Happy Birthday Jun

Today is Jun’s birthday/arrival date anniversary. On February 1, 2005 at exactly 9:35 in the morning (I had to go search out the eljay post for this and found I had noted the exact time xD), Chiwoo Jun arrived home. So as of today, my Jun bug is 12 years old and I figured I’d commemorate with a post showcasing him throughout the years.

It all began with a doll…

Jun was my second doll, attained two years after Megumi, who originally was only ever meant to be my only doll. But I think a year after I got her, I got the want of at least one boy doll to balance her out. At the time, very few companies existed. There were more than Volks by then, which was the only company that made dolls back when Megumi was brought home, but no where near what’s available today at all. Luts and Cerberus Project were still a single minded company and the Delfs were in their infancy. At that time you could only attain one via a shopping service like it’d been with Megumi (though unlike Megumi, by 2004 you no longer had to live in Japan and could get them here in the US). But at that time, their headmolds were few and mostly, if not all Elfs -El Elf, Lishe Elf, DES and so on. Not one of them actually appealed to me then so my eyes weren’t roaming far from Volks. At first I thought maybe I’d get an MSD and I think at that point I had settled on a headmold… only my finances and the shopping services didn’t work out so that doll never came to be.

I don’t know where it was that I saw the original doll I decided I had to have, probably DoA when the forum was still in its infancy, but a new company popped up called Custom House and the doll I wanted to be my first boy took me by hold from the moment I laid eyes on him. This was that doll ->


Custom House Ai Jun

The funny thing is that when I look at him now, I can’t imagine him being my Jun’s headmold, but back then, back then I fell in love with this doll in an instant and decided he had to be the one. Unfortunately, he was a limited edition and of course he sold out before my poor ass could even think to scrape together the cash. I was so desperate though to bring a full sized boy home and couldn’t get the idea out of my head so that’s when I began the search. I started looking for another boy who could fill the CH Jun’s gap and somewhere along the line, I started seeing more of the Delfs. I think that’s when I happened upon Chiwoo through Domuya, which was a company doing Volks FCS orders and was a shopping service for Luts. The Chiwoo I saw on their page was the default, similar to this one ->


Luts Default Chiwoo

Which, while he didn’t look like the CH Jun at all, I decided I wanted anyway because as said, at that time I was just too into the idea of having a boy and needed to bring one home. So after the sacrifice of a vacation check, I put my order in and began the wait.

Despite the fact that I was ordering through a site in the US, I only had Megumi as a marker for how long it’d take for a shopping service to complete my order and so I based my calculations for his arrival to that. When I had ordered Megumi, it took well over a few months for her to even make it to the actual shopping service from Volks, and then another for her to go from that service in Japan to my house. I figured this would be the same, so my original expected date for Jun (despite me not being able to get a hold of the Custom House Jun, I decided I liked his name too much and would keep it for the replacement) was about the same time Megumi arrived, Feb 14th. During my wait I began searching out wigs and eyes, and busied myself with working out his style. I found his wig almost immediately – Aziza, who at that time was making special fur wigs, put out a wig I fell in love with and had to have. It was called Pink Lemonade and would not only become Jun’s iconic hair, the wig alone inspired me to write an entire story with a character that had the exact style. That story was called Pink Sugar, Candy Hearts, and the character’s name was Keisuki.

Keisuki and Ari from the cover of Pink Sugar Candy Hearts, written just before Jun’s arrival.

After I worked out his style, I began the task of figuring out his eyes, thinking I had me some time to get it all together since he wasn’t due to arrive for a month or so down the line… only, I got a shipping notice less than 2 weeks after ordering him, before his wig even made it home.

I wasn’t prepared for that. At all. But I was happy beyond belief regardless. So on Feb 1st, 2005, as said above, Jun arrived home. Back then I had only a crappy 35mm camera so I took scant few pics, but when I opened the box I found a Chiwoo with a completely different default faceup than the one they’d shown on the site and I just… instantly fell in love. I think until then I’d still been a little unsure about whether the Chiwoo Jun would workout the way I thought the CH Jun would have, but that faceup wiped the doubt completely from my mind. I’ve always thought his faceup had probably been a custom order that got cancelled or something, since back then Luts was doing custom requests on their defaults. Mainly because I’ve not seen this particular default in any of their dolls since, but whatever the fluke was, I’m so glad for it because it’s what made Jun Jun from day one. The default eyes he came with were blue, and since he arrived so fast and I’d still been waiting for his Aziza wig to show up, I stuck Kazuya’s original spare wig on him so he wouldn’t be bald then… snapped some pics.

This is the very first picture I ever took of him, fresh out of the box ->


Jun, Feb 1, 2005.

Well, I think it might have been maybe a week later, his wig arrived, and maybe another 2 before I got his eyes, and since I now had him in person, I was able to start making him clothing, which is when Jun started becoming himself.


Jun, early 2005

When Jun started looking more like “Jun”, this is when I decided that I should actually write him and Megumi a story. At that time I was still working on Armor of God and thought I could write Angel Hunt as a sort of continuance for it. It felt weird at first since I had Megumi for 2 years by then, and Jun, while new, was still just this “doll” version of himself where I’d been doing shallow photostories and the like of them (which was basically the trend at the time. Dolls were referred to as your children, thanks to Volks and their marketing, and silly Doll-in-Human-World style photostories were the thing you did with them. It’s how having a doll was “done” back in the day), but I felt I needed more for them than just having them as a couple of dolls, so I began the process of fleshing actual stories out.


A very early draft of Angel Hunt that failed to make the cut

At that time, my idea was to make it a manga like AoG had been, with it being the continuance set far in the future after Armor would have ended. I went through several re-writes and versions but could never quite commit to a single one. It took me about a month in before I realized why it wasn’t working and why the personalities I had been trying to assign Megumi and Jun, and Jenova long before he saw doll form, just weren’t sticking. When I pulled away from the continuance idea and allowed the story to evolve on its own is when they started taking root. It’s then, and only then that Angel Hunt was truly born. Megumi became her own person and her own character, and in turn, Jun did as well. Jun refused to allow himself to be a shadow of a character that belonged to a different story, only content to become his own self with his own story and his own purpose that holds a very important place within the Angel Hunt universe overall. And while I spent a bit of the early years fleshing his character out, as the story progressed, so he too asserted himself until he became as solid in nature as his doll avatar had been from the start.

Here’s a look at Jun through out the years, from 2005 above to this very day in 2017.




I didn’t have a good camera in 2006 but oh how I thought these were damn good pics then. Now all I can see is blurrrr.


Why yes, shortly before he met Zeph, I managed to get Jun into a skirt. It was for a shoppe post, but as you can see, he wasn’t cool with it even then xD





2007 is when he got his belly piercing, or the bottom part of it anyway since it would be another year before I figured out how to get the top part in scale.


And here is where we find a Jun talked into a skirt by his boyfriend, Zeph, who belongs to the Rabbit =3


To be fair, Zeph wore one too xD


Here’s that time when Jun got a “Sex for Dummies” book as a joke. He uh… never did look at it (in public xD)


More Jun and Zeph in 2007.

2007 is also the year Jun’s best friend appeared by way of a friend’s Shiwoo named Taz. He was written into the story soon after and while their doll pictures together are scant and few, they as characters remain bffs to this day.




In 2008, that top part of Jun’s piercing as I mentioned above was finally finished, along with a skimpy panty shoot for Zeph =3


It was appreciated X3




We traveled out that year to meet up with the Rabbit, so Jun and Zeph got some pics.


Jun and Taz in 2008 (which were some of the last pictures of them together I got, sadly)


2008 is also the year the plushies were born, as you can see here with Jun!plushie v.1, looking the grumpy cute he is.







Jun and Zeph’s floof has always been epic, even in 2009.





2010 is about the time the first AU universe began, and when Jun’s younger teen self wig came. Above is one of the first pictures I took of his AU01 self.


Both Jun and Zeph as their AU01 selves during a visit by the Rabbit.


And then back as their normal selves.


An Angel and a Dark.


In 2010, both Jun!Plushie and Zephyr!Plushie got better hair makeovers, and Jun!Plushie also got himself a skirt that he didn’t enjoy any more than Jun!Prime does xD




Apparently in 2011, I took no single shots of him, or if I did, I couldn’t find them anywhere (thanks to 3 different compy changes and losses of pics stored on them), so above is when his boyfriend Zeph came for a visit since it’s the only 2011 pic of Jun I could find.


And another.


By the end of 2011, the year started turning bad. I divorced after nearly 18 years of marriage and both myself and my Chibi moved out of our home state for the first time in… ever, to go across the entire country and begin anew. I took very few pictures of my dolls then, but did so around my birthday, as above, during a visit to the Rabbit.




By 2012, things were getting harder and my pictures became even less. Though I still managed to take some here and there of Jun, who at that time was one of my few rocks in what was a turbulent sea.


Then by mid to end of 2012, it had started to look up, with us moving out of the state we’d been in and into another where we became the Rabbit’s roomies. For the first time since our boys met, we had them in person together full time. The above pic was one of the many of them that came.


By Christmas of that year, chibi Jun made his way into the home because I couldn’t resist having a small version of Jun!Prime. It all started with this sketch ->


A card I drew for Zephyr’s birthday years and years before would eventually spawn the idea for chibi thems. It wasn’t until Fairyland began making the LTF Chiwoos that this became a possibility, and so chibi Jun and chibi Zephyr saw their doll forms in 2012.


These pictures were the firsts of them together as well.





Jun’s wig was getting pretty dingy by 2013, so I began taking less shots of him in it and more of him in his AU wig so as not to over clean the original or cause it detrimental damage.


But there were more shots of him and AU01 Zeph at least.


And chibi Jun, whose wardrobe slowly began to grow.

Along with more cute between him and chibi Zeph.




Life was starting to get harder again by 2014 and I found myself taking less and less pics again, but what I did take at least was Jun.


And with Zeph of course.


I even managed one of him in his regular wig.


And chibi Jun, who continued to look the cute.




In 2015, the chibi and I made the decision to move back across the country to our home state and ended up staying almost the entire year in a single room, rented from some peeps we knew. I didn’t take a lot of pics that year that weren’t shoppe related because I’d been so busy just trying to recoup all the monies used to move back, as well as save up enough so that my chibi and me could get our own place again. I couldn’t find a single pic I took of my dolls in general that year beyond the work related ones, save these group shots I’d taken of them set up on their shelves. So here’s Jun, obviously,  in 2015.


Except chibi Jun, who got a total of two shoots that year. One of which the above pic is from.




Last year started to get better. At the beginning of it we finally managed to get out of the room we’d been staying in and into our own place, which meant I started getting back in the habit of snapping more pics of my dolls. When I was taking these pics, it’s then that I noticed that Jun’s eyes -the same ones he’d had since 2005, had gotten fogged up and damaged at some point during all the many moves.  After 11 years, it was time to replace them.


2016 also marked the arrival of Higher Jun from the Rebirth/AU04 story line since Soom released the R.Chalcos who seemed to be the perfect fit for Jun’s older self. Above is one of the first pics taken of him after his faceup.





And here he is today, with different eyes because I’ve yet to replace his originals (since I suck), the same hair he’s had from day one, and the same default faceup that made me fall in love with him from the start.  He hasn’t changed much save the yellowing of his resin skin over the years. Jun is now -12 years later, nearly the same as he was on the day of his arrival and my love for him has never once faltered during that time, it’s only grown.


Along with chibi Jun, who never stops looking the cute.


And Higher Jun, who is getting closer and closer to looking like himself.


Along with Seeker Zeph (also from the Rebirth/AU04 story line) who is currently here for his scar and aesthetic work.


Guh, they’re just as pretty together as their chibi forms are cute and their teen forms are sexy-cute.


Now that we’ve seen Jun in all his doll forms, here’s some Jun in art, from concepts to sketches of the different timelines and universes he’s in that I’ve done through the years.


This is an old, old sketch done for a timewarp bit that I never completed showing Jun in the past when he still lived in the Heavens (before his trial). I plan to redo these eventually, since I’ve rarely drawn Jun in his past self form and really need to do more.

Various sketches  of Jun in his AU form, plus the old timewarp concept of him just after being pulled from stasis, post trial. Even though the other two sketches represent his AU01 form, they are also a depiction of what he looked like just before being adopted into Megumi’s family. The two universes may be different, but in both, Jun looked the same.

And here we’re onto modern day Jun, along with a couple of sketches with modern day Zeph, all of which Jun!Prime represents.

Here we see Jun in Year 20. Eventually I will be getting his Y20 wig and such together so I can get snaps of him like this as doll.

Early concepts of Jun in Year 35, along with the most recent. This is another look I plan to recreate in doll form, eventually.


Here is Jun in AU02, which was done for a Vday card for Zeph a few years back. I’ve yet to draw much of Jun in AU02, which I really need to start remedying soon.


And lastly, Jun in Rebirth/AU04. Here’s another version I’ve yet to draw much of and need to remedy, because pretty. So much pretty.


So yes, from one Jun as doll to three. From one story line Jun to many. For 12 years Jun has been this amazing pink and white Angel made of much floof and even more love. He’s brought me so much happiness and joy and I’ll never stop loving him for it. I’ve adored him the very moment I opened the box and I’ll continue to adore him for the rest of his resin aging, butter yellow days.

Happy 12th Birthday Jun, and here’s to many, many more ❤

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jun

  1. If I could reach through the monitor and hug a post, I would hug this one.

    Jun was the first bjd that I liked on first sight way back in 2006. Up until then the only ones I’d ever seen were owned by our former mutual acquaintance, but I just didn’t see the appeal with either of them. (Even though one of them would later become mine, get the look he actually needed to be himself, and is now a doll that I love.) It was seeing him that made something click and I was like, okay, I see the appeal of these things and why they can be so cool. (So thanks, Jun, I now have ten dolls because of you XD)

    There is just something about Jun and his floof that drew me right into him. He was such a cute, somewhat shy, teenager going through a breakup and living a life in a place that he hated. Once he and Zeph got together my love for him only multiplied by a thousandfold and I have adored seeing him grow from the teenage years in the modern day story lines through to the FE ones and to whatever comes next.

    So Happy Birthday, pink and white floof! You are dearly loved ^__^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ^_^<3

      I'm so happy Jun was able to show you the good side of dolls, because not only did we become friends because of them, Zeph became a reality in doll form and our boys and stories have brought countless years worth of desperately needed happy. I've loved watching them grow as well, and look forward to all the years and storylines to come (and it was a lot of fun sifting through Jun's pictures over the years to find that Zeph was in nearly all of them).

      Yay them, and yay birthdays ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. [That’s odd, it only posted part of my comment. Let’s try again.]

        They’ve brought endless amounts of happy and will continue to do so far into the future .<


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