Christmas Gifts Part 4

This will be the last post of the Xmas stuff for now. Once I finally get the Rabbit’s box in the mail I’ll post the last of the things I made, but for now I’ll leave off with the Birb’s gift, made for her Pazuzu (with pics of the multiple ways it can be worn that I promised to get her months ago x_x)

Pretty happy with this one too, it wasn’t what I originally had planned to make for her, but it ended up being better. So says me anyway, ha.


This was a 3 part thing that I made to be worn as a set, or separately – above is the full ensemble. Below are deets shots.

The dress is made from stretch lace and has silvertone findings/chains/fastenings attached. The corset is made from Tin siding that’s been hand cut and shaped, with silvertone finding details and a real moonstone in the center front. The inside of the corset is lined in plither. The pauldron is hand shaped findings and chain, partially lined in plither.

Below is the dress and corset without the pauldron (i.e. Look #2).

Next, the dress alone, without the accessories (Look #3) -the dress is a boob showing faire, just for Zuzu’s styles.

Look #4 is boobs out dress with pauldron.

I had knotted two eyelets on each side so the back wings and the pauldron chains could be adjusted according to taste.

And lastly, the Pauldron can be worn alone (or with different outfits, if the Birb so chooses) like so (Look #5) ->

Technically, the corset itself can be worn alone, or with other things, so that would be Look #6. Basically, I made the dress to be worn as one whole outfit, but also be versatile enough to where the parts can be taken and worn alone, or with other things. It was meant to be a multiple use gift.


Another of the made things for the Birb, was this small hand knitted scarf meant to fit her SeedArts Snooter, modeled on my SeedArts Snooter =3




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