lol.







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