Christmas Gifts (part uh… two I guess)

Here’s another post I meant to make last month but failed in doing. It doesn’t hep that because of those two colds I got, I still have yet to send the Rabbit’s boys’ their things so even now I can’t actually make a full gifts post. Geez.

I can however make a post on the things that were done and have arrived. And by one post, I mean I’ll be breaking this up into a few because they are all rather picture heavy.

To start, I’ll post the things I made for my Chibi (Wingedkuri) because I’m still rather proud of them.

Warning, there are a lot of pics in this post. A Lot.


Chibi designed an Adventure Time OC named Shin the Human and Shin has a curse bug that made me immediately want to turn it into an art doll of sorts. So I did. For ref, this is her design ->

Super cute right?

Well this is the art doll I gifted her ->

His antennae move!

And here’s the booklet I made to go with him ->

And for laughs, here’s some of the WIPs while I was making him ->


So the other major thing I made for the Chibi was a Clown Popple. She’s really gotten into clowns (idk, lol) and the Costume Popple Clown was (and still is) on the wishlist, but since it’s rarer, pretty expensive and due to the fact that we were still going through Mister’s chemo stuff in December, not anything I was going to be able to swing in time for Xmas. So, I got a vintage Popple sewing pattern and decided to make my own for her. Because that’s almost as good as the real thing right?

Haha, right.

Oh he’s not creepier than the original at all <_<;

And the booklet I made to go with him ->

At least my art is cute?

The pattern I used, with a lot of tweaks because it’s a crappy pattern (it has issues. Many many issues).

And also for laughs, some WIPs of him, since I was literally sewing him days before Xmas because I’m that last minute hardcore ~_~

That moment when I realized I’d messed his pouch under side and had to pick out all the seams, re-cut fabric and resew him, all while cursing and crying about what is my life simultaneously.

This was totes unintentional, but summed up how I felt while trying to get the paint for his eyes to dry in time because at this point I had but one day left to get him done -haha.

So yes, I’ll stop at part two, more coming up in a few :3 /


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