Art Challenges Reprise

So a few months ago, my Chibi and I decided we would start up the monthly themed Art Challenges again just to keep us drawing semi regularly. I did the first month in time, and in good old fashioned style, promptly fell behind. But after nearly 2 months of an art block that kept me from drawing anything of worth, I got my zing back and was able to pump out the two arts I was missing, of which I am posting them now.


May T H E M E : Judgement Day


June T H E M E : Oh Pepe


July T H E M E : Royal



You can also see the pics on their theme page on my site H E R E

The Rabbit joined in and you can have a look see at her interpretations on her blog H E R E, and the Chibi’s can be seen on her IG H E R E

Now, so long as I can finish up this month’s heme in the next two days, I’ll be caught up. Staying caught up however, well… we’ll see how that goes.


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