ADAW Weeks 11 – 20/52

Ah yes, so once again I’ve fallen behind in this too (to be fair, I’ve fallen behind in everything so…) but! I’m still snapping and still planning on getting to all the pics. Until I do, here are weeks 11 through 20, which I never posted here. Apparently.



As always, they can also be seen on my site H E R E ^_^ /


2 thoughts on “ADAW Weeks 11 – 20/52

  1. To be honest ADAW is one of the most stressfull things I had done in this hoby xD
    I quit – for now – but at this Moment it is too much for me and I think it is frustrating to be always behind. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop! xD I love yopur pictures, all I say is don’t stress yourself!! ❤


  2. It’s tough for me to decide which one of these pics is my fav (although Jun!Tummy is so, so cute >.<), because each photo is awesome. Even if it takes you extra time to get all the weeks photographed, the important thing is that you keep at it. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing weeks 21-52.


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