This will be where I’ll post the monthly subscription boxes I’m… well, subscribed to.


Current Sub List

Ipsy (since Sept 2016 – ongoing)

Kawaii Box (since November 2016 – ongoing)

Curiosities and Conundrums (The Mysterious Package Company)

  • Gods of Madness (due to start in April)


Singles – Ongoing

Sci-fi Block -> Boxes received ->

Super Geek Box -> Boxes received ->

  • December 2016
  • February 2017 (waiting)

Owlcrate -> Boxes Received ->

  • March 2017 (waiting)



Birchbox (subbed dates printing)

Beauty Box 5 (single box tried)

Lootcrate (sub dates printing)

Lootpets (cancelled Dec 16, sub dates pending)

Wizarding World Lootcrate (single box tried)


Once I get all the pics and pages sorted, I’ll link to the box openings done. It’s prolly a good thing I can’t afford to be subscribed to a ton of them, otherwise all my monies would be spent on blind boxes. I have a problem when it comes to these things. Send help.


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