ADAW 01/52 + Extras

Whooo, my first official pic for the 2018 Doll a Week project because yes, I am so doing this again, even if I end up snapping the majority of the pics near the end as per my forte.

Since it’s literally been over a year since I’ve photographed Fuan due to him being in peices in a storage box because I lacked elastics to put him together, and two for Jenova for the same reasons (plus add in that Jenova has had no pants because his last pair that fit his Dollstown body died in the move from NC back to Seattle and globs do I suckkkkkkk), I figured it was about time.

So I finally made Jenova some pants the other day and without further adieu…


A Doll a Week 2018



And the extras

My babies, it’s been too long ;3;<3


These have also been posted on A N G E L H U N T =3




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