Christmas Gifts – Destiny


Yes, so I have a whole New Years entry to make, and another post to do about dolls and plans and everything in-between, but I’m currently working through some New Year catching up and cleaning biz (and prolly will be for a while) but until then, I figured I should share the only thing I do have ready enough to post, which is one of the Christmas gifts I gave to the Rabbit – a OneShot fluff comic featuring an AU Jun and Zeph.



Read the rest of the comic on my site ->H E R E


One thought on “Christmas Gifts – Destiny

  1. I’ve told you already, but I adore this. Jun with shoujo flowers!? Kid!Zeph!? The two of them meeting by chance in the past and then coming together in the present!? Awesome, all of it awesome. And as always, your art is on point. I seriously love this, and it was a wonderful Christmas gift <3<3<3


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