It’s Time…

It’s that time again. My doll plans for the year time, that is.

Honestly, I’m not very hopeful this time around that I’ll even be able to get a single thing marked off this list considering the Bean’s ongoing chemotherapy expenses, but I still want to make plans because the planning gives me something to strive for. Even if the striving proves to be fruitless. Plus, you know, I’m not willing to give up on anything – whether it be the Bean (cancer can fuck the hell off because I’m not losing her to it no matter what), or my collections, my dolls, my life, etc. I’m a bit of a pessimist, but I’m an optimistic pessimist, at least.

Anywho, so I’ve already made the comparison post for last year’s (rather failed) plans. You can find that -> here.

So this year, let’s start this year off with my doll wish list. I won’t bother doing the standard “you know, if money allows” or “hah, yeah rights” because if I go into this saying what I already know will most likely happen (i.e. nothing), then there’s really no point for me to make a plan post at all and where’s the fun in that? So I’ll just write this whole thing as if much needed and wanted chemotherapy bills aren’t sucking us dry (it’s worth it though, so don’t get me wrong, I’d give up everything for my Lady Bean, even all the money I don’t have just to make sure we kill off her cancer for good) and I’m not in constant financial dire straights. It is a wish list so I’ll write it pretending that everything is peachy and I’m made of normal monies and I won’t end up having to sell any of my dolls for bills after all. Or you know, something of that sort.

So yes, onto the doll wish list. My doll wants for 2018 are about the same as they were for 2017, save a few exclusions and a few additions, of which these are it ->

Alright, so those are my wish list dolls/doll plans for the year. Very humble indeed. but, YOU KNOW.

As for other doll related things, my wants are thus.

  • String pullers in each size (dear glob, I really, finally need to get these damn things. I’ve been in the hobby for over 14 frikkin years now, it’s about time, you feel me?)
  • Jun’s correct eyes from Souldoll finally (pretty sure this is the right number, size has to be 22mm)
  • Stands, stands and more stands (I need one for each doll I have so a lot. In each size.)
  • The elastics thing still applies since it’s nice to have them on hand and I know I’ll always need backups so…
  • Speaking of. Eye putty, a lot of it, since I really, really need to stop using sculpy so I can prolong the life of all my eyes.
  • MSC UV flat. I need cans of it, many cans. I have so much aesthetics work to do and not enough MSC to do it, which is partially the reason I’ve done none of it.
  • I need a total of 4 (maybe 5 at the most) of these Ikea glass cabinets. I really need to get these squared, especially in this apartment since dust and such is killing my crews slowly. Between my Chibi’s illness and the Bean’s cancer, I can’t keep up and these cases would really help me.
  • I need more plastic bins to store clothing, shoes and accessories because I’m tired of the broken down cardboard boxes I’m using (and have been using for years) Shoebox and the size up from there. A lot of them.

For general doll things, I think that’s about it on the needs/wants.

As for updates, aesthetics needs and clothing, my 2018 plans are pretty much a copy pasta of my 2017 plans since I got none of the 2017 plans actually done. Adding to it, I want to get all the aesthetics and faceups done that need to be done (which is pretty much every doll needs one or the other, or both so I should really get on that now…)

Lastly on my doll plans, I’m going to list a grail doll. I never list grail dolls because I don’t usually have any (a grail to me is unattainable, and usually, in one way or another and even if it takes me years, I manage to attain) -but this one is different because I honestly don’t feel as if I’ll ever be able to attain her. Yet I want her, I’ve wanted her since she was first released and I’ll prolly continue wanting her until the day I die. So hence, she is a grail.

My kingdom, for this horse *_*

Other random doll related things from last year still apply for this year, including, but not inclusive of are ->

  • get all to date RP books in print
  • actually complete this year’s ADAW project without having to cheat the end pics
  • do more outside shoots
  • get back in the habit of doing doll photography in general
  • Get Angel Hunt back up and fully operational again
  • Get at least ONE backdrop/set done

So yes, that concludes the doll parts of my 2018 plans, aside from a few stray dolls I’d like to have for the sake of having, but they are not really a priority so I won’t bother listing them here. I may in a different post, or I might not, who knows. Below now are my general collection plans for the year too, since I included that in last year’s plans, and why not.

For 2018, collection wise, I’d like to concentrate on the three following things ->

  • My Little Ponies
  • Num Noms
  • Props/replicas (and maybe, just maybe, Funko Pops)

For the MLP, I want to get just a few from my favs sets to complete them ->

There’s a few more I need, but for now the above are the main ones I’d like to square away in the collection.

Num Noms are a little on going and the list is very long, so I’ll prolly make a separate toy post with the needed sets and such for them (along with the Funko Pop wishlist). But I’d really like to get my Num Noms collection up to date before it gets so far behind I won’t be able to catch up.

The prop replica collection is almost the same too so I just sort of copy pasta’d this from last year ->


The Hobbit and LoTr

Harry Potter

This is one I doubt I’ll make into the collection due to the price, but it’s a dream to eventually own so I’m sticking it up here just in case I somehow manage to work it into the budget (which, lol, is no, but a girl can dream) –The Final Challenge Chess set

Misc props ->

  • This Labyrinth book, which I’ve wanted for 4+ years now. My plan is to actually get a hold of it sometime this year so I can get the damn thing off my wishlist once and for all (HA RIGHT)
  • Boss key and Small key
  • I also really want a Darth Vader Nendoroid, and I’m hoping to score one at some point this year.

And lastly, I still have yet to get this and I still really want it ->


Annnnd, done. That’s it for this year’s wants and plans. I’m still going to pretend some of this will be possible, and who knows, the Bean does finish out her chemo at the end of February so maybe it will be. I mean, mostly likely not since we’re a good 10k in debt from it so far and still have a few months left to go, plus need to start planning for round two should she fall out of remission, but eh. I’m still going to dream, and so dream I will e_e /




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