ADAW 07/52 + an Extra


A Doll a Week 2018



And the extra…

Only one extra this time because the Bean was sick from chemo for a good chunk of the week and I’ve spent my time taking care of her, and not getting a lot of anything else done. Also, it was Megumi’s 15th birthday as a doll on Valentine’s Day, so while she didn’t get too may pics, she did at least get some. Also, Also, it snowed today for five second (boo) so I figured I’d document that with dorru.

Not particularly exciting, but done at least considering I’ve been feeling pretty meh as of late and not really up to doing much at all. It was a struggle just getting myself to do this, so go me for managing it, I suppose.


Both shots are also up in A N G E L H U N T. Yes.


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