It Could Have Been a Disaster…

Part of my 2018 plans include finally getting my shiz together and updating all of my crews. I’ve had dolls sitting for years needing aesthetics works, clothing, wigs, re-stringing, every other long time hobby person problem ever can be inserted here, you name it.

Back when the Rabbit visited, she paid for a faceup for Vale, then left him in my care for said faceup. Then shortly after she left, the Bean was diagnosed with cancer and everything, and I do mean everything, got put on hold while I did my best (and often failed) to not have a nuclear meltdown (as anyone who follows my IG knows), including most work.

But as said, part of the 2018 plan is get back on top of it all. We’re still going through the cancer thing, chemo is ongoing (and will be for a few more months before the Bean has completed her first C.H.O.P protocol), and we’re slowly yet surely, learning to live with it all. So the other day, I figured it was time to get on some of the things I’ve needed to do for the better part of … all my doll hobby years, since as I say quite often, I’ve been in this thing for over 14 years now and it’s getting kind of sad that of my 30+ dolls, I’ve got not one who is complete, and you know, get back to work so I can stop making all the (wonderfully patient and kind) peeps who are waiting on things from me wait yet another year for their stuff.

Since aesthetics work is an all day deal, and since I’ve spent the beginning part of the year sewing, I switched it up and took the other day for that. The Rabbit’s Vale was on the list (and I’ll post him finished once he is and the Rabbit approves), as well as the “while I’m at it” dolls of my own. Sassy’s Shadow, who needed his face fixed and his hooves blushed, was one on that list, Babby!Thial, who’s been needing a face since I got him, was another, and Rune, who was in need of his horns being done, and his hooves being blushed, got the final spot.

Thus began what nearly became a disaster because what’s a new year without one of those right? Most people wouldn’t need such things, most people can get by perfectly fine without having something detrimental happen that could possibly ruin their day. But I, I am not most people. I am someone who would love for things to go right, but instead has some force around her that mandates everything, and I do mean everything that could possibly go wrong should, will and even if there’s no situation to allow for it, here’s a satellite falling from the sky to smash you into the ground because hey, I’ve got your back. That’s me.

The aesthetics work starts out fine, I’m actually spraying this stuff outside and letting it air out there, and, AND using a mask because new year, new me (I don’t use masks, never have because I have serious claustrophobic issues and would rather have some stupid lung cancer eventually than have something on my face making it impossible for me to breathe, apparently), and everything is going peachy.

It goes like this for a while – sprays and airing while faces get more layers, you know the drill. But seeing as it’s winter still, I’m losing the light rather fast and my work time is growing short. I get to the dark and give it one last layer spray, and after an hour of airing, I decide to go retrieve all the parts for the night.

That’s when it happened.

Rune’s lower hooves had been hanging over the porch area differently than all the other bits. You can kind of see that here ->

Which, for the record, the entire porch part looks like so ->

Which meant one of his hooves was hanging over the inside portion with the chicken wire, and therefor safe should it fall. The other however, was hanging over the outside portion, where should it fall, it would hit the stairs, these stairs actually ->

-and was not in fact, safe. I don’t know why I’d done it that way, because I could have hung the hooves over the bench the way I did the rest of the parts and then I’d have no need to make this post at all. But you know, see above regarding the random falling satellite and I’m sure you’ll see where this is going real fast.

So back to my story. So I’m stepping outside to pull all the heads and parts inside for the night, and I have my hands full of heads and wires with All. The. Hooves (TM). attached, and I’m thinking to myself that maybe I should set All. The. Hooves (TM) down just in case because I had this foreboding that the last parts I need to retrieve, those apple green hooves hanging precariously over the porch rail, would somehow bounce out of my very full fingers and get lost in the stormy night, but I decide I don’t want to because that would require one more step and who needs that when I’m trying to get it all in one go and why take 3 seconds longer to do something when you can get it all squared now right?

And guess what happens? Go on, bet you can’t.

Yes, that one hoof, the left one hanging over not the safety of the caged-in porch side, but the open side with the stairs that lead down to what was at that time, vast darkness, it falls.

And stupidly, because I’m such a genius, it falls not for any good reason, but because me, with my hands full of All. The. Hooves/Heads/Etc (still TM), grabs for the right hoof first like the true blonde I actually am *you can insert the sweat drop emoji here* -I saw it happen in slow motion and knew, knew the very second my fingers touched the right hoof that I was grabbing for the wrong one first because if you take the counter weight off, gravity will do it’s thang to what weight’s left on the other side, but did it stop me from completing the motion knowing full well it was wrong? Did that knowledge of gravity and the Earth’s pull and weights and counter weights stop me at all?

No. No it did not.

It’s like telling someone, whether they be child or adult, not to touch something and the brain sparks in that instant to compel you to do the very thing you were just told not to do. Which is exactly what my brain did. So I watch it in near slow motion fall and I have just enough time to make a “Jebus could you not?!” crossed with a “GLOB THAT WAS SO STUPID” type of exacerbated sound before I hear it bounce impact a few steps and then disappear into the a fore mentioned black, vast abyss. I think I might actually have face palmed when it happened. With, mind you, a handful of All. The. Hooves (TM).

After walking back inside and doing what I should have done before attempting to grab for Rune’s hooves by depositing the parts on a soft surface, I ask the Chibi if she knows where our one little LED flashlight is, and after a futile search for it, I head back outside armed with only the light of my IPod to begin a search.

And search I did.

I looked just beneath our porch area, which is above the laundry/water heater room, met a beautiful garden spider I had to carefully work around not to mess up her web while I looked in the nooks of the stairs behind her, checked all of the ledges of the stairway, the light cage, one of the lower neighbor’s porch, which is directly below mine on the stairs, before I headed around to the ground level where I was sure it had to be.

In the daylight hours, here is where I had to look ->

It’s a small area and in daylight hours, easy to navigate. But as I said, I was not in daylight hours. It was pitch black and the only light, which is above the laundry room, did not shine in that nook where all the leaves, random beer caps from years of downstairs neighbor summer drinking parties happen, and blown in bits and bobs were. Nor did it shine beneath the porch area shown above, which looks less like the under porch area that it does in the light, and more like a portal to a completely different dimension filled with most likely Elder Gods, or as I suspect, an actual gateway to Hell, when it’s dark.

So digging around in the leaves and gunk armed with only the light of my IPod for the better part of an hour proved to be fruitless. Cold and wet (because it had begin raining, of course), I slunk up the stairs without Rune’s hoof while believing it might actually have fallen into a hidden fairy ring or something because honestly, where the hell could the thing have gone? It’s a small area and we’re only up one floor, unless that hoof grew wheels or wings, it didn’t seem to have very far to go and yet it disappeared just the same.

It… kind of made me want to rage quit, in truth. I mean it took me years to acquire Rune’s body in the first place and then after finally being able to swing his body, he’s sat either together on the shelf or in parts in a storage box with no aesthetics or painting or proper anythings because of life throwing satellites on me non stop, then when I finally, finally get to working on him, I go and lose one of the parts of his body that keeps him together. It was like, welp, he may have been incomplete aesthetics wise, but at least he had all his damn parts so what the hell?

Anyway, so I spent the rest of the night working more on Vale’s face, trying not to allow my could-be loss to get to me (because 2017 treated us terribly and it got to me more often than I’d have liked, so there was no way I was going to allow 2018 to start off like this nor was I going to allow it to mess my groove any, you know?), while going over the possibilities of either having to make Rune a new hoof part (which time wise, I knew would never happen), or the stress of trying to contact Soom and ask them to make me a replacement part (which, from experiences in the past, is a hit or miss with them even when you are paying and it’s just stress I’m not up for going through again).

I couldn’t sleep very well (well, lol, I slept worse than normal I should say since sleep isn’t a luxury I get these days and I’m in a continuous state of insomnia-face on any given day), and in the morning when the Chibi left for work, and during the time that I normally spend cuddling with the Bean until I can do so no more and have to pull from the covers to begin the day, I laid there listening to the damn local crows cawing while imaging them finding the thing I could not find the night prior and running off with it because it’s shiny and pretty, and quite honestly, they are jerks and doing so is right up their alley.

So the instant the light got light enough for me to see, I decked myself out (because now, it was raining in earnest), and headed back down the stairs in hopes of locating the missing hoof. The downstairs neighbor was home now because his car was again in the driveway (which was another fear, that he would return and run it over since he tends to park anywhere from far from the complex, to only a few feet away), the scent of his cigarettes fresh, so I brought the other hoof part with me just in case (this time safely tucked in my coat pocket) I was still unable to find it so that I could show him if he or his kids were to happen upon it (another fear), and with the dawn light, I began the search anew.

I made one pass of the leaves and under porch area and found nothing, and then turned around, thinking I’d prolly lost it to the Hell Portal and dear glob, this was going to be annoying, when something shiny caught my eye.

Yes, there it was. Most of the MSC and blushing I’d spent hours layering the night before had flaked off it overnight, but there it was. Where exactly? Let’s take another look at one of the pictures above ->


How… how in the effleflak did it even get all the way out there? It’s like it actually did grow some wheels and make it to the gravel before deciding it had enough. I mean, it’s no where near the area of the porch – the leaf filled under porch Hell Portal is near the porch so…

But I’m not complaining because yes, crisis averted. Rune’s other hoof found. Lesson to learn? Don’t hang anything over the unprotected portion of the porch ever again because it gonna get lost.


One thought on “It Could Have Been a Disaster…

  1. Omg, I would have been a mess thinking I’d lost a hoof! (Like you said, it’s not as though you could just dial Soom up and get another.) Crazy that it bounced so far from the zone where it should have landed, but yay for it being found and not dropping into the hell portal.


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