The Look Back (and other assorted things)

Aight, so it’s that time of year again… or I should say, it should have been that time of year in January but you know. Behind in everything as per usual, blah blah blah. In my (very many) defense(s), I got ass kicking colds almost back to back from the end of December to about uh… prolly a week or so ago, so it threw me off my game.

Like it always does.

Anywho, so better late than never amirite? A look back that goes into all my plans from last year, what didn’t happen (pretty much all of it) and my plans for this year; doll wise, collection wise, life and other things wise, etc.

Then it’ll be onto other things.


First up – this was the post from last year on my plans… for last year -> H E R E

And here’s the things that did and didn’t happen from that list and not from that list ~

Things that did happen ->

Things that didn’t happen ->

Sooooo, yeah, surprisingly I did manage a few things, and even more surprisingly, my sold dolls (not as many as I wanted) included Bal’thial, who was actually a little easier to let go than I originally thought he’d be (I think it’s because it happened so fast though, I didn’t give myself much time to think on it before he was gone…)

Other things on last year’s to do were thus ->

  • get all to date RP books in print
  • actually complete this year’s ADAW project without having to cheat the end pics
  • do more outside shoots
  • get back in the habit of doing doll photography in general
  • Get Angel Hunt back up and fully operational again
  • Get at least ONE backdrop/set done

Addressing this point by point…

  • I got some books printed, but not all of them like I’d wanted (Got AU2 book done, Ish’talla Books 01 – 05 done, FE35 books done, one Jun and Zeph modern day done and… I think that’s it?)
  • I fell off the ADAW wagon. Again. But! I did almost complete it, as you can see HERE (I ended up with a few cheats and was 3 pics short. Not great, but not bad either all things considering)
  • Failed. Unless you count the porch, which I’m not.
  • Failed also. I fell into a pretty bad depressive slump halfway through the year (relating to life things and Mister’s cancer mostly) and failed a lot of things because of it :/
  • Failed also. For the reasons above.
  • Haha, Failed. Also for the reasons above.

So, moving on. For the next part of my last year’s list, and since it’s so long, I’ll go over what I did manage out of it collection wise.

Managed in 2018 ->

  • MLP G1 Dainty Dahlia (Chibi found her at the outlet for me!)
  • MLP Coco Berry and Banana Surprise (Found Coco Berry at the outlet, then for xmas last year the Rabbit gifted me a better condition her a long with Banana Surprise! So my Sundae Best Ponies are complete, save a few of the accessories. Whoot)
  • Got various NumNoms here or there (but nothing was completed)
  • Gimli’s Ax was got!
  • Found a ton of faceplates for Nendo!Me at the outlet!

I didn’t manage anything else in that long list of things I had planned, but ehhh.

Okies, so since all that nonsense is out of the way, lemme go on about my plans for 2019. The same exact disclaimer goes that I had for last year -money aside, poor yadda yadda, blah blah blah.

Dolls. Here’s  the what’s what for this year (or the what’s planned?)

Dolls to get –

My grail remains the same, only with an addition of another ->

Haha yeah, but you know. One can dream?

Basic doll plans this year are ->

  • Like maybe get those string pullers finally since it’s been 15 years now maybe?
  • Jun’s correct eyes from Souldoll finally (pretty sure this is the right number, size has to be 22mm)
  • Standsssssss
  • Glass cases (because haha, I so did not manage that last year at all)
  • ADAW yadda yadda complete things this time blah blah
  • Complete Chibi Land peeps
  • Get the Chibi Land mansion together (and all their rooms)
  • Basic wigs, outfits and same old thing
  • I need MSC
  • Eyes, proper eyes and wigs for all
  • Get the RP books done and printed up to date
  • Get AH up to date (and maintain it up to date)
  • Sell dolls and heads and parts finally instead of sitting on them forevers

So yeah. The things. I really need to get on that.

As for collection type things this year, these be my goals ->

  • Get Nezumi’s Room up to date
  • Complete some MLP sets (see detailed list below)
  • Complete my Horcruxes (“”)
  • Attain at least one Brush A Loves (done!)
  • Complete Spectra Doll Collection (Mostly done! Just need some clothing/accessory packs)
  • Complete certain Barbie sets (See detailed list below)
  • Complete Mego doll collection (“”)
  • Attain last two main Popples (Pretty Cool/PC and Party)
  • Jem and the Holograms + Misfits dolls (all of them)
  • Dear lord, anything from The Mysterious Package Company is on my list.  Mostly I want The Weeping Book.

Odds and ends aside, those are my main focuses this year regular collection wise. Details are as follows ->

For MLP I want ->

Horcruxes needed are ->

Barbies I’d like to attain are ->

  • 1994 Birthday Barbie
  • All first wave Barbie and the Rockers dolls
  • Hollywood Hair Barbie and Skipper
  • The original 1970’s Barbie Dream House (with furn)
  • Golden Dreams Barbie
  • Dream Glow Barbie and all Dream Glow furniture/accessories/clothing packs
  • Totally Hair Barbie

Mego dolls ->

  • New Captain Kirk
  • Vintage Klingon
  • Vintage Spock
  • Vintage Uhura
  • Any new Star Trek Megos they make that I don’t have

Oh, and I’d still like to get ahold of the Proplica Sailormoon stuff I don’t have, and that Darth Vader Nendoroid.

So yes, long list is long and it’ll prolly end up a lot like last year where I only manage a few here or there, but you know. A list is a list is a plan to be changed list.







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