Christmas Gifts Part 3

This was a gift given to my mother from another mother (or my not mom, mom) from both myself and the Chibi. This design is prolly my fav of the Chibi’s designs and I’d been working on a plush pattern for a long while of it, that my not mom had commented on at some point about the cuteness, so we decided to do a colab for her Xmas gift – her design and art (a print she specifically drew for this) and my prototype plush.

This be it ->


The Chibi’s original design and the print she drew

And the prototype Venus Flytrap Plush I made to gift along with the print ->

His leaf hands are wired and can be posed (and to steady his bod plus keep his big ol noggin’ upright, haha). I luffed how he came out and cannot wait to carve some time to make more now that I got the pattern on him right. I really do love this design ❤




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